Chapter 1285: Gradual Erosion

Chapter 1285: Gradual Erosion

The originally calm Origin Sea gradually became wild and chaotic as thick purple abyss devil energy surged towards Qin Lie.

That mysterious ancient diagram increasing in size became a sponge that absorbed abyss devil energy at an insane rate.

The Origin Sea gradually turned shallow as though it had been exposed to the heat of the sun for tens of years.

With Qin Lie as the center, the strange purple-red specks of light from the ancient diagram kept spreading out.

They created curtains of purple light that seemed to conceal a terrifying power, seemingly capable of obliterating all existence, tangible or intangible.

Ling Yushi and Thamur who were near Qin Lie and fighting using their souls felt a dangerous foreboding deep within.

The green ghostfire in Ling Yushi's purple eyes flashed rapidly.

She found that Thamur's soul consciousness seemed to weaken proactively at this moment.

She suddenly looked at Qin Lie.

A circle of purple red light was rushing over like a twister to crush all beings.

She instinctively felt terror.

She did not attack Thamur's soul orbs during his moment of relaxation. She decisively turned into a purple ray that fled the terrifying curtain.

Once she left its range, Thamur’s soul turned sharp and powerful once again.

She immediately understood, Thamur... also feared those purple-red lights.

On the other side, Oktan, who had been roaring angrily, stopped fighting Indigo.

The purple light from the Sky Piercing ancient diagram also spread towards their battleground. The strange vibrations coming from it could crush all beings.

Oktan also felt the presence of death.

He stopped fighting with Indigo, and used his spatial bloodline power to teleport away.

Indigo stilled and found that the Black Hole of Death Oktan had managed to form collapsed.


After the brief exclamation, she frowned and also used spatial power to disappear.

The members of the Satorius Family who had received Oktan's orders and had been attacking Qin Lie with all kinds of spirit artifacts were kneeling on the ground and throwing up blood.

Beside them were spirit artifacts scattered everywhere. The soul thoughts and bloodline they had put onto those items were completely destroyed.

They all experienced backlash.

They looked in shock at the sky.

At this time, Oktan was far from where Qin Lie was and didn't dare to stay in the sky.

He descended like a meteor.

"Young Master!" a member of the Satorius Family shouted.

Oktan's expression was grim as he looked away from Indigo to Qin Lie and that enormous ancient diagram.

"Do not continue attacking him," Oktan said depressedly.

The Satorius Family members were shocked.

At this time, Ling Yushi flew down from the sky. She landed beside Diga and the others.

Green ghostfire still flashed in her eyes. Those flames were clearly unwilling remnants of Thamur’s soul.

The small Indigo also turned into a ray of light and landed next to Salleh and Stanca.

She also looked up at the sky.

Suddenly, the warriors surrounding the Origin Sea also saw the curtains of purple red light filling the sky.

The light that had spread from the Sky Piercing engulfed the entire land and did not show any signs of dissipating.

On the contrary, even more curtains of light continued to come out of the ancient diagram.

The sky above the Origin Sea was made up of layers of purple-red light that looked clouds, and the world’s boundaries.

Indigo, Oktan, and Ling Yushi felt the terrifying nature of the purple light when they were in the sky, which prompted them to immediately descend to the ground.

Therefore, other than Qin Lie, no one else remained in the sky above the Origin Sea.

Most astounding was when those purple curtains of light filled the sky, the experts of different races who were exploring the Origin Sea with their soul found they could not move deeper in.

Stanca of the Winged Race looked towards the Origin Sea and sighed helplessly, shaking his head.

He seemed to have given up on competing for the Origin Crystal.

Because Thamur had asked the Satorius Family members to attack Qin Lie, they had been quickly killed. This caused the Satorius Family to lose their absolute advantage over the other races. 

When they noticed the abnormality in the sky and the changes in the Origin Sea, and realized that Qin Lie had formed a connection to the Origin Crystal with a method unknown to them, they gave up on chasing after the other races.

Their attention landed on Qin Lie in the sky, and that strange ancient diagram.

Oktan did not order them to continue.

The clansmen of the races scattered around the Origin Sea looked at the surging waters, the evaporating abyss devil energy, and the ancient diagram absorbing it with grim expressions.


Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family suddenly shouted wildly, the Flesh Filling Tombstone above his head giving off sky-shaking physical energy.

The crimson skull he had released suddenly flew out of the Origin Sea, the eye sockets of the skull jumping with soul flames in terror.

The skull charged out of the Origin Sea but hit the layers of dark red curtains of light, darting right and left as if to break free.

"Bang! Bang!"

As the skull hit again and again, the jade-like surface of the skull showed fine cracks.

At the same time, the soul vibrations belonging to Ming Xu and Cang Ye flew out of the Origin Sea.

Ming Xu and Cang Ye's souls seemed to have received a fright and were trying to break through from the surface of the Origin Sea.

Their bodies were trembling violently as they bled from their mouths.

They seemed to want to escape from the Origin Sea, unwilling to stay another moment, just like Hao Jie's skull.

These three geniuses of the God Race, in order to obtain the Origin Crystal, had utilized rare treasures and secret arts to strengthen their souls and explore the Origin Seas when the races were fighting.

On their backs were the hopes of Gan Xing, Xuan Luo, and the other clansmen. They were believed to be the ones with the highest chance of success.

Yet when those purple curtains of light filled the sky above the Origin Sea, they hurriedly attempted to escape, in complete terror. However, their souls could not escape and merge back into their bodies.

Their bodies were shaking from fright. Their souls struggled madly under the purple curtains of light but as time went on, the result was obvious, which made them feel more and more helpless.

The skull Hao Jie had released showed more cracks as it crashed against the curtains of light, clearly on the verge of completely shattering.

Hao Jie's forehead and eyes started to drip blood.

At this moment, the genius of the Bloodthirst Family looked miserable and terrifying.

In the eyes of Xuan Luo, Gan Xing, and the others, Hao Jie's head looked as if it would explode at any moment as well, just like the red skull.

Seeing the state of the ones they had put their hopes on, they were completely horrified.

Then, they noticed Ming Xu and Cang Ye's soul thoughts turn into soul shadows under the purple curtains of light.

Ming Xu and Cang Ye's soul shadows were twisting and moving as they gave shouts others could not hear.

The target of their souls was Qin Lie inside the bloody ancient diagram.

Even Ling Yushi, skilled in soul arts, Indigo, and Stanca, could not hear their soul shouts.

But they did not need to know what they were trying to say. For anyone seeing the strange scene, it was fairly obvious.

They seemed to be begging Qin Lie to have mercy...

Ming Xu and Cang Ye's soul shadows were shouting and pleading to be let out of the purple curtains of light and out of the Origin Sea.

They clearly gave up on competing for the Origin Crystal.

"They... they are begging Qin Lie to spare them." Gan Xing had a strange expression.

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