Chapter 1296: Appearing

Chapter 1296: Appearing

At the bottom of the sea, ten or so artificers could be seen swaying their heads and heaping praises onto the miraculous laws behind the threads of light.

Many of them belonged to the six great forces, but there were also a few unaffiliated guests who had been invited over to analyze the secrets of the forbidden curse.

The artificer with the highest realm within this group was called Yang Qing. He was an early stage Void Realm martial practitioner and a four-level Soul Altar expert.

He had lived under the sea for three full years already.

“As expected of the Curse Progenitor…” He sighed quietly.

Yang Qing’s realm and artifact forging skills were the greatest out of all the artificers present, but he didn’t belong to the six great forces.

He had been invited over to study this forbidden curse by Hong Qing of Starry Hall.

When Han Qian and Ninth Heaven’s martial practitioners had invaded the Land of Chaos en masse, they discovered that the high rank martial practitioners of the nine great Silver rank forces had all disappeared without a trace.

Although they weren’t able to eradicate Qin Lie’s Flaming Sun Island from existence, they did discover the so-called abyss channel beneath the sea. They noticed that the strange light threads were covering up the strange tunnel and preventing anyone from destroying it by force.

The secret curse cast by the Curse Progenitor was very strange. They discovered that an attempt to break the curse by force might result in the destruction of the abyss channel.

Only those who truly understood the light formation could decipher it and use the sealed passage without danger.

That was why the group that had come earlier dared not attack the forbidden curse recklessly.

After the group had returned to the Central World, they immediately reported their findings to the leaders of the six great forces and waited for their decision.

The leaders of the six great forces were extremely curious about the abyss channel. They knew that it was the channel which the Blood Soul Beast, Dark Soul Beast and Soul Devouring Beast came from.

Today, they thought strong enough to deal with any mishaps. They even believed that they could invade the Soul Beasts’ worlds and obtain a new promised land for Spirit Realm.

That was why they arranged for their artificers, a group of experts well-versed in artifact forging and formations to decipher it.

The artificers were sent into the sea to analyze the strange threads after they arrived at the Land of Chaos.

Unfortunately for them, they just weren’t skilled enough to unlock the abyss channel. They failed to make any headway despite spending a considerable amount of time and effort.

Realizing that their subordinate artificers weren’t skilled enough to unseal the abyss channel, the leaders of the six great forces changed tactics and invited other famed artificers of Spirit Realm to do the work.

However, most of the master artificers they invited had politely declined their invitation.

It was then they discovered that Qin Lie’s grandfather was like a deity in these master artificers’ eyes.

In fact, the Qin Family was as divine as a holy land to them!

What the six great forces had done to the Qin Family back then was despised by every artificer in Spirit Realm. It had been a long time since these master artificers interacted with the six great forces, and their invitation was related to the Land of Chaos no less...

These master artificers were aware of the relationship between the Land of Chaos and the Qin Family. They even heard that Qin Lie, the third generation patriarch of the Qin Family was operating in the Land of Chaos after coming back to life.

That was why they had turned down the six great forces’ invitation without hesitation.

As a result, there were only a few master artificers the six great forces could recruit to their aid.

In fact, Yang Qing was a “young” artificer who had just made his name recently. The Qin Family had already left Spirit Realm when he rose to fame, so he had no relation with the Qin Family. Moreover, he was extremely interested in the Curse Progenitor’s forbidden curse, which was why he ultimately agreed to the six great forces’ invitation and came over.

“Master Yang, how much longer will it take to unlock this forbidden curse?”

A middle-aged man with a hooked nose, ashen-colored face, and extremely thin frame asked in a slightly impatient tone.

This man had spoken from inside a colorful, glowing tent inside a huge, dark red light shield. The light shield was at least thirty meters wide.

Lying inside the tent behind the man were two beautiful figures. However, they looked lazy and completely unenergetic.

“Pei Old Two, I’ve told you that the Curse Progenitor’s secret curse isn’t something that can be unlocked in a day or two. If you can’t wait, you may go and just leave everything to us,” Yang Qing replied indifferently while frowning.

He didn’t give face to the man. In fact, he secretly hoped that the man would just leave since a long time ago. The man was an eyesore to say the least.

“You think I don’t want to?” Pei Tianming said frigidly. “If my older brother hadn’t told me to protect you at all times, I would’ve left this stupid place already!”

“There’s nothing in this stupid place! I even have to bring my own women with me! I’m so bored I could die already!”

Pei Tianming lifted his head and continued in an arrogant tone, “Those Qin Family cowards would’ve shown their faces a long time ago if they dared. We’ve taken over the Land of Chaos, and we’ve divided the Qin Family’s ore veins and territories at the Central World among ourselves. And what did they do in retaliation? They hide themselves in the outer realms!”

“For the past three hundred years, they haven’t dared to take a step into Spirit Realm. The one thing they did was to send a supposedly dead kid to the Land of Chaos. It’s obvious that they’re afraid of our might!”

“You’re right, Brother Pei. I also think the Qin Family is afraid to return,” said a guy standing behind him.

“Your brother’s just too cautious,” another person echoed in agreement.

They were all martial practitioners from Ninth Heaven, and they all were aware of Pei Tianming’s identity. None of them dared to disagree with him.

Pei Tianming was a middle stage Void Realm martial practitioner and a five-level Soul Altar expert. He was the younger brother of Pei Tianchong, the current leader of Ninth Heaven.

The two brothers’ father was a nine-level Soul Altar expert and the true backbone of Ninth Heaven. His name was Pei Dehong.

Pei Tianming was both important and powerful in his own right. That was why flattery was the only thing Pei Tianming’s subordinates did while they were around him.

Pei Tianming laughed loudly as he walked out of the dark red light shield.

Suddenly, Pei Tianming released his five-level Soul Altar while chuckling evilly. “Stop hiding and show your face already. How should I greet you otherwise, friend of the Qin Family?”

He had noticed a strange presence with his soul, but he wasn’t able to lock down the other party’s location. That was why he purposely shamed the Qin Family to force the enemy out of their hiding.

Sensing that the other party was growing increasingly angry, he walked out out the light shield and created even more pressure.

“Someone’s coming!” Yang Qing exclaimed.

The artificers and the martial practitioners of the six great forces all paled in realization.

They finally realized that Pei Tianming had said all those things to build momentum for himself and anger their elusive opponent.


“It’s been a long, long time, Pei Old Two.”

The Soul Beast avatar, hidden inside a black shield of Dark Soul, slowly made his way over to Pei Tianming. He looked pretty at ease despite the predicament he was in.

“Qin Lie!” Pei Tianming yelled excitedly.

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