Chapter 1286: Fall

Chapter 1286: Fall

The crimson skull that Hao Jie had released smashed on the purple curtains of light again and again, the cracks in the bone growing more evident.

Hao Jie's physical body sitting next to the Origin Sea trembled violently, and released thick bloody presence.

The crimson red fiendish presence rose from Hao Jie into the sky like a bloody pillar of light.

Hao Jie seemed to be struggling fiercely.

Unfortunately, he only put soul energy on the crimson skull. That purple-red curtain of light blocked its connection to his physical body.

The bloody presence from his main body and the other abnormalities could not be of any help to that crimson skull.

The more he struggled, the faster the skull seemed to be shattering.

For some reason, everyone felt once that skull shattered, the skull of Hao Jie's main body... would shatter as well.

Under the purple light, Ming Xu and Cang Ye's soul shadows were pleading for Qin Lie to have mercy as they seemed to urge Hao Jie to stop his mad actions.

The bloodline experts of the races saw the great change in the Origin Sea and frowned.

Hao Jie, Ming Xu, and Cang Ye, who had used their souls to explore the Origin Sea gained nothing, their souls unable to return.

The purple curtains of light above the Origin Sea became a barrier blocking all soul and bloodline power, and divided the members in the Origin Sea and outside it.

"Wh-why is it like this?"

Diga murmured as he looked in terror at the sky, and Qin Lie under the enormous bloody ancient diagram.

He could not imagine how Qin Lie suddenly created a connection to the Origin Crystal. What is this mysterious diagram?

"Qin Lie!"

Over by the God Race, Gan Xing took a deep breath and shouted at the loudest volume he could.

He stood next to Cang Ye, his head high as he looked at Qin Lie, fire shooting from his eyes. "You care nothing for the past?!"

Liu Yang and Wu Sha stilled and then reacted.

They also looked into the sky, their eyes pleading.

They also begged Qin Lie to have mercy and let Hao Jie, Ming Xu, and Cang Ye's True Souls successfully break through the purple curtains of light and return to their bodies.

"Get out!"

At the same time, Ling Yushi snorted, purple flames burning in her eyes.

The soul presence belonging to her seemed to ignite as well as those purple flames appeared.

Thamur, hidden in her soul consciousness and trying to take over her soul discovered the purple fire suddenly cleansing her mind.

He couldn’t help but pale.

He suddenly realized Ling Yushi was willing to use purple flames to destroy her soul thought to expel him.

For the first time, Thamur was terrified.

"Daring to burn even your soul! So vicious!"

Dots of green ghostfire flew out of the corners of Ling Yushi's eyes.

The green lights immediately flashed towards Oktan when they flew out of Ling Yushi's eyes.

The green dots merged along the way and formed Thamur's True Soul in seconds.

A heavily-wounded Satorius Family member saw Thamur's green soul come and closed his eyes hopelessly.

That green ghostfire immediately merged into his body. When he opened his eyes again, his pupils were a strange green color.

Thamur had clearly taken over.

"Thamur! What is going on?"

Oktan did not put importance on the destruction of his fellow clansman’s soul. He went forward and asked about Qin Lie with a face full of shock.

Thamur, who had easily taken over the body, said, "This Qin Lie is a mixed-blood of the God Race and the human race. He obtained the ultimate treasure of the First Prince of my race, that thing... is a relic of the Soul Race!"

Oktan still did not understand.

Thamur thought for a moment and said, "The relic of the Soul Race is imprinted with the different manifestations of the laws of the universe! You only have to know that the ancient diagram he is inscribing has the ability to connect to the Origin Crystal!"

Oktan’s expression darkened. "Can it really connect to the Origin Sea?"

"He has already done so," Thamur said helplessly.

"Then we..." Oktan's face paled.

If Qin Lie took the Origin Crystal and obtained the control of this Origin World, he feared none of them could escape.

After they all died, Qin Lie would safely send Indigo away.

By then, all of the Satorius Family would face extinction.

"There is no better way." Thamur was in a low mood. "After all this scheming, I had not expected such a disrupter. He has the relic of my race. In the Origin Sea, he had the highest chance of obtaining the Origin Crystal. No one could have predicted this outcome."

"What do we do now?" Oktan said uneasily.

"We can only wait for him to make a mistake. Once he completes the connection to the Origin Sea, even with my race’s secret arts, I will be completely helpless against him,” Thamur said.

Oktan stilled. "Wait for him to make a mistake..."

"It is not so easy to assimilate the Origin Crystal. If he isn't careful, his soul will be destroyed." Thamur snorted.

Hearing him say this, hope rekindled in Oktan's heart.

In the sky.

Qin Lie's mind and efforts were fully concentrated on maintaining the Sky Piercing diagram. He did not know what was happening below.

As the Sky Piercing ancient diagram absorbed more abyss devil energy, it became heavier and heavier.

He gradually ran out of bloodline power to keep it floating in the sky of the Origin World.

At this time, he was trying with all his might to control the ancient diagram with his bloodline and soul, causing it to slowly sink.

He had to sink the ancient diagram into the Origin Sea. He felt that it would only be then that he would not have to keep the ancient diagram suspended in the air.

All his energy was spent on this.

Because the purple curtains of light were between him and the Origin Sea, it separated soul thoughts and sound so he did not know what was happening above the Origin Sea.

He did not know the souls of Hao Jie, Ming Xu, and Cang Ye were trapped in the Origin Sea and unable to leave.

He could not hear Gan Xing's shouts.

The layers of purple-red light were not transparent and couldn't show what was underneath.

Yet as he led the ancient diagram to slowly sink down, the purple curtains of light merged back into the ancient diagram.

Cang Ye and Ming Xu's soul shadows and Hao Jie's crimson skull finally grew clear.

He looked down with slight surprise.

He could see urgency and pleading coming from Cang Ye and Ming Xu's soul shadows.

The skull that Hao Jie had put his soul in was cracked and appeared it was about to shatter.

He stilled, looked at the purple curtains of light, and then the bloody ancient diagram he controlled.

His mind shifted slightly.

Magically, in front of Ming Xu and Cang Ye's soul shadows, a fist-sized hole appeared in the curtains of light.

That hole passed through the layers of purple light and connected to the outside world.

Cang Ye and Ming Xu's soul shadows were overjoyed. They quickly left through that hole along with the crimson skull.

In the blink of an eye, Cang Ye and Ming Xu's soul shadows merged into their bodies.

Soul fire weakly flashed within the crimson skull and merged into Hao Jie's body.

Hao Jie fell down to the ground, completely dizzy.

No matter how the members of the Bloodthirst Family shouted, Hao Jie did not react as though he was in a deep slumber.

After Ming Xu's soul returned, the third eye on his forehead begun to bleed.

He covered the eye with one hand, his other hand covering his mouth as he threw up blood.

The blood seeped through his fingers and dyed the ground under him red.

"Sis! How, how are you?" Gan Xing said urgently.

Cang Ye almost collapsed in Gan Xing's arms, bleeding from her nose and ears. She said in an almost imperceptible voice, "I am completely exhausted of soul energy, I cannot fight anymore."

"What happened? What happened to you in the Origin Sea?" Gan Xing asked.

Cang Ye's heavily-armored body shook slightly. She hesitated and forced out. "We finally found that Origin Crystal. However, floating out of that crystal was a strange ancient diagram that Qin Lie inscribed.”

After saying this, she seemed to have used up her last thread of energy.

She fainted like Hao Jie.

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