Chapter 129: I’m on Fire!

Chapter 129: I’m on Fire!

A fiery red figure zipped through the many examinees in the courtyard like a lithely-dancing red butterfly.

There were many Armament Sect disciples around whose eyes were hot with passion and could not help but look to the side to pursue the beautiful figure. It did seem that they were slowly forgetting the reason they had come here in the first place.

“Yet another useless person who cannot affirm his mind and focus on forging artifacts…”

Tang Siqi’s hot figure fluttered about as a drunken fragrance spread about and shook the minds of countless, hopeful artificers, causing them to be unable to focus.

Tang Siqi shook her head repeatedly. Her coquettish and seductive face was filled with disappointment.

“Siqi, there are three people that you you should pay serious attention to. They may be able to reach your expectations.” When she had returned to Tong Jihua’s side again, Tong Jihua smiled lightly and pointed, from afar, at Liang Shaoyang, Ouyang Jingjing, and Yi Yuan, quietly saying, “Their backgrounds are all extraordinary, and they have a certain amount of experience with artifact forging. They will definitely pass the examination.”

Liang Shaoyang and the other two were at the front part of the courtyard. Tang Siqi had previously wandered that place for a lap; those three were all at the center of the crowd.

After being reminded by Tong Jihua, she lightly smiled in thanks with her head lowered before dropping right beside Liang Shaoyang in a whisk of fragrant wind.

An obvious air of murder surrounded Liang Shaoyang. The moment Tang Siqi stood still, her eyes lit up.

Cheerfully, she closed in on the furnace. Her eyes suddenly turned passionate, and she stared at Liang Shaoyang while her expression turned into one of worship and obsessiveness.

—This was one of her usual methods.

A fiery, soulful stare and an obsessive gaze of worship. She had not failed once up until this day whenever she unleashed them on a man. There were very few men who could resist her charms.

When forging an artifact, a person could not be distracted for even a moment. If there was a single slight ripple in their hearts, then it would reflect through minuscule movements...

She observed Liang Shaoyang’s every move.

Compared to the other competitors, Liang Shaoyang was far calmer. Under her passionate stare, Liang Shaoyang continued to intently stare at the small furnace before him and handle the spirit materials without the slightest bit of impatience. He was always able to throw the correct spirit material into the furnace at the critical moment it was needed.

There was not the slightest mistake in his skill or movements.

Tang Siqi nodded on the inside as her heart turned mildly surprised. The seductive smile on her face grew brighter and brighter, causing all the onlookers from Armament Sect to feel hot all over.

Still facing Liang Shaoyang, she pursed her lips and let out a seductive smile. Moving lithely, she abruptly appeared on Liang Shaoyang’s left.

Her hot and attractive body unwittingly pressed closer, as she let out a sweet breath and breathily said, “You’re a little different from the other men, aren’t you…”

Liang Shaoyang’s eyebrows jumped as a ripple suddenly appeared in his heart. His left pinky could not help but shudder just a little.


He accidentally crushed a piece of Bluelight Copper about the size of a fingernail, splitting it into many tiny bits.

Tang Siqi glanced at him once before suddenly pulling away from him, her graceful lips curling into scorn as she smiled lightly. “But you’re not that different…” Once finished, she no longer took even a single glance at Liang Shaoyang before changing her target yet again, heading towards Yi Yuan this time.

“And here I thought he could ignore Senior Sister Tang’s charm, but in the end, that is all he is. This is normal though. There… aren’t actually that many people in Armament Sect who are completely immune to her charm.”

“Of course, Senior Sister Tang has been the sect’s most talented disciple for the past ten years. She has… also been the most beautiful one for the past ten years.”

“If she weren’t so young, then she will definitely be the number one person in the inner sect. She is practically a genius when it comes to artifact forging.”

“Sigh, I really wish I would be chosen by Senior Sister Tang. I would be satisfied even if the only thing I do everyday is to polish spirit materials for her.”

“Me too.”

The few outer sect disciples close to each other and standing at the edges of the yard were whispering to each other, all looking at Tang Siqi with infatuation.

While they were whispering, the beautiful, tall, and hot Tang Siqi had suddenly appeared beside Yi Yuan.

Yi Yuan had originally been focused on smelting the artifact. At this point, he suddenly stopped his movements, lifted his head, and smiled at Tang Siqi before immediately closing his eyes and temporarily pausing the smelting process.

He chose to stop everything.

Tang Siqi had just adjusted her state of mind and was getting ready to test Yi Yuan’s inner fortitude. Just as she pushed a bright smile onto a face, she then saw Yi Yuan closing his eyes, not moving a muscle. She immediately froze on the spot.

“This brat…” On the other side, Tong Jihua could only laugh at the scene.

Since Yi Yuan had closed his eyes and stopped forging, naturally, Tang Siqi had no way of affecting him. She would just be wasting her effort if she stood there doing nothing. Therefore, she had no choice but to harshly glare at Yi Yuan before helplessly giving up.

Tang Siqi then turned to look at Ouyang Jingjing before shaking her head slightly and quietly whispering, “She’s a girl. There’s nothing I can do then…”

She returned to Tong Jihua’s side and commented in a low tone of voice, “Liang Shaoyang is still useful I suppose.”

“How about the other two?” Tong Jihua asked with a smile.

“We have no choice but to wait until they finish forging to see how well they will do.” Tang Siqi had on a disappointed expression. “When that happens, the rest of the seniors might have arrived and it wouldn’t be as convenient to pick someone anymore.”

“Should I… book Liang Shaoyang for you first then?”

“Give it a while longer. I’ll take another look. If there really isn’t anyone suitable, then I can only pick Liang Shaoyang.”

Tang Siqi frowned beautifully. She was obviously not truly satisfied with Liang Shaoyang, and after interacting with Tong Jihua for a brief moment, she returned again to the center of those hundreds of hopeful artificers and headed towards the few corners she hadn’t wandered to before. She wanted to test her luck and see if she might run into an unexpected boon.

While wandering at the corners, her eyes examined the many youths one at a time, and occasionally. she would even close in and passionately stare at her target.

A few seconds later, she realized that her target’s eyes would always avoid hers and their actions would always slow down by just a fraction right before they made a mistake.

She would then immediately leave and choose a new target to test. However, she continued to be disappointed every time she selected her next target...

Icy cold energy suddenly spread from a figure at the front, and amidst the burning yard, that very energy caused her to sneeze.

“There are only a few people left. If it still doesn’t work. then I guess I have no choice but to pick Liang Shaoyang,” she whispered once as she headed over to the younth with cold energy emanating from his body. She circled the young man’s back and arrived at his front.

With that, she glanced at the expressionless youth.

“His looks are still fine, but his temperament is way too cold. To think there would be a person who cultivates a cold spirit art that would want to become an artificer. It really is a bit strange…”

Or so she thought inside her head while observing Qin Lie. After that thought had finished, her gaze fell upon the artifact inside the furnace.

“A ball-shaped artifact…” In response, her eyes lit up a bit.

The uneven and miniature shape of a metallic ball had already been formed inside the small furnace before Qin Lie. There were many round holes on its surface.

At this moment, Qin Lie was melting even more spirit materials into liquid form. He was injecting a liquid that could enhance the metallic ball’s endurance little by little.

A ball-shaped artifact was far more difficult to forge than a knife, fork, or spear. It tested an artificer’s skill greatly. The shaping of a ball-shaped artifact was often incredibly difficult, and during the latter stages, it also required more effort and attention to polish and perfect the surface of the ball...

When Tang Siqi saw that Qin Lie’s artifact was a ball, she was surprised a little on the inside and could not help but view him in a better light.

Then, a thin but seductive smile appeared on her beautiful face. Her eyes burned with passion as she stared soulfully at Qin Lie. She began to exude a most crime-inducing charm from her body...

Qin Lie’s cold eyes did not glance at Tang Siqi for even a second. All of his attention was placed on the ball in his small furnace.

“These aren’t the materials needed to forge Terminator Profound Bomb, so they don’t fit well enough with each other. If they can’t merge with each other properly, then it will break easily…”

He frowned heavily as his fingers unconsciously slid across the spirit materials. Quickly, his mind spun, “Which one of my current spirit materials has the right properties to thoroughly stabilize a ball-shaped artifact?” He was sunk in deep thought.

In his eyes, it was as if there wasn’t a beautiful woman standing in front of him. He had completely ignored Tang Siqi’s passionate gaze.

“A bit interesting…”

The curl on Tang Siqi’s lips deepened as the smile on her beautiful face grew brighter and brighter. It was as if she had found a new toy, and her eyes started glittering at Qin Lie.

“An interesting one just like Liang Shaoyang, I see. Let’s hope that you won’t disappoint me; let’s hope that you can… hold out for a while longer.”

Suddenly, she giggled, and in a flash, her voluptuous figure had arrived on Qin Lie’s left.

Then, with a smile, she closed in and prettily said, “It’s pretty hard to forge a ball-shaped artifact. When I first started forging, I also made quite a lot mistakes and could not succeed no matter what, you know?”

Her firm breasts were just three fingers away from Qin Lie’s left arm, and the heat on those plump and seductive breasts seemed to radiate from that thin veil of hers...

Her plump and red lips, the fragrance that emanated from her as she moved, her fiery eyes, glittering with waves of passion, the attractive figure that closed in on his shirt, and a heart-melting voice… at this moment, her charm and allure became limitless, and she could practically melt even a hard stone.


The Armament Sect disciples on the side could not help but swallow their saliva as they watched Tang Siqi’s alluring appearance and intentionally displayed seductiveness. An evil flame rose uncontrollably from the bottom of their hearts.

Many people who were originally standing straight had no choice but to bow into hunchbacks in order to disguise a certain protrusion on their bodies.

“A bunch of useless crap!” Tong Jihua glared and scolded on the inside as he watched the surrounding outer sect disciples. “You all totally deserve to stay in the outer sect for the rest of your lives. Without even the slightest bit of mental fortitude, you all would only be qualified to sell spirit artifacts at Armament Sect’s many branches. You will never truly enter the artificer’s hall.”

If these outer sect disciples in Armament Sect failed to display a talent in artifact forging after a long period of time or failed to be chosen by an inner sect disciple as assistant, then they would be assigned somewhere a year or two later to work at a spirit material shop similar to Armament Pavilion in Icestone City. They would specialize in selling all kinds of spirit materials for Armament Sect.

Most, if not all of the outer sect disciple today would be facing such a fate and would be let go by Armament Sect.

Qin Lie did not know that Tang Siqi had come to specifically choose someone. He had only assumed that she was intentionally creating trouble, and seeing that she just had to press closer and begin slowly affecting his next step of merging his artifact, his expression grew colder and colder.

“Judging from the level of your practice, you should have experience in artifact forging. I’m really curious, who did you learn artifact forging from?” Tang Siqi’s smile was as bright as a flower as her hot body pressed closer and closer. Judging from her pose, it was as if she couldn’t wait to lie on top of Qin Lie already.

The eyes of all the surrounding onlookers had become fixated on that very figure.

Qin Lie frowned and grew impatient. When he pushed the spirit materials inside the furnace in his left hand, he did it with slightly larger movements.


A few sparks flew out from the furnace, and as if they had grown a mind of their own, they all flew at Tang Siqi on the side.

Meanwhile, Tang Siqi continued to ease into Qin Lie as she thought: How dare you play a fool in front of me. See if I’ll play you to death!

Suddenly, she heard a strange noise, and after she turned around to look, her expression turned horrific.

The thin clothes at her waist were actually burning!

“Ah, I’m on fire!” Tang Siqi screamed out in panic.

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