Chapter 1283: Intensify

Chapter 1283: Intensify

“Kill! Kill! Kill them all!”

Oktan roared at the top of his lungs, urging the Satorius Family members to baptize all living thing present in murder and blood.

The Satorius Family members who had consumed the special pills knew that they would die in at most two hours’ time even if they did nothing at all.

Eliminating as many enemies of the family as possible was literally the final bit of value they could squeeze out of their lives.

They charged toward the Abyss Devils, the God Race, the Bone Race, the Winged Race, and the Spirit Race led by Sienna like madmen.

“Thump thump!”

Their hearts beat audibly while they were running. The clothes covering their chests swelled rhythmically as if their hearts would burst out of their chest at any moment.

Their life force had become nearly three times as strong as normal. Their bloodline power had increased tremendously as well.

Diga swore loudly as he wiped his blood smeared face. “The pill all those fucking Satorius Family members swallowed is called “Blood Digesting Pill”! They’ve all gone insane!”

The surviving high rank Abyss Devils turned pale when they heard the words “Blood Digesting Pill”.

They were well aware of the Spirit Race’s Blood Digesting Pill. They knew just how cruel and terrible it was.

On the other side of the battlefield, Gan Xing’s expression changed suddenly as well. “I think we need to awaken Hao Jie and the others!”

Xuan Luo, Nan Qi, and everyone else wore deadly serious looks as well.

“Sis!” Gan Xing yelled.

He even tried calling out to Cang Ye using a wisp of soul thought.

The Bloodthirst Family and Light Family were doing the same thing, yelling or transmitting soul messages to Hao Jie and Ming Xu.

Oktan and his people’s arrival, the terrible blow they dealt to the devils, the Bone Race, the Spirit Race, and the Winged Race, their crazy act of swallowing the Blood Digesting Pill—everything made them realize that everything had suddenly gone to hell.

Oktan and Thamur clearly hadn’t used their full strength when they were attacking Indigo, Salleh, and Stanca earlier.

After all, they hadn’t used the spatial spear or the Blood Digesting Pill before.

But this time, Oktan and the Satorius Family members went all out the second they arrived.

They were clearly aware that this was a do-or-die moment

The Satorius Family members were all ready to die for their cause. Not only did they have the strength advantage, they had the bigger numbers even when compared to the rest of the races combined.

If Ming Xu, Hao Jie, and Cang Ye didn’t participate in this fight, there was no chance they were going to win this fight.

They had no choice but to awaken the trio.

“Sis! Wake up! We seriously can’t hold the line without you!” Gan Xing called out to Cang Ye. His voice grew louder by the second.

“Hao Jie! Hao Jie!”

“Big Brother Ming Xu!”

The Bloodthirst and Light Families’ members were calling out to their leaders as well.

But for some reason, neither Ming Xu, Cang Ye, nor Hao Jie reacted to their summons at all.

It was as if their souls had become trapped inside the Origin Sea. It was as if they couldn’t hear their cries and soul messages at all.

Meanwhile, the transformed Satorius Family members had finally reached them.

The bloodline powers unleashed by these berserkers seemed to twist even space itself. It was as if the world itself was bending under pressure.

The Satorius Family members hadn’t even made contact yet, and Gan Xing’s Flame World was bending under the invisible spatial power already.

“Don’t let them get close!” Xuan Luo yelled suddenly.

He raised his giant ice sword and charged toward the enemy. He created a deadly ice tornado with his profound ice bloodline to stop the invading Satorius Family members.

Right now, Ming Xu, Cang Ye, and Hao Jie were clearly trapped. There would be no second chance if their bodies were destroyed by Oktan’s people.

“Protect them three!” Gan Xing also shouted.

“Kill them all!” On the other side, Diga shouted.

“Kill!” Stanca yelled angrily.

Suddenly, the Abyss Devils and the four other races reached an unspoken agreement and united against the common enemy.

They all targeted Oktan and his clansmen at once.

The bloodiest battle in the Origin World finally began earnestly!

Colorful bloodline beams, divine-looking artifacts, crystalline ice blades, deadly flames, dazzling light screens, and more filled the sky and earth instantly.

“Retreat! Retreat to the Origin Sea! We need to get close to the Big Miss!” Ling Feng yelled.

It was because a couple of Satorius Family members had suddenly made them their targets.

Ling Xuanxuan’s expression changed as she hurriedly followed Ling Feng’s order. She hoped to get close to her sister as much as possible.

After Oktan was done giving his orders, he took to the sky and flew towards Indigo.

“You are my primary target!” Oktan said coldly.

“Your family will be destroyed because of this poor decision of yours,” Indigo said seriously.

Thousands of bluish light beams spread out of her body and swam around like schools of fishes.

Enveloped under layer upon layer of blue light, Indigo’s small, delicate body looked oddly transparent.

Her veins looked clearer and clearer with each passing second.

Even more bluish threads could be seen lurking beneath her invisible skin. They were clearly imbued with the secrets of space, time, life and fate.

“I know it’s only a matter of time before you surpass us.” Oktan stared at her changing body and said, “That is why I won’t give you any more time.”

The crystal ball he used against Qin Lie suddenly appeared in his palm, spinning.

The space Indigo was in suddenly contracted and collapsed on itself rapidly. It was as if they were locked still by Oktan’s bloodline power.

At the same time, a rice-sized black dot suddenly appeared before Indigo’s heart. It seemed to be devouring spatial power at an unbelievable rate.

The black dot gradually grew larger like the maw of a monster. It looked like it would devour Indigo whole.

“Black Hole of Death…”

Indigo pursed her lips tightly as shocked filled her bluish, gem-like eyes.

Every move she made was difficult because the space around her was locked. At the same time, the bluish threads surrounding clashed against Oktan’s spatial power again and again, causing sparks with every contact.

Although she had never stopped moving, she ultimately wasn’t able to escape the space Oktan locked with the crystal ball. However, the Black Hole of Death was growing bigger and pulling stronger with every passing second.

Her movement speed was clearly affected by the black hole as she gradually slowed down against her will. Every tiny movement she took seemed to take a large amount of bloodline energy to achieve.

At the same time, Thamur and Ling Yushi’s battle had reached its climax.

Thamur’s green ghostfire kept splitting inside Ling Yushi’s Nine Soul Hell.

Every time they came apart, the green threads that split away from the tongues of ghostfire were absorbed into the Nine Soul Hell.

Thamur’s presence vanished bit by bit as his soul split into countless threads and entered the Nine Soul Hell.

However, green sparks started flashing out of Ling Yushi’s pupils before she realized it.

Ghostfire was starting to appear inside her pupils as well.

Somehow, Thamur’s soul was reforming bit by bit inside her mind.

“The true battlefield between you and I is in your head! You are the puppet I want the most out of anyone in this world!”

Thamur’s soul howled inside Ling Yushi’s head.

The ghastly sparks joined together and took solid form inside her head.

“I am a Soul Race clansman. There’s no one better than me when it comes to manipulating the soul. You’re not going to devour my soul with the Soul Hell as easily as you think. You may have refined my soul and taken it into your Soul Hell, but my will is in your head already.”

“The Soul Race can split their souls into countless threads and reform them later!”

“You’ll never be able to kill me for real unless you can refine every wisp of my soul!”

The green flames quickly gathered into bigger clump of ghostfire once more.

The only thing different was that this time, the flames burned inside Ling Yushi’s head.

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