Chapter 1292: Nine Hells Devil Monarch’s Acknowledgment!

Chapter 1292: Nine Hells Devil Monarch’s Acknowledgment!

The high rank Abyss Devils, Bone Race, Spirit Race, and Winged Race had arrived at the Frost Desolation Abyss directly they went through Qin Lie’s Star Door. However, their arrival had caught both Curtis and Miao Fengtian completely off guard because they were not made aware of the circumstances.

The high rank Abyss Devils led by Diga were both shocked and afraid when they saw Miao Fengtian and Curtis as well.

They were currently at the Frost Desolation Abyss, and they knew that this Abyss level hadn’t been invaded by the God Race. This meant that the ruler of the Frost Desolation Abyss was still a Great Lord of the Abyss.

However, Miao Fengtian was a human and Curtis was an Asura clansman. It was clear that neither of them was an Abyss Devil...

Moreover, there were a lot of Void Realm experts in their group. Technically speaking, they were on par with rank nine Abyss Devils. They might not belong to the transcendent bloodline races, but their strength still easily dwarfed theirs.

Shocked, Diga thought that Qin Lie was planning to kill them at first.

His suspicion had even extended to Ling Yushi.

It was at this moment Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar relayed instructions to the soul servants from Boluo Realm.

“Listen to Miss Ling’s orders!”

Miao Fengtian, Curtis, and the rest of the Asura soul servants calmed down immediately after they received orders from Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar.

Curtis raised his hand to inform his fellow soul servants not to act recklessly. Then, he bowed slightly toward Ling Yushi and said, “Master has told us to listen to listen to your orders.”

Ling Yushi smiled slightly and nodded in response.

At the same time, the human Soul Altar experts of Sky Mender Palace, the Qin Family, and the Ji Family took notice of the abnormal activity here.

The Ancient Beast clansmen of Boluo Realm such as Teng Yuan were greatly surprised as well. They were all shocked by the Abyss Devils’ sudden arrival.

This was Cadak’s territory; a special land that was acknowledged by even the rank nine Lords of the Abyss nearby.

There was simply no way they would send a group of rank seven Abyss Devils over to their deaths. It made no sense whatsoever.

When the experts realized that something was amiss, they all gathered over in attempt to learn what was going on.

“I’ll lead you all away from this place.” Ling Yushi looked at the four races and said, “Once we’re out, Enos will take over and lead you to the abyss passageway.”

“Hmm…” Enos looked a little distracted.

“We’ll escort you,” Curtis said.

Ling Yushi nodded slightly.

Salleh of the Bone Race looked at Miao Fengtian and the Abyss Devil Corpse Demons frozen inside the ice pillars. He looked pretty curious. 

“You guys head back first. I’m going to stay here at the Frost Desolation Abyss for a while,” Salleh ordered his few surviving clansmen suddenly.

Although much of Hua Zang, the former Corpse Progenitor’s secret arts and inheritances had come from the Bone Race, the fact was Hua Zang was pretty good in the art of corpse refinement himself.

Miao Fengtian had converted all the dead rank eight Abyss Devils into Corpse Demons. Moreover, Salleh noticed that the their former combat capabilities were well-preserved.

Suddenly, he was no longer in a hurry to head home. In fact, he was the one who made the request to stay behind. There were many things about the corpses and the refinement techniques that impressed Salleh, which was why he decided that it was necessary for him to stay behind and exchange words with Miao Fengtian.

Everyone else started moving towards the abyss channel of Frost Desolation Abyss under Ling Yushi’s guidance.

When Gray, Gordon, Luz and the others heard that Ling Yushi’s group had returned, they all rushed over in haste.

It didn’t take long before the four foreign races led by Ling Yushi entered everyone’s eyes.

The experts of the Land of Chaos, Sky Mender Palace, Qin Family, and Ji Family; Boluo Realm’s denizens and the Asura Race; they were all staring at the group of foreigners curiously.

In fact, they had never seen the Spirit Race or the Bone Race before.

The high rank Abyss Devils’ arrival caught them all by surprise. None of them knew what was going on.


A moment of hesitation later, Ji Yao of the Ji Family walked up to Curtis and asked tentatively.

He knew that Curtis was Qin Lie’s main spokesperson.

“The master has ordered us to obey Miss Ling,” Curtis explained.

Ji Yao suddenly understood. 

The news that Ling Yushi and a small number of Ling Family members had been sent into the Origin World by a Devil Monarch from Nine Hells Purgatory had become widespread since a long time ago.

It was also how they knew about Ling Yushi and Qin Lie’s relationship.

And at that moment, Ling Yushi and the Ling Family had suddenly returned with a group of Abyss Devils, Spirit Race clansmen, Bone Race clans men, and Winged Race clansmen. What did this mean?

“Are they… from that secret realm too?” Ji Yo asked in surprise.

The Qin Family’s vassal forces’ leaders—Hunchback Ba, Gan Feipeng, and the others—as well as Hua Anyang of Sky Mender Palace were staring at the group from nearby as well.

“Qin Lie is currently busy constructing the first level of his Soul Altar at the Origin World, so he can’t return yet. That’s why he sent us back over first,” Ling Yushi explained briefly.

She knew that both Ji Yao and Hua Anyang were very concerned for Qin Lie’s condition.

“He’s constructing his Soul Altar!?” Ji Yao couldn’t help but shout.

Hua Anyang, Gan Feipeng, and the Boluo Realm denizens who were slightly further away all shook in shock.

Even at the Central World, a Soul Altar expert was considered a true expert.

Not long earlier, Qin Lie had been just a Nirvana Realm expert. And then, all of a sudden, he was already constructing the first level of his Soul Altar?

All those who showed up at the Frost Desolation Abyss were more or less tied to Qin Lie in some way. In fact, some of the Silver rank forces from the Land of Chaos had bet everything they had on Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was the reason the Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos couldn’t return to their homes. In fact, it was doubtful they could ever return to Spirit Realm if the Qin Family, the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace failed to defeat the six great forces of the Central World in the future.

The Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace  and the Ji Family were clashing against the six great forces already. Naturally, they wanted Qin Lie to grow stronger so that they could take the upper hand in this war.

That was why they were so excited.

Ling Yushi smiled humbly at their reactions, but she didn’t explain what it truly meant to construct one’s Soul Altar using an Origin Crystal.

She only knew that Qin Lie would literally surpass everyone in Spirit Realm in terms of foundation and starting point, if he successfully refined that Origin Crystal into his Soul Altar!

It was impossible to predict how big Qin Lie would become in the future. It was extremely likely that he would surpass Qin Hao as well.

It was much too soon to start talking about such things, however. That was why she decided to keep quiet about it.

“These people are a little… special. If anything were to happen to them here, the Great Lords of Abyss will appear here in soul form and demand reparations from us.” She secretly revealed Diga, Enos, and the high rank Abyss Devils’ true identity.

Ji Yao’s expression changed when he heard everything. He hurriedly blinked at Hua Anyang and Gan Feipeng.

The two martial practitioners paled in shock when they heard this as well.

It was at this moment a terrifying soul presence appeared from deep within the sky.

Enos who had been silent all this time immediately looked up and said, “My father’s here.”

Everyone in Cadak’s territory felt shock and fear when they noticed that terrifying presence that stifled even their breaths.

But that wasn’t all. The Devil Monarch of Nine Hells Purgatory also made an appearance while they were still cowering.

The gigantic soul shadow of a devil that looked down on them from the sky was made of thick abyss devil energy. It was as if a fearsome, giant beast was snarling at them. Then, a soul wave that everyone could sense resounded in the air.

“You’ve awakened the Soul Hell, so I formally acknowledge you as a descendant of my blood! I welcome you and all of your people into Nine Hells Purgatory!”

His soul’s voice was as loud and dizzying as thunder.

Everyone knew that he was addressing Ling Yushi.

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