Chapter 1288: The Change In The World

Chapter 1288: The Change In The World

The abyss devil energy evaporating from the Origin Sea quickly spread outwards and shrouded the entire world.

Everyone, regardless of their race, was drowned by the thick abyss devil energy. There were no exceptions.

For Abyss Devils like Diga, the gaseous abyss devil energy was at a level their bodies could absorb and they were excited at this.

This meant their bloodline power could recover faster.

Yet to other races, the thick abyss devil energy was not good news.

They could not increase their bloodline power through the abyss devil energy. Instead, they had to expend energy to not let the energy enter their bodies.

The races from outside the Abyss could not use the abyss devil energy to replenish their bloodline power.

For tens of thousands of years, when they fought in the Abyss levels, they used the flesh of the ordinary Abyss Devils to directly replenish their bloodline power.

"Not good..."

Gan Xing, Oktan, Sienna, and the others became worried.

They had desired to leave this area. When they looked back, they found the abyss devil energy had drowned out the nearby surroundings.

It seemed they could only avoid the abyss devil energy if they left the Origin Sea.

There was no other solution.

They hesitated for a while and seemed to accept this. They sat down around the Origin Sea, taking out meat to replenish their bloodline power, and spirit stones to recover as they controlled their bloodline power. They formed membranes of light on their skin to stop the abyss devil energy from invading their blood.

Only Diga and the other Abyss, as well as the Ling Family members, greedily bathed in  abyss devil energy to cultivate.

Suddenly, the members of the races who were fighting calmed down.

Their eyes occasionally flicked towards Qin Lie and they paid close attention to his every move.

Under their silent gazes, Qin Lie floated above the Origin Sea and looked down at the surface with its massive waves.

The ancient diagram with his bloodline and soul power had completely sunk into the Origin Sea.

Qin Lie closed his eyes. Through the threads of lifeblood essence in the ancient diagram, he felt the changes of the diagram in the water.

He could feel the ancient diagram sinking.

There seemed to be something in the Origin Sea, like a voice, summoning the Sky Piercing ancient diagram.

The bloody Sky Piercing ancient diagram cooperated under the call of that power and voice.

He probed with his mind.

An unknown time later, suddenly, in his soul consciousness, in his perception, there seemed to be a wave of bright light.

He found an enormous crystal hidden in the deep purple Origin Sea.

That Sky Piercing ancient diagram he had formed with lifeblood essence and soul power slowly landed on it.

"The Origin Crystal!"

In this moment, without thinking, he knew that the crystal was the Origin Crystal everyone had been searching for!

Strangely, the complicated and enormous Sky Piercing diagram  completely merged into that Origin Crystal.


Suddenly, Qin Lie's soul shook, waves rising on his Soul Lake as it ferociously expanded!

In this moment, the pure soul energy from the Soul Beast avatar was channeled into him.

His Soul Lake started to visibly expand and go beyond its limits.

In just a dozen seconds, he suddenly realized he was being pushed by a certain power to the late stage of the Nirvana Realm!

At the same time, his lightning and thunder spirit power was becoming wild and ferocious.

Rays of blue lightning covered his body, and criss-crossed in his body and acupoints.


His previously sealed acupoints were forcefully open under the urging of his soul.

The wild lightning and thunder power opened more and more acupoints to provide for the lightning pool water.

Inside his spirit sea, frost power, earth power, and the blood spirit energy in his blood went wild at the same time.

At this time, he seemed to see blue lightning on the enormous Origin Crystal like it was inscribing the thunder power he had comprehended.


That Frost Concept Diagram with the Ice Emperor's frost concept in the Soul Suppressing Orb disappeared.

When he realized the Frost Concept Diagram had disappeared, he found that Frost Concept Diagram had appeared on the Origin Crystal.

It seemed to have merged into the Origin Crystal.

Before he could react, the Blood Codex seemed to have been copied and inscribed onto the Origin Crystal.

He could feel threads of familiar bloody light coming from the crystal.

Strange diagrams and patterns appeared on the surface and then sank into the Origin Crystal.

Also, the secrets of his Records of Geocentric Magnetism seemed to have also been imprinted on the Origin Crystal with a method he did not understand.

To his shock, the Soul Lake in his mind and the rising soul power seemed to be slowly disappearing.

It seemed that the Origin Crystal was also absorbing his soul power.

Heavenly Thunder Eradication; Frost Arts, Records of Geocentric Magnetism; Blood Spirit Art; everything he had ever comprehended was being imprinted on the Origin Crystal.

These powerful arts came from Spirit Realm, and were his path of pursuing power.

The bloodline latent abilities and bloodline power in his body were unusually calm.

"Boom boom boom!"

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The Origin World gradually started to give off ear-deafening roars.

Thunder and lightning seem to form in the clouds as cold winds blew across the Origin Sea.

Strange vibrations began to come from the earth everyone was sitting on.

Even the abyss devil energy evaporating from the Origin Sea seemed to have a bloody tang.

All of Qin Lie’s arts imprinted on the Origin Crystal caused the Origin World to change.

This secret realm, under the influence of the Origin Crystal, slowly transformed to become suitable for Qin Lie's spirit arts to control.

The vast world and the thick abyss devil energy had also slowly changed. The Origin World started to exhibit thunder and lightning, cold flows, and a powerful gravitational energy field.

The enormous Origin World had completely changed due to the merging of the Sky Piercing ancient diagram and that crystal.

And the biggest beneficiary of every change was Qin Lie.

It seemed this strange world was changing minutely according to Qin Lie's power, bloodline and spirit arts.

Everything to adjust better to Qin Lie's body and soul.

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