Chapter 1298: Soul Devouring

Chapter 1298: Soul Devouring

Once a martial practitioner reached the Imperishable Realm, their cultivation would then revolve around the Soul Altar. It was their foundation, source of their strength and where their True Soul resided.

The damage or harm done to a Soul Altar were far more severe than injuries to their physical body.

Due to this, martial practitioners that had constructed their Soul Altars would treat them more dear than their very lives.

Obviously, because Soul Altars were made from rare spirit materials and slowly refined using great amounts of soul and spirit energy, they were usually very sturdy.

They were tougher than the flesh, and most of them was even tougher than spirit artifacts.

Due to that, Soul Altars were sometimes used to crush bodies of opponents, as if they were spirit artifacts.

Zhang Chen's two-level Soul Altar had been carefully refined and could not be easily shattered.

Yet Qin Lie managed to stab through the Soul Altar heading towards him!

Pei Tianming's pupils contracted, his face full of shock.

He could not believe Qin Lie easily had torn apart a two-level Soul Altar of a practitioner in the middle stage of the Imperishable Realm with a single thrust of his hand.

It went against common sense!

Pei Tianming ignored Zhang Chen's painful wail. He stared at Qin Lie's hand and shouted, "Who are you really?!"

Even the Giant Dragon Race and races famed for their physical strength such as the Asura Race did not have any rank seven or eight youths that could tear apart human Soul Altars with such ease.

Even rank nine experts would have a hard time to shatter a two-level Soul Altar.

Qin Lie, with his rank seven God Race bloodline, could not have such terrifying power no matter how exceptionalal he was!

In Pei Tianming's eyes, Qin Lie was a monster!

In reality, his logic wasn’t flawed in any way.

"Who is the reckless one now?"

Qin Lie looked at the screaming Zhang Chen, smiled coldly and reached with his other hand. It also stabbed into the Soul Altar.

Under Zhang Chen's terrified agaze, Qin Lie's hands suddenly moved apart.

"Crack crack crack!"

He tore Zhang Chen's two-level Soul Altar just with his pure physical strength.


A glowing soul suddenly flew out of Zhang Chen's shattered Soul Altar.

Zhang Chen's physical body immediately fled towards Pei Tianming when his True Soul flew out.

"You want to keep your soul?" Qin Lie shook his head and said, "I fear this is not possible."

When he said this, a strange and mysterious soul ripple spread towards his surroundings.


All the martial practitioners at the seabed felt their souls shake and fear as though a colossal beast was targeting them.

Qin Lie inhaled.

His mouth became a black hole that seemed to be pulling Zhang Chen’s fleeing soul.

Thousands of strong soul threads seemed to wrap around his True Soul. No matter how he fought, he could not go back to his physical body.

After the brief period of resistance, with the terrified onlookers as witness, Zhang Chen’s True Soul shot into Qin Lie's mouth.

His moving body stilled like a puppet with its strings cut.

Everyone knew Zhang Chen’s soul had been destroyed.

"This, this is..."

Yang Qing's face trembled and he was terrified. He suddenly regretted his greed in trying to decipher the curse of the Curse Progenitor. He regretted coming to the ocean of the Land of Chaos at the invitation of the six forces.

"I should not have entered the battle between the six forces and the Qin Family!"

"What monster are you?!" A Ninth Heaven martial practitioners paled.

He screamed as he moved back, his fighting spirit completely gone.

Pei Tianming frowned and he looked deeply at Qin Lie. He said, "The ability to consume souls. are you a Dark Soul Beast?"

Qin Lie snickered and ignored him. He looked towards a dim area behind Pei Tianming.

Pei Tianming instinctively turned back.

Suddenly, he found strange spatial vibrations rippling through the water. After the ripples passed, the space became leaden and heavy!

Pei Tianming was shocked. "Spatial lock!"

"Alright." Indigo appeared from that dim area and smiled slightly at Qin Lie. She said, "I have locked the space here. No one here can leave, or open a secret realm here to send messages to Central World."

All the martial practitioners and artificers like Yang Qing saw a circle of blue light covering a range of five miles nearby.

Inside this layer, no one could use teleportation.

"People who are unrelated to the six forces, please go next to her and wait. After I take care of Pei Tianming, I will talk with you," Qin Lie said coldly.

"You dare!" Pei Tianming turned and looked at Yang Qing and the others. "You should know that if something happens to me, none of you can escape Ninth Heaven's endless pursuit!"

The artificers who had wanted to stay out of the matter and go to Indigo’s side as instructed turned cold with fear and stopped moving.

"If you listen now, you will not die immediately. You will be able to leave Spirit Realm." Qin Lie smiled and said, "The Qin Family always puts importance on artificers so I do not want to kill you. Your accomplishments in the art are not easy to come by."

Yang Qing hesitated and then sighed. He ignored Pei Tianming's threat and walked towards Indigo.

When he moved, the hesitant artificers became braver and followed him to Indigo's side. They appeared to fear Pei Tianming would kill them if they were a step behind.

Some of the artificers belonging to the six forces trembled as they moved towards Indigo.

"I will not accept artificers of the six forces," Qin Lie suddenly added.

Those people froze, their faces turning ugly.

"Why did you come using Qin Lie's appearance? Your aim should be the abyss channel?" Pei Tianming thought for a moment and said, "I know what you are. What benefit did the Qin Family give you to have you come here? You should know the six forces are the strongest in the present Central World and we have forced the Qin Family out of Spirit Realm!"

"If you are willing to work with us, I believe the six forces can give you more than the Qin Family!"

Only Soul Beasts had the ability to consume souls. He also knew that a Dark Soul Beast had once stopped Lunar Temple and Sun Palace from killing Miao Yizi at Boluo Realm.

He felt that the Qin Family had convinced the Dark Soul Beast with some benefits.

There was no way for him to know that this Soul Beast in front of him was none other than another body of Qin Lie!

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