Chapter 1299: True Body

Chapter 1299: True Body

"We also want to know what the other side of the channel is like. If you are willing to work with us, we guarantee you will receive far more than what the Qin Family has promised you!"

Pei Tianming was enthusiastic in his attempt to persuade Qin Lie to split with the Qin Family and move to the side of the six forces.

He thought the Qin Lie in front of him was the Dark Soul Beast that the God Race had killed back then in Asura Realm. He knew that the three monsters had come through the abyss channel there.

His misunderstood Qin Lie's arrival as the Dark Soul Beast wanting to use this channel to return home.

They had great interest in the unknown realm the Dark Soul Beast had come from. They even felt they could step through the channel and conquer the world on the other side, just like when the God Race invaded their Spirit Realm.

At least, they hoped to start a business relationship with the other side.

If they could obtain the cooperation of the Dark Soul Beast, Pei Tianming believed the six forces’ exploration of auxiliary realms would advance greatly.

Pei Tianming spread his arms and said, "You saw how the God Race killed your true body. This means you and the God Race should be on different sides. Right now, you have manifested as Qin Lie whose blood is that of the Blaze Family. Also, your fellows who landed in Nether Realm and Ancient Beast Realm, the Soul Devouring Beast and the Blood Soul Beast, had also been killed when the God Race invaded Spirit Realm. You should hold a great grudge against the God Race!"

"Qin Lie and the God Race is related. This means the God Race and the Qin Family are close. Is it good for you to work with your enemy?"

He looked sincerely at Qin Lie, and did his best to persuade Qin Lie to believe the six forces was the best choice for the Soul Beast.

The artificers, led by Yang Qing, had strange expressions when they heard Pei Tianming's urgings.

At this time, they also believed Pei Tianming's judgement—the Qin Lie in front of them was the Soul Beast's manifestation.

Why would a beast that hated the God Race help Qin Family? Would it be persuaded by Pei Tianming?

"Clap! Clap clap!" Qin Lie clapped with an admiring sigh. "As expected of the second master of the Pei Family. I was almost persuaded!"

If he wasn't the true Qin Lie, and was instead the Soul Race clansman possessing the Soul Beast, he felt that Pei Tianming's words could really move him.

At this time, he recalled the world's opinion of Pei Tianming—absurd and perverse, but cunning!

"Your guess is correct. I am a Dark Soul Beast, but... I am also Qin Lie!"

After a howl, his human body suddenly visibly expanded.

Under the terrified gaze of Pei Tianming and the six force martial practitioners, he resumed his Soul Beast true form.

A wild soul storm spread outwards from the Soul Beast as an invisible gust of wind.

Starting from Pei Tianming, all the martial practitioners, suddenly had their eyes sink and flash with dark light as they were controlling something.

"He is extracting our souls! Be careful!" Pei Tianming shouted.

But the Imperishable Realm experts and weaker martial practitioners who had not created their Soul Altars could not endure the latent ability of the rank nine Soul Beasts—soul devouring!

The martial practitioners hugged their heads, screaming madly as they did their best to stop their souls from flying away.

But the resistance was futile, their souls escaped through their orifices.

The soul flames flew towards Soul Beast avatar's eyes like moths drawn to a flame, swiftly disappearing within.

The martial practitioners immediately became lifeless after losing their souls, falling softly to the ground, never to stand up again.

In a short few seconds, only the five Soul Altar experts, including Pei Tianming, could control their souls and stand in front of his Soul Beast avatar.

The artificers of the six forces, because they were not skilled in battle, were robbed of their souls in the first attack.

In the distance, the artificers who had followed Yang Qing and had gone to Indigo's side watched as Qin Lie resumed his Soul Beast form and extracted the martial practitioners' souls in the blink of an eye with pale faces.

Their eyes were filled with terror.

They believed if they had not followed Yang Qing just now, their souls would have been consumed by the Soul Beast and they would be corpses by then.

"Second Brother Pei! What to do? Fight, or flee?"

A Ninth Heaven martial practitioner with a four-level Soul Altar tried to control his soul as he shouted.

At this time, including Pei Tianming, the five Soul Altar experts were using their souls to fight Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar's bloodline ability—soul devouring.

Their True Souls were being pulled from within their Soul Altars and threatened to fly out.

If they had not created their Soul Altars and used their power to reign in their souls, they would have become lifeless bodies already.


Light flashed in the eyes of the Soul Beast avatar like lightning.

Through the Soul Beast's bloodline latent ability, he directly refined the souls of the martial practitioners.

Under the power of the Soul Beast bloodline, the souls turned to pure soul energy and turned into the Soul Beast's own power.

"Of course, the souls of Soul Altar experts are even better."

The enormous eyes of the Soul Beast avatar, filled with bloodthirst and cruelty, suddenly stared at Pei Tianming and the other Ninth Heaven Soul Altar experts.

The mountainous body quickly swam through the ocean like a whale towards Pei Tianming.

The savage hooves of the Soul Beast carried eddies of water as it charged towards Pei Tianming, aiming for his head.

Pei Tianming looked up and found an enormous darkness falling towards him as though the sky was falling.


He screamed, and instantly released his five-level Soul Altar to go back to the surface.

The other four Soul Altar experts no longer hesitated seeing him flee. They summoned their Soul Altars and used them to carry their physical bodies away.

"How can I let you leave?" Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar gave off a water-shaking roar.

Green light visible to the naked eyes spread outwards like lightning.

"Zzt zzt! Zzt zzt!"

In the water, green flames appeared and moved like ghosts.

The Soul Altars of Pei Tianming and the four others seemed to be trapped by spider webs after the green lights appeared. They furiously wriggled, attempting to break free.

Unfortunately for them, no matter how hard they tried, resistance was futile. They remained fixed in the spot.

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