Chapter 130: Bearing Curses

Chapter 130: Bearing Curses…

“Senior Sister Tang!”

“Senior Sister Tang!”

The Armament Sect outer disciples standing at the edges of the courtyard all shouted in unison as they flusteredly rushed over.

Tong Jihua’s expression also gradually changed as he sternly shouted, “Dumbasses, go fetch a bucket of water!”

Liang Shaoyang, Ouyang Jingjing, Yi Yuan, and the rest of the examinees’ attention was all attracted by the commotion as each and every one of them from the front of the courtyard to the back turned their heads in the same direction.

Tang Siqi’s beautiful face no long possessed a charming smile. Instead, there was only a look of panic as she beat at the fire on her waist with her jade hand. Her eyes stricken with horror, she repeatedly shouted, “I’m on fire!”

A spark had ignited between her lower abdomen and waist, and a burning pain seared over her flat, fat-less lower abdomen. Her thin robes couldn’t help but catch on fire as the flames began to ferociously burn.

All of the Artificer Robes she wore had been custom made so that, while the outside was loose, the inside was a tight-fitting silk dress which flaunted her curves.

Now that the outer layer of robes had caught on fire, the inner layer of silk was immediately revealed. The flames continued burning, and soon, her entire waist was on fire.

Tang Siqi was considered a genius Artificer by Armament Pavilion and cultivated a fire type spirit art. If she were to circulate her spirit energy, it would increase the fire spirit energy around her which would only nourish the flames. It would definitely not help extinguish them.

She knew this extremely well, and thus, she didn’t dare circulate her spirit energy. All she could do was hope that the outer sect disciples would be quick at fetching water.

Of those who had come to participate in Armament Sect’s examination, the majority of them cultivated fire type spirit arts as well, and thus, there wasn’t a single one who was able to help her extinguish the flames.

The sparks which had shot onto her were flames which had exploded off of Fiery Solar Jade. After landing on her body, it was actually quite difficult to extinguish.

Previously, Tang Siqi had been wandering from one furnace to the next, teasing the examinees. Thus, the robes that she wore had long since been roasted until they were extremely flammable. Thus, as soon as the clothes at her waist had caught on fire, it had immediately gone out of control...

Burned by the flames, Tang Siqi felt extreme pain on her lower abdomen as her eyes closely watched the flame spread above and below her waist.

She could only beat at the flames on the clothes over her waist and loudly cry for the Armament Sect disciples to bring water.

Her mind was as anxious as the fire, having long since lost her earlier calmness. As she embarrassedly jumped and hopped around, she loudly swore about Qin Lie’s shamelessness.

—She naturally had already figured out that the sparks had come from Qin Lie’s furnace.

At this time, Qin Lie finally turned his head around. A look of surprise arose on his gloomy, cold face as he quickly stuck out his hand to beat at the flames on Tang Siqi’s abdomen.

The reason he had created sparks was because he wanted Tang Siqi to leave and stop distracting him. He had never intended to cause any actual harm.

Moreover, he hadn’t expected that Tang Siqi would be so wholeheartedly focused on trying to tease him that she wouldn’t notice the sparks when they made contact with her… which was how the current scenario had unfolded.

“Get away from me!” repeatedly screeched Tang Siqi when she saw Qin Lie raise his hand. Her stunningly beautiful face was full of anger.

“The clothes over your chest and lower half are just about to catch on fire…” coldly reminded Qin Lie.

Tang Siqi lowered her head, looked, and then began to loudly screech again. Seeing that the people who had gone to fetch water were nowhere to be seen, her bright eyes reddened as she shouted, “I’m going to kill you!”

She suddenly rushed at Qin Lie.

A current of ice cold energy, like a severe winter frost, spilled out from Qin Lie’s body.

As soon as she approached Qin Lie, she discovered the raging flames strangely began to be immediately suppressed, as if they were they were about to be extinguished.

The current of frigid, ice-cold energy which was released from Qin Lie’s body was actually able to extinguish the flames!

At this time, the pain from the skin on her waist being burned by the flames had almost caused her tears to start flowing. Once the clothes over her waist were burned, if the clothes over her chest and below her waist were also burned… then wouldn’t she be completely naked?

Currently, there were over a hundred people within the courtyard watching her. If her clothes were all burned, then how could she possibly meet people in the future?

“I-I won’t let go of you!” screeched Tang Siqi. With her waist still on fire, she surprisingly threw herself head first into Qin Lie’s chest, tightly hugging him while looking at him face to face.

The nearby observers all became petrified.

“This…” Tong Jihua also showed astonishment as an extremely strange look emerged on his face. He secretly thought to himself: This method of not letting go of him, isn’t it a little too stimulating?

“Uhh…” Qin Lie returned the embrace.

A sumptuous, arousing body, under the gazes of more than a hundred people, had suddenly thrown itself into Qin Lie’s chest and tightly hugged him.

Qin Lie sensed the astonishing heat and elasticity of the seductive body, as well as… the burnt, charred scent. He became dazed, blank as he stood on the spot, not moving.


As soon as Tang Siqi tightly hugged Qin Lie, she immediately saw smoke rise from her charred clothes as the flames were assaulted by the cold energy and quickly extinguished.

She instantly knew she had made the right choice by closely pasting herself onto Qin Lie as the ice cold energy which was released by Qin Lie’s body was able to extinguish all of the flames on her clothes.

Continuing on, she hugged Qin Lie even more tightly, using the bone chilling cold energy which emanated off Qin Lie’s body to reduce the stinging pain from the burn on her abdomen.

Glancing at the number on the table, her chattering teeth and eyes filled with a copious amount of hate. She shouted, “Number two hundred and thirty, I won’t let go of you!” Still hugging Qin Lie, she loudly threatened, “Just you wait number two hundred and thirty. I will definitely let you know what happens when you aggravate me!”

“The water’s here! The water’s here!”

Three Armament Sect outer sect disciples, carrying a bucket of water, sprinted over. Not even sparing a moment to look at the situation, they scooped out a ladle of water and tossed it over.

“Splash splash splash!”

Three ladles of water were thrown, turning Tang Siqi and Qin Lie into drowned chickens, instantly drenching their clothes.

“Senior Sister Tang, you, what are you doing?” One of them, after throwing their ladle of water, finally took a clear look at the situation and asked in shock, “Why are you hugging him so tightly?”

Tang Siqi felt as if she wanted to climb into a hole and die. Her eyes seemed to be shooting flames as she loudly swore, “F*ck off for me however far away you can f*ck off!”

Only after swearing did she realize that her thin robes were completely drenched and were now closely sticking to her, clearly presenting every mountain and valley on her body.

What made her feel even more embarrassed was that—she was still tightly hugging Qin Lie at this time, her towering twin peaks pasted to Qin Lie’s chest and her abdomen pasted to his abdomen.

After a terrifying cry, Tang Siqi, instantly ran away like an electrocuted wildcat, leaving no trace of her behind.

Qin Lie’s expression was indifferent even though his entire body was also drenched. The fire within the small furnace behind him itself had become weak like a candle in the wind, about to go out at any time.

He furrowed his brow as he just stood there. As he looked in the direction that Tang Siqi had disappeared in, a strange light appeared in this eyes.

“This girl, although she lacks common sense and her head seemingly isn’t screwed on properly, she still… is the real thing.” Thinking back over the sensations from just now when Tang Siqi had pasted her body on him, Qin Lie couldn’t help but inwardly appraise them. Afterwards, he looked at Tong Jihua and shrugged, saying, “I need to change clothes and also need a few more fire crystals. It was one of your people who got me wet.”

Tong Jihua’s face twitched. Then, he waved his hand, beckoning someone over and instructing them, “Help him get it done.”

“You burned Senior Sister Tang, yet you actually dare to complain? Do you not want to f*cking live anymore?” shouted the Armament Sect disciple, their expression ruthless as they rushed over seemingly about to take action.

Qin Lie’s expression turned cold as he replied, “It was she who tried to distract me first!”

“Liu Ke!” sternly reprimanded Tong Jihua as he coldly instructed, “You are to do what you are told!”

The disciple immediately shut his mouth, still hatefully staring at Qin Lie. However, he no longer dared to take action. He angrily led Qin Lie to a nearby side room and let Qin Lie change his clothes.

All of the Armament Sect outer sect disciples stared in Qin Lie’s direction with red eyes. It seemed as if they all wanted to help Tang Siqi by killing Qin Lie on the spot.

The examinees on the other hand had strange looks on their face as they all envied Qin Lie, their hearts relishing the images they had just seen.

“Whether it was intentional or not, for such a stunningly beautiful girl to willingly throw herself into my arms—to just be able to hug her for a while—my life would have been worth it!”

Even Liang Shaoyang’s gaze in Qin Lie’s direction was filled with jealousy.

“Don’t think that you’ll safely making out of this. After offending Senior Sister Tang, even if you enter Armament Sect, you won’t be able to rest even for a day!” After the Armament Sect disciple named Liu Ke brought Qin Lie into the side room, his expression turned cold as he angrily said, “I advise you to scram out of Armament Sect as early as possible and f*ck off as far as possible from Armament City. Otherwise, else you’re gonna get it!”

“Don’t waste your breath.” With an indifferent expression, Qin Lie completely ignored Liu Ke’s threats, focusing only on changing his clothes.

Behind this courtyard, several exquisite small buildings were situated within a bamboo forest in the depths of Armament Sect’s outer sect.

At the moment, Tang Siqi was within one of these small buildings. By this time, she had already changed into another red dress and was currently lifting the area of the dress over her abdomen and spreading green ointment over her injured skin. As she applied it, she grit her teeth and swore, “Number two hundred and thirty, two hundred and thirty, if you have any happy days in the future, my name isn’t Tang Siqi!

“Siqi, when did you return?” A clear and gentle voice could suddenly be heard from outside the door. Afterwards, Lian Rou directly barged in.

Lian Rou was also an Armament Sect inner sect disciple. Moreover, she was Tang Siqi’s roommate. Her appearance, when compared to Tang Siqi’s, clearly seemed to be extremely ordinary. She looked just like a girl next door as she had no eye catching characteristics. Only her clear, gentle personality was unique.

That was to say, whenever she was together with Tang Siqi, she was eternally just a foil, a green leaf to complement the flower which was Tang Siqi.

“Sister Rou! I-I suffered a big loss!” miserably cried Tang Siqi as she wiped ointment on her burns and swore at Qin Lie. “Within the front courtyard, I was plotted against by a despicable bastard. I was almost burned to death! That bastard was number two hundred and thirty, but I don’t know his name. I only know his tablet number. I... right now I don’t have the face to return. I would like you to go and tell Uncle Tong that I want him to book that bastard for me so that I can happily mess with him for a while!

Lian Rou’s black brows narrowed as she looked at Tang Siqi’s abdomen. Afterwards, she sternly said, “Your burns are not light. Mn, it’s good that you didn’t die, but you deserved it!”

After speaking, Lian Rou couldn’t hold back any longer, suddenly laughing as she mocked, “Even without thinking I can guess what happened earlier over there. Just what were you doing? It’s the same as before, right? You tried to distract people while they were forging their artifacts? Haha, only you didn’t expect that this time you would encounter a wolf who not only ignored your charm but actually steeled their heart to use such a cruel tactic to hurt a flower like you. Even I feel some admiration for this guy.”

By the end of Lian Rou’s remarks, Tang Siqi’s face had already turned green as she said, “Stupid Lian, is this how you console a fellow sister?”

“I’m joking, hee hee, I’m joking.” Lian Rou gently smiled as she said, “Okay, I will go to the front courtyard and meet this hero who dared to use such cruel methods to hurt Armament Sect’s most beautiful flower.”

Lian Rou walked out, laughing the entire way as she completely ignored the livid expression on Tang Siqi’s face.

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