Chapter 1287: Center of Attention

Chapter 1287: Center of Attention

Hao Jie and Cang Ye had expended a vast amount of soul energy, and could not maintain consciousness. They were forced into a deep sleep to recover.

The two could not fight for the God Race soon.

Only Ming Xu of the Light Family sat for a while. The third eye on his forehead slowly closed and his other two eyes opened.

His face was pale, his eyes dim. He had also used a great deal of soul energy.

Gan Xing, Xuan Luo, and the other God Race clansmen looked over the moment he opened his eyes.

"The ancient diagram Qin Lie inscribed in the sky was what appeared out of the Origin Crystal?" Xuan Luo said in shock.

Ming Xu did not immediately respond and looked towards the sky at Qin Lie who was sinking the Sky Piercing ancient diagram into the Origin Sea.

He recalled the strange scene he had seen underneath the Origin Sea.

The souls of himself, Cang Ye, and Hao Jie had divided up the area to search for the Origin Crystal at the start.

The three used artifacts and pills to multiply their soul power. When their souls entered the Origin Sea, they worked together, each of them exploring their own area and going deeper.

The three of them worked together and had planned beforehand. They had managed to find that magical crystal at the bottom of the Origin Sea.

Ming Xu was the first to feel the Origin Crystal and notified Hao Jie and Cang Ye.

The souls of the three reached the Origin Crystal and found that enormous crystal was like a mirror that reflected Qin Lie's strange diagram.

Purple-red threads seemed to be imprinted with the laws of the universe and moved around that Origin Crystal.

At the same time, the presence which belonged to Qin Lie also appeared out of that crystal.

After their shock, the three tried to enter the Origin Crystal using their souls and take control. 

But when their souls went close, the light released by the Origin Crystal would absorb great amounts of soul energy.

In an instant, more than half of their soul energy had been extracted.

They became terrified. They wanted to flee, but at that moment, the calm Origin Sea finally moved.

No matter how their souls fled in the Origin Sea, they could not avoid the loss of their soul energy.

They judged the situation and hurriedly fled the Origin Sea. They attempted to return to their physical bodies but were blocked by the purple curtains of light.

They were almost killed in the Origin Sea.

Ming Xu thought for a while and said with a complicated expression, "Qin Lie is already assimilating that Origin Crystal. If he hadn't heard our shouts just now, and spared us, we… would have died there."

Xuan Luo's expression changed.

Gan Xing stilled slightly and murmured, "It appears... he is not completely on that female Abyss Devil's side."

Ming Xu frowned. He sighed but did not speak.

"Xuanxuan, that Qin Lie... will he target us now?" On the other side, Diga sneaked next to Ling Xuanxuan and asked worriedly, "He is mixed-blood of the God Race and clearly spared Cang Ye and the others just now. This means he is close to the God Race."

At this time, Ling Yushi was standing alone by the Origin Sea, staring at the sinking Qin Lie.

She ignored everyone else. She stood apart from the Ling Family members.

Diga could see she did not want anyone getting near and knew she was using a secret art to recover the soul energy she had used in the battle with Thamur. Therefore, he approached Ling Xuanxuan instead.

"In any case, Big Brother Qin will not harm us." Ling Xuanxuan smiled.

Diga stilled and grimaced, "Then... what about our Abyss Devil group?"

"I don't know that." Ling Xuanxuan shook her head.

Hearing her say this, Diga's smile grew bitter.

At this time, Diga could see Qin Lie and the Origin Sea had formed a connection and Qin Lie should have found that Origin Crystal and was assimilating it.

Once Qin Lie truly assimilated that Origin Crystal, he could completely control the Origin World. He would have the power to decide life and death of everyone in the Origin World.

If Qin Lie was willing, he could kill everyone else.

Because of this, the knowledgeable Thamur and Oktan did not order the Satorius Family members to go chase and kill other people.

That was meaningless.

If Qin Lie did not die, if Qin Lie assimilated the Origin World, all would be for nothing anyway.

If they wouldn’t even be able to leave the Origin World and were at Qin Lie’s mercy, what could their efforts possibly change?

And so, they just stood there.

"Young Mistress, he..." Covered in blood, Sienna looked worriedly at Qin Lie and said to Indigo, "Is he assimilating the Origin Crystal?"

Stanca of the Winged Race and Salleh of the Bone Race all paid attention to Indigo's answer.

"Yes." Indigo nodded.

"If he assimilates that crystal, will he attack us?" Sienna said urgently.

Stanca and Salleh's eyes flashed.

They were clearly concerned about this.

Under their gaze, Indigo thought seriously and said, "We should be able to leave alive."

When she said this, Sienna, Salleh, and Stanca all sighed in relief.

At this time, Qin Lie controlled the enormous diagram to merge into the Origin Sea.

Qin Lie himself floated above the Origin Sea and did not immediately sink.

The enormous bloody ancient diagram created waves as it sank into the water.

Thick abyss devil energy spread outwards.

The Abyss Devils led by Diga, including Ling Xuanxuan and Ling Feng, dodged in terror seeing the abyss devil energy surging towards them.

The fast wave of abyss devil energy immediately drowned them.

They thought they would die like those that had dived into the Origin Sea earlier.

Yet they found the abyss devil energy coming at them were in a gaseous state they could tolerate.

They instinctively absorbed it and found their bloodline power was quickly recovering.

The Abyss Devils that could recover through abyss devil energy cheered, and then laughed as they used the spreading devil energy to refine their bloodline power.

On the other side, the Spirit Race, the Winged Race, the Bone Race, and the God Race all wore dark expressions as they saw the thick abyss devil energy coming at them.

They’ve been fighting in the Abyss long and were used to the environments of the Abyss levels. However, they still felt uncomfortable at such dense abyss devil energy.

They had to close their pores and stop breathing to avoid consuming too much abyss devil energy and affecting their bloodline power.

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