Chapter 1284: Building a Connection

Chapter 1284: Building a Connection

Qin Lie was completely unaffected by the battle.

While Indigo was fighting Oktan, Ling Yushi was fighting Thamur, and the other races were fighting the Satorius Family members to the death, Qin Lie was completely absorbed in the final stages of constructing the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram.

Just like Thamur’s soul strands, he had split his huge soul consciousness into countless wisps and imbued them into the blood threads.

An incredibly complex ancient spirit diagram made of his refined blood and soul thoughts slowly took form above the Origin Sea.

Strange attraction force started spreading out of the ancient spirit diagram as it neared completion.

It was a strange force mixed with the blood and the soul.

Maybe the strange force was the cause, or maybe it was the commotion caused by Hao Jie, Cang Ye, and Ming Xu’s soul. At any rate, the Origin Sea finally broke its stillness and moved slightly.

At first, tiny ripples started appearing on the pitch black, vast and mysterious Origin Sea.

The liquified abyss devil energy started evaporating quietly before anyone realized it as well.

Wisps of thin, thin purple mist rose from the Origin Sea and spread across the world.

The thin, faint purple abyss devil energy was difficult to detect to begin with, and since everybody was busy fighting the opponents in front of them, none of them noticed the tiny ripples spreading through the surface of the Origin Sea.

Even Ling Xuanxuan’s group were fighting the few Satorius Family members who had decided to target them.

Qin Lie, Hao Jie, Cang Ye, and Ming Xu were the only people around the Origin Sea who weren’t fighting. They seemed to be stuck in a strange state.

Hao Jie, Ming Xu, and Cang Ye couldn’t hear their companions’ verbal cries or soul calls. Their very souls seemed to have been trapped inside the Origin Sea.

Qin Lie continued to add lines to the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram with his soul and blood.

Suddenly, his Soul Lake started rippling slightly.

Distracted, Qin Lie spared just a bit of concentration onto his Soul Lake, and he was surprised to find that its reactions were slightly similar to the Origin Sea’s…

In fact, he had a feeling that his Soul Lake was trying to form a connection with the Origin Sea.

He noticed that the tiny ripples on his Soul Lake were identical to the waves on the Origin Sea.

The purple mist rising from the Origin Sea was incredibly difficult to see with the naked eye.

But he could still see the mist slowly rolling towards him.

This discovery made his surprise grow.

When the purple mist vanished into the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram instead of entering his body, he finally realized what was going on.

He wasn’t the one who was attracting the abyss devil energy… it was the ancient spirit diagram.

The Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram wasn’t completed yet.

After the abyss devil energy had entered the ancient spirit diagram, he discovered that some of the blood threads were dyed into dark purple color.

He hesitated for a moment, but only a moment. He quickly concentrated on finishing the rest of the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram.

He stopped paying attention to the changes occurring all across the Origin Sea.

He ignored the waves in his Soul Lake that were rippling similarly to the Origin Sea as well.

He didn’t know that the purple mist rising from the Origin Sea was growing thicker and thicker the closer he was to completing the ancient spirit diagram.

The Abyss Devils were the ones who first realized that something was amiss when more and more wisps of dark purple abyss devil energy kept flying towards Qin Lie.

They exclaimed in surprise and tried to absorb that rich abyss devil energy into their bodies to replenish their bloodline power.

Unfortunately for them, none of their efforts managed to intercept the abyss devil energy vaporizing towards Qin Lie.

They could only watch as more and more abyss devil energy rose into the air and entered Qin Lie’s huge ancient spirit diagram.

At that time, another group noticed the unusual change. The God Race, Bone Race, Winged Race, and Satorius Family members had noticed it as well.

The experts who knew a little about the Origin Sea finally paled when they saw the Origin Sea evaporating and entering the strange ancient spirit diagram in gaseous form.

Realization seemed to struck them like lightning.

Although they still knew nothing about Qin Lie’s ancient spirit diagram, they grew more and more certain that a mysterious, unfathomable connection was taking form between the Origin Sea and Qin Lie.

This connection seemed to suggest that Qin Lie had found the Origin Crystal, and was in the process of claiming it for himself!

“Split up! Kill him!” Oktan roared out an order.

Some of the people who were attacking Gan Xing and Xuan Luo flew up into the sky like sharp swords.

They tried to kill Qin Lie while he was busy.

However, the deep purple mist flying toward the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram suddenly changed directions.

Purple snakes of abyss devil energy slipped between the Satorius Family members.

The attacking Spirit Race clansmen suddenly swelled like balloons and exploded in the end.

None of them even managed to get within a hundred meters of Qin Lie.

“Oktan! He’s the only one who’s truly capable of taking the Origin Crystal!”

It was at this moment Thamur’s soul thought suddenly resounded in Oktan’s head.

Oktan turned pale with shock.

“If we can’t get close to him then attack him with spirit artifacts!” he roared out the order again.

This time, some of the Satorius Family members attacking the Bone Race and the Winged Race split away from the battlefield. Their blue eyes had all become frenzied with blood.

Dozens of strange spirit artifacts—shuttles, spears, swords—took to the air.

The spirit artifacts glowed dazzlingly with the power of space, time and life. They were imbued with the bloodline powers of their owners.

The spirit artifacts looked like flying meteors.

But as Qin Lie’s Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram absorbed more and more abyss devil energy, its magnetic activity grew increasingly strange as well.

A purple red force spread out from the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram and formed a rippling energy screen.

The spirit artifacts flying Qin Lie’s way actually shattered the second they hit the purple red screen.

The soul threads the Satorius Family members had imbued into their spirit artifacts were completely annihilated as well.

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