Chapter 1291: Going Separate Ways

Chapter 1291: Going Separate Ways

The fact that Qin Lie possessed the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline was unclear even to Ling Yushi. She only knew that he could open all kinds of Star Doors.

Qin Lie had soul servants at Extreme Flame Abyss and Frost Desolation Abyss, so she knew that he could open doors to both places.

Zhuang Jing was at Boluo Realm, so he could open a door to that place as well.

Technically speaking, Boluo Realm counted as a part of Spirit Realm.

But these were all Qin Lie’s secrets. A super Spirit Seed of the Spirit Race shouldn’t know them. It was no wonder that Ling Yushi was surprised and suspicious of Indigo’s true identity.

“Do you know about the battle against the eastern barbarians at the Land of Chaos? That… Eight-eyed Demon Spirit?”

Suddenly, Indigo sent a soul message that reached straight into Ling Yushi’s mind.

Surprised, Ling Yushi’s bright purple eyes lit up. “You…”

Indigo nodded from a thousand meters away. She sent another soul message. “I was that baby Seine was carrying.”

Ling Yushi’s body shook when she heard this.

“Some of Qin Lie’s blood flows inside me, so we are related to each other by blood... I guess you can call him half my father,” Indigo explained.

Ling Yushi’s eyes flickered rapidly. She was stunned for a while before she finally figured out the complex relationship Qin Lie and Indigo shared.

Indigo had communicated her explanation through the soul, and they were both well-versed in the art of the soul. Therefore, their conversation remained private even to Stanca.

“My identity is extremely sensitive, I cannot appear in the Abyss without prior preparation. Also… I want to visit Spirit Realm at least once,” Indigo added.

Ling Yushi fell silent for a moment. “I hope you won’t build a spatial entrance to Spirit Realm and invade us with a bunch of Spirit Race experts.”

“I won’t,” Indigo promised.

Ling Yushi shot her one final glance before messaging. “Take care of yourself.”

Once she said that, she, Ling Feng and the others entered the Frost Desolation Abyss through the still-open Star Door.

“Salleh, Stanca, you two should go to the Frost Desolation Abyss.” Indigo finally turned around to address her people. “Sienna, you too. Please lead everyone back to our homes through the abyss channel of the Frost Desolation Abyss.”

“But Young Mistress! What about you?” Sienna asked urgently.

“I’ll be in big trouble if I show up in the Frost Desolation Abyss. I have to leave some other way,” Indigo said helplessly. “Those Great Lords of the Abyss are all difficult people. They’ll definitely hold me hostage and use me against our race if I show up there. But if it’s just you and the others… then they won’t be interested.”

Sienna thought over her explanation seriously and arrived at the same conclusion eventually. She said bitterly, “That’s true… but how are you going to come back? What are we going to tell the elders after we return?”

“Just tell them the truth,” Indigo said.

“We’re leaving!” Salleh yelled.

The Origin World changed as Qin Lie fused with the Origin Crystal. It was slowly but surely growing less and less stable with each passing second.

Salleh had a feeling that they would run into some accidents if they continued to stay inside the Origin World.

“Everyone, let’s head to the Frost Desolation Abyss first!” Stanca also yelled.

The Bone Race and Winged Races’ clansmen rushed towards the Star Door after hearing their orders.

The Star Door itself was moving towards them almost as if it was welcoming them.

They immediately figured out that Qin Lie was controlling the Star Door with some of his soul consciousness.

“Let’s go!”

The two races’ clansmen passed through the Star Door after it got close.

Sienna and the rest of the Spirit Race clansmen also stepped through the Star Door after Indigo had persuaded them.

After they all disappeared, Indigo looked at Qin Lie and started spreading her inner thoughts to the world.

She knew that the Origin World was gradually entering Qin Lie’s senses as he fused with the Origin Crystal.

She was sure that Qin Lie could sense her intentions if she spread her thoughts to the air.

Her deduction was right.

She had just released her thoughts when the Star Door floating next to her changed once more.

The Star Door sparked, squirmed and changed before it appeared before Indigo again.


Suddenly, the entire world seemed to be echoing with Qin Lie’s will.

Indigo’s eyes lit up. She immediately understood that Qin Lie had become even closer with the Origin Crystal.

“I’ll be taking my leave then.”

Indigo smiled before vanishing into the Star Door like a blue flower.

Now that Indigo was gone, Qin Lie knew that there were no life present in the entire Origin World.

The Star Door slowly closed itself.

He started sealing the Origin World—his private realm—so that he could focus on refining the Origin Crystal into his Soul Altar.

He was aware that the refinement process was going to take some time.


At the Darkness Abyss.

Dozens of God Race bloodline experts could be seen hovering in the sky and waiting quietly.

They were all from the five God Race families.

They could all see that the giant whirlpool at the Darkness Abyss was slowly shrinking. In the end, the whirlpool had vanished completely.

The whirlpool… was the entrance to the Origin World.

The entrance had completely vanished, but the God Race’s bloodline experts couldn’t find anything despite scanning its surroundings with their tremendous power.

At the distance, the Great Lords of the Darkness Abyss seemed to be paying close attention to this place as well.

After the entrance had vanished completely, the Great Lords of the Darkness Abyss immediately sent out news in great shock.

Every Lord and Great Lord of the Abyss who had sent their descendants into the Origin World quickly learned that the Origin World was closed.

However, not a single rank seven bloodline warrior who had entered the Origin World managed to make it out.

Worried, the experts of every race started unleashing their terrifying soul auras and sweeping through the Darkness Abyss.

They were checking to see if there was another entrance to the Origin World in some unknown corner of the Darkness Abyss, or if there were any descendants who had exited the Origin World.

For a time, a great number of presences that terrified the low rank Abyss Devils and even the Darkness Family filled every corner of the Darkness Abyss.

Terrible soul storms were also created when the Great Lords of other Abyss levels willed their soul into the Darkness Abyss. They then rampaged through the whole place as they sought for their descendants.

There were also many Great Lords who shared an old grudge with each other that immediately started fighting the moment they encountered each other.

The towering mountains and precipitous ridges of the Darkness Abyss started exploding and crumbling without any warning.

Gigantic waves started appearing on its dark seas and wiping all Abyss Devils who were unfortunate enough to be there.

Even the forests weren’t left unscathed as the soul storms ravaged them like actual hurricanes.

Many of the Abyss Devils who had survived the Darkness Family’s attacks died when an even bigger calamity befell them.

The experts who were guarding the Origin World’s entrance could sense the Great Lords’ violent descent. They were forced to order their clansmen into strict obedience and forbid them from leaving the camp.

At the same time, they joined forces and constructed a powerful soul defense line to protect the lands their people were at.

It was to prevent the Great Lords of the Abyss from rampaging into their territory.

After the Origin World’s entrance had disappeared, many Great Lords of the Abyss seemed to have gone mad. Their souls roamed through the entire Darkness Abyss.

And thus began a grim era for the Darkness Abyss.……

At the Frost Desolation Abyss.

The source of Enos’s bloodline and the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss had manifested his soul at Darkness Abyss in search for Enos as well.

However, when Enos returned to Frost Desolation Abyss through the Star Door, he, the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss detected her presence immediately.

By then, the Great Lords at the Darkness Abyss had been rampaging for quite a while.

The truth of the matter was that the entrance to the Origin World vanished entirely since Qin Lie’s Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram and the Origin Crystal had made a connection.

Therefore, the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss had been searching for a while before Enos had made her return.

That was also the case for the other Great Lords of the Abyss.

“Is this… Cadak’s territory?”

Enos immediately knew that she was in Cadak’s territory the second she looked at the sky.

Cadak was the name of Qin Lie’s Soul Beast.

Amidst the ice pillars, Curtis and the soul servants froze when they saw a bunch of high rank Abyss Devils suddenly appearing in their territory.

Diga and the high rank Abyss Devils also paled in fright when they saw Curtis, a Void Realm expert.

“Eh! It’s you guys!”

Miao Fengtian, in the body of the Corpse Progenitor, let out an exclamation of surprise when he saw Ling Xuanxuan and the others.

“You guys know each other?” Enos asked curiously.

“We were sent to the Origin World from here in the first place,” Ling Xuanxuan replied.

“Ah!” Enos exclaimed.

It was at this moment Ling Yushi appeared from the Star Door. After shooting a glance at Diga and the shocked Enos, she said calmly, “This was where the Devil Monarch of Nine Hells Purgatory sent us to the Origin World from.”

“No wonder you know that Qin Lie!” Enos finally came to realization.

“Miss Ling, what should we do with these high rank Abyss Devils?” Miao Fengtian asked shadily.

“You’re Hua Zang’s successor, aren’t you?” Salleh of the Bone Race reacted when he came through the Star Door and was greeted by a lot of frozen Abyss Devil Corpse Demons.

Miao Fengtian turned around to look at Salleh. Then, he recalled the Soul Beast avatar’s words. “The Bone Race?”

“That’s right.” Salleh nodded.

“Can anyone tell me what the f*ck is going on?” Diga yelled.

When he learned that the “Sister Ling” he thought had hailed from Nine Hells Purgatory was actually from the Frost Desolation Abyss, when he realized that she was clearly familiar with these people, his mind had completely short-circuited.

He was even more surprised when he learned that Enos didn’t know Ling Yushi, even though they both hailed from the same Abyss level.

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