Chapter 1289: The First Soul Altar!

Chapter 1289: The First Soul Altar!

The spirit energy of Spirit Realm, the abyss devil energy of the Abyss, and the nether demonic energy of the Nether Realm were all manifestations of the powers of the universe.

The different types of energy were just different types of power.

Sometimes, powers of different kinds could transform into each other through special ways.

In the past, when the Horned Demon Race and Ghost Eye Race were active in Spirit Realm, they could turn the spirit energy of Spirit Realm into nether demonic energy through the Demon Armor Insects.

Similarly, the Demon Cleansing Orchid could turn nether demonic energy into spirit energy.

This meant that the different energies could transform into one another.

The same thing was happening in this evolving Origin World.

The thick abyss devil energy coming out of the Origin Sea slowly transformed as most of it rose into the sky and gave birth to thunder and lightning.

The gusts of cold wind seemed to be created from the abyss devil energy.

Within the earth, the change in gravitational energy seemed to be caused  by the abyss devil energy as well.

The liquid abyss devil energy of the Origin Sea turned into thick mist, and then started to change, guided by the Origin Crystal.

Lightning flashed through the sky, thunder roared, cold icy winds blew...

The recovering elites standing next to the Origin Sea all detected the changes in the secret realm.

Those that knew much about the Origin World knew the changes were due to Qin Lie's influence on that crystal.

They knew that Qin Lie was starting to assimilate the Origin Crystal.

They instinctively took a look at Qin Lie, whose body was covered in lightning, thunder, and ice energies and exuded strong tang of blood.

The enormous and bloody Sky Piercing ancient diagram caused no more commotion after sinking to the bottom of the Origin Sea.

"Thamur, you said he would encounter difficulty in assimilating the Origin Crystal?" Oktan frowned and said.

"Yes." Thamur nodded.

"Why do I not see any signs of danger?" Oktan had a dark expression.

"Maybe... it is not time yet," Thamur answered.

Oktan's eyes flashed. "What did he obtain from the First Prince of the Soul Race? Also, do we really have no other way of preventing him from assimilating the Origin Crystal?"

"I’ve already told you that it is an item of the Soul Race. I can’t tell you anything else." Thamur's green eyes were full of malice. "During the process of assimilation, any attack against him will be returned several-fold. It is a natural defensive mechanism of the Origin World. Outsiders like us can’t do anything about it. If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try. I will not stop you."

"I do believe. I’ve already tried. Many of my clansmen died. I just, just..." Oktan gritted his teeth and snarled. "I just cannot accept it!"

"I did not expect a relic of our race to be in his hands." Thamur sighed.

"If he merges with the Origin Crystal, do we have any hopes of escape?" Oktan asked gravely.

Thamur did not immediately respond. He became silent as though he was considering all methods of surviving.

A long time later, Thamur said, "If you and I give up now, and leave before he completely merges the Origin Crystal, there is a chance."

Pausing, he added, "This is a chance only for us, and the price is..."

"What is it!?" Oktan shouted.

Thamur's dark gaze landed on the Satorius Family members. He hung his head and said, "I need live souls as sacrifices in order to find a direction after going into the Black Hole of Death you create with your bloodline power."

"With the death of my family members as the price?!" Oktan said violently.

Thamur slowly nodded. "This is the only method I can think of. Also, we need to leave as soon as possible. Once he is successful, and the spatial laws of this realm change to match his understanding, this method will be no longer possible."

"Did you not say he would encounter danger in the assimilation process?" Oktan suppressed his anger and said.

"There’s that possibility, but this realm is already changing according to him. I suspect… he’s already past the dangerous stage." Thamur sighed and said, "That relic of our race should have completely merged with him. If that is the case, it will help him against the dangers of this Origin World. He will surely overcome..."

"So our hopes are minuscule?" Oktan took a deep breath.

Thamur nodded again and said, "If you can return early, the Satorius Family can prepare and leave the realms of the Spirit Race before the clansmen loyal to Indigo attack you. Maybe your family has the possibility of surviving.”

Oktan shook.

At this time, an enormous crystal slowly floated out of the Origin Sea.

The crystal was thousands meters large, crystal and flashing with pure light.

Inside the crystal, that Sky Piercing ancient diagram seemed to have completely disappeared.

Many lightning patterns, cold flowing lines, and the patterns of the earth appeared occasionally from that crystal.

"Origin Crystal!"

The geniuses all paled and screamed.

Everyone's gaze gathered on that enormous crystal.

It floated slowly next to Qin Lie.

Then, it started to violently shrink until it was the size of a prayer mat.

Qin Lie sat on it. The lightning, thunder, ice, earth, and blood spirit energies, as well as threads of his soul, were sucked into the Origin Crystal.

Qin Lie looked like a tree, and the Origin Crystal was his roots.

"Is he… creating his Soul Altar?"

Ling Feng unconsciously muttered under his nose.

Ling Xuanxuan, Gao Yu, and the others shook.

That enormous crystal supported Qin Lie like a lotus platform. Wasn't this what the Soul Altar experts of Spirit Realm looked like?

This scene was clearly Qin Lie using a secret art to forge the Origin Crystal into his one-level Soul Altar.

After finishing, Qin Lie would be in the early stage of the Imperishable Realm, a one-level Soul Altar expert.

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