Chapter 1293: Guide

Chapter 1293: Guide

The Devil Monarch of Nine Hells Purgatory had once again appeared in the Frost Desolation Abyss in soul form. Just like before, the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss had no choice but to watch him carefully.

It was only then that Enos realized that the Devil Monarch was the reason behind her father’s hastiness, not her!

The Spirit Realm’s forces that had set up camp at Cadak’s territory all stared at the sky in shock.

The weaker ones felt like their very souls were trembling in fear. Even standing straight seemed like an impossibility.

Teng Yuan, Ji Yao, Hua Anyang, and the other Void Realm experts of Spirit Realm wore alarmed looks as well.

A rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss was the ultimate power that existed in the Abyss. They were as strong as a rank ten God Race bloodline warrior.

The Devil Monarch hadn’t appeared in his physical form, but it was enough to make even the Void Realm martial practitioners of Spirit Realm feel like they were facing a mountain.

They all felt like the Great Lords of Abyss were invincible. They seemed even stronger than a Genesis Realm expert.

Almost none of these Void Realm experts had truly fought against a God Race clansman before. A lot of them didn’t believe that the God Race was really as powerful as the legends claimed.

It was because they hadn’t lived through that distant period when the God Race once ravaged all of Spirit Realm.

Moreover, the God Race was ultimately chased out of Spirit Realm. That was why they thought that the God Race wasn’t as scary as the rumors might suggest.

It was only after they witnessed the arrival of a Great Lord of the Abyss, an expert equal to a rank ten God Race bloodline warrior, that they started feeling panic and fear.

They were forced to realize just how terrifying a Great Lord of the Abyss and a rank ten God Race bloodline warrior were.

The demonic titans looked like gigantic pillars taller than even the clouds themselves.

The Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss was watching the Nine Hells Purgatory Devil Monarch’s every move.

“Get ready. I’ll be receiving you all at the abyss passageway.” The Devil Monarch transmitted his world-cowering will to Ling Yushi in his soul voice. “You may bring all those subordinates with the blood of the Abyss Devils in them with you.”

Ling Yushi instantly became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Ling Yushi nodded slightly as she stared at the towering figure. “I’ll make preparations right away.”

The giant demonic figure in the sky slowly faded after his will was transmitted.

The soul pressure that terrified everyone was swiftly decreasing as well.

After that, the Nine Hell Purgatory Devil Monarch communicated with the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss through the soul in secret.

He promised that he wouldn’t invade the Frost Desolation Abyss and break the ancient rule.

After obtaining his promise, the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss finally faded away just like the Devil Monarch.

These terrifying monsters never bothered with the denizens of Spirit Realm from the start to the end.

They didn’t care about the spatial entrance that connected Boluo Realm and the Frost Desolation Abyss either.

It would seem that the rule wasn’t broken if there was no Genesis Realm expert in the Abyss, and there was no mass hunting of Lords of the Frost Desolation Abyss.

There were almost a hundred Lords of the Frost Desolation Abyss. These monsters would’ve fought themselves to the death for the chance to evolve to rank ten even if the Spirit Realm denizens hadn’t invaded their territories.

In the eyes of the Great Lords of the Abyss, both the infighting and the wars against the foreign races from Spirit Realm were crucial for evolution to rank ten.

That was why they were even happy to see the races of Spirit Realm hunting down the Abyss Devils of the Frost Desolation Abyss.

“Go with Enos. You don’t need me to come with you. I don’t think anyone will hinder you all any longer,” Ling Yushi said suddenly.

“Sister Ling, we’ll be meeting each other again after you enter Nine Hells Purgatory.” Diga smiled wryly. “If Yellow Springs Purgatory turns out to be too much for me, can I… head to Nine Hells Purgatory and join you there?”

Ling Yushi looked surprised by his question. “The bottom eight Abyss levels are connected to each other too?”

It was obvious that Diga had realized by then that Ling Yushi hadn’t lived in Nine Hells Purgatory. After all, Ling Yushi had just gotten the Devil Monarch’s acknowledgment.

“Mn. You can move to other levels through the abyss passageway,” he explained.

Ling Yushi thought for a moment before nodding. “You can come look for me at Nine Hells Purgatory once I’ve settled down there.”

“Thank you,” Diga said sincerely.

After that, he made his way toward the abyss passageway.

At the same time, Stanca of the Winged Race, Sienna of the Spirit Race, and the Bone Race clansmen were also leaving with Enos acting as their guide.

Ling Yushi, Gordon, Luz, Gray, and the others gathered at the Nether Realm camp. “I’m not sure what will happen once we reach Nine Hells Purgatory. If you’d like to come with me, then tell me now.”

“You are our queen. Of course we’ll come with you!” Gordon of the Horned Demon Race was the first to speak.

“Nine Hells Purgatory is probably an even better environment for us! We’re definitely willing to come with you as your subordinate!” Gray also said.

“If there’s one thing I’m worried about… it’s that we might lose contact with Qin Lie after we head there.” Luz of the Dark Shadow Race sighed.

Ling Yushi pondered for a moment before saying, “I’ve a feeling that he’ll be able to find his way to the Eight Purgatories after he finishes refining the Origin Crystal.”

Luz immediately looked spirited when he heard this. “Really? It’s that amazing?”

“If he keeps growing stronger and stronger… he may very well become a rank ten Devil Monarch himself. The Origin World he controls may evolve into a whole new purgatory once everything is finished,” Ling Yushi said.

“Ah!” Luz exclaimed in surprise.

“So, what’s your decision?” Ling Yushi asked again.

“We’ll head to Nine Hells Purgatory,” Luz answered.



Seven Spirits Island, Boluo Realm.

A Star Door appeared in Zhuang Jing’s cultivation room. An expectant light shone in her eyes.

She thought that Qin Lie would come through the door immediately.


Instead, it was a young girl with blue eyes, blue hair and blue clothing who came through.

Zhuang Jing instantly froze on the spot.

“Send her to the Land of Chaos.”

Qin Lie’s soul voice abruptly rang in her head.

Returning to herself, she asked while staring curiously at Indigo, “You’re…”

Indigo didn’t give her an answer. A smile later, Indigo’s hair and eyes suddenly took on a shade of black.

She had transformed into a normal human girl in the blink of an eye.

“The realm entrance is down that direction, right?” She immediately found the secret realm entrance to the Land of Chaos. “Please send me to Spirit Realm, thank you.”

“Oh.” Still confused, Zhuang Jing subconsciously obeyed Indigo’s request and led the way.

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