Chapter 1297: Stabbing Through the Soul Altar!

Chapter 1297: Stabbing Through the Soul Altar!

Seated on the coral reef at the bottom of the sea were a dozen artificers and even more martial practitioners of the six top Gold rank forces.

At this moment, everyone's eyes gathered on Qin Lie who flashed over upon Pei Tianming's excited shout.

Yang Qing was shocked and also looked towards Qin Lie. He and the nearby artificers were also curious about this youth who had been on a ferocious rise in the recent years.

"Long time no see! Haha! Really a long time no see!"

Pei Tianming laughed as he walked forward to stand in front of the artificers.

"When I heard you were alive, I didn't quite believe it. While it was Han Qian that ultimately ‘killed’ you, we planned it together."

His smile was bright as he said, "I watched the plan unfold from the shadows."

Qin Lie's eyes flashed with cold light, his face becoming dark. "So you were also involved!"

"Of course." Pei Tianming grinned. "After her attack, I inspected you. Only after confirming your soul’s dissipation did I notify the Qin Family."

He clicked his tongue and asked, acting shocked, "Back then, I couldn’t sense the slightest ripple of soul vibration. How… did you come back to life?"

When he said this, he almost admitted that Ninth Heaven had purposefully killed Qin Lie in the past to stir the fight against the Qin Family. Ultimately, six top Gold rank forces allied managed to drive Qin Family away. 

In the deep sea, most of the artificers and martial practitioners were from the six forces and they clearly knew the truth.

They were not shocked.

However, there were some like Yang Qing who were not loyal to the six forces.

They had heard rumors about the matter. But rumors were rumors, they couldn’t be sure, and nothing could be proven.

Things changed once Pei Tianming openly confirmed his involvement, thus proving the rumors true. 

Yang Qing and the others frowned slightly as though they were disgusted by the despicable acts of the six forces, but they did not say anything.

"Three centuries ago, when you escaped from our hands, you probably were hidden in some remote realm that Qin Family had explored." Pei Tianming shook his head and said with an expression of regret. "Look, because you came to the Land of Chaos, what has become of this place that, by the ancient promise, we have sworn to never touch?"

"What do you mean?" Qin Lie said.

"Other than the Ruined Lands where the foreign races reside, we control all the other continents. Terminator Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Blood Fiend Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain. They all belong to us." Pei Tianming smiled. He said, "Oh right, your Flaming Sun Island, the Heavenly Calamity Continent, and the lands you conquered from the eastern barbarians, they also belong to us."

Qin Lie looked at the martial practitioners from the six forces and said, "I will help them take back everything."

"You?" Pei Tianming stilled and appeared shocked. "I admit you have changed greatly compared to the past. If I had not seen an image of your new appearance, I may not be able to recognize who you are. However, what do those changes mean to our six forces?"

Pei Tianming's voice turned dark. "I know your God Race bloodline has reached rank seven and you are in the Nirvana Realm. But even if you reach the Void Realm, what can your individual power change?"

"Just Ninth Heaven alone has more than thirty Void Realm martial practitioners!"

"Starry Hall, Six Ways Alliance, Reincarnation Sect, the Ao and Lu Families are all equal to Ninth Heaven. Each of them has the same number of Void Realm experts!"

Pei Tianming paused before continuing with disdain evident in his voice, "Unless you can quickly reach the Genesis Realm, you cannot change the fact that the six forces control the Central World."

"In my view, your rash appearance today has cut off your last hope for a quick breakthrough."

"Because I will not allow you to leave alive!"

The Ninth Heaven martial practitioners behind him slowly advanced with cold expressions and barred Qin Lie’s way.

One of the martial practitioners who possessed a two-level Soul Altar bowed slightly and said, "Second Master, a mere Nirvana Realm martial practitioner is not worthy of fighting you."

"Yes." Pei Tianming narrowed his eyes and commanded with a faint smile, "Zhang Chen, I want him alive. If this boy is alive, I can force the old man of the Qin Family to come out of his turtle shell. Maybe... even Qin Hao will come to Spirit Realm."

His eyes flashed and he said coldly, "We have wanted Qin Hao to die for a long time!"

"Understood," Zhang Chen said.

Turning, he pointed at his forehead, a two-level Soul Altar rippling with water suddenly revealing itself to the world. It immediately descended towards Qin Lie like two vast pools of water.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The calm seawater started to become violent and restless as the two-level Soul Altar appeared.

A suffocating pressure that came from the depth of the sea locked onto Qin Lie.

Zhang Chen was skilled in water spirit arts and his two-level Soul Altar was made from valuable spirit materials containing water attribute spirit energy. When fighting in the deep sea, his Soul Altar could easily control the power of the sea, and gave him a great advantage.

In his view, no matter how talented Qin Lie was, just his Nirvana Realm cultivation and his rank seven God Race bloodline was not enough for him to escape the great pressure of his Soul Altar.

Thus, he let his Soul Altar head towards Qin Lie without any worry.

Pei Tianming watched as he attacked Qin Lie, his soul consciousness roaming further and paying attention to abnormalities in the surroundings.

He did not think of Qin Lie as a threat.

In his view, there had to be "old friends" who had accompanied Qin Lie. He believed when Zhang Chen attacked Qin Lie, "old friends" would appear and help.

During his earlier conversation with Qin Lie, he was wary and on guard because he had felt anxious before Qin Lie appeared.

He knew someone who could make him anxious would be a powerful martial practitioner!

Qin Lie clearly did not reach that level...

"Who could it be? Definitely not a Genesis Realm expert. If someone so powerful had returned to Spirit Realm, their powerful soul presence would have attracted attention of Central World’s powerhouses."

“And if it is someone in the Void Realm, is it Hunchback Ba or Fatty Gan?"

Pei Tianming speculated.

At this time, Zhang Chen's two-level Soul Altar was above Qin Lie's head.

Qin Lie's expression was calm as he reached out a hand and stabbed towards Zhang Chen's Soul Altar.

"You are so reckless..." Zhang Chen sneered.


Qin Lie's hand penetrated his two-level Soul Altar as though it was tofu.


Zhang Chen immediately gave a harsh scream that pierced the ears of everyone watching. It was as though Qin Lie's hand also pierced their ear drums.

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