Chapter 1282: With All One’s Might

Chapter 1282: With All One’s Might

The God Race, the Abyss Devils, the Spirit Race, and all the other races—everyone near the Origin Sea was plotting and preparing for the upcoming clashes.

At the same time, a gigantic, blood red ancient spirit diagram was floating above the pitch black sea. The ancient spirit diagram was nearing its completion as Qin Lie continued to work on it with his lifeblood essences.

However, neither the leader of the high rank Abyss Devils, Diga, nor the leaders of the God Race families—Xuan Luo, Nan Qi, and so on—paid it the attention it deserved.

Thamur of the Soul Race was the only one present who was urgently trying to stop Qin Lie from constructing the Sky Piercing ancient diagram with all his might.

Unfortunately for Thamur, both the Abyss Devils and the God Race clansmen thought that the reason he was gunning for Qin Lie like mad was because he bore a deep grudge toward Qin Lie.

After all, Qin Lie had disrupted Thamur’s plans multiple times during their stay in the Origin World.

In fact, the private grudge between Qin Lie and Thamur ran so deep that even Ling Yushi and Indigo had joined the battle in support of Qin Lie.

In the God Race clansmen’s eyes, there was no better result than this.

All four of their enemies, enemies who had the highest chance of claiming the Origin Crystal for themselves, had suddenly engaged one another in battle while Hao Jie, Ming Xu, and Cang Ye were exploring the Origin Sea.

Suddenly, they were no longer a threat.

That was why they were more than happy to watch from the sidelines and do nothing.

However, the Abyss Devils were starting to grow anxious. They were all worrying about their own fate.

They were worried that the three God Race leaders would find the Origin Crystal and obtain its acknowledgment while Ling Yushi was still fighting Thamur.

If the God Race successfully gained control over the Origin World, then they, the Spirit Race, the Soul Race and all other races would be as good as dead.

“Sister Ling!” Diga couldn’t help but shout.

“Ming Xu, Hao Jie, and Cang Ye are exploring the Origin Sea right now. How about we… seize this opportunity and kill the rest of them!” Vicente suggested.

Many Abyss Devils echoed his sentiment strongly.

“The situation’s clearly disadvantageous toward us!”

“Oktan’s an enemy, but he hasn’t appeared yet, has he? Also, it’s not one hundred percent certain that he’ll show up at all! But all five God Race families are here already, and those three fellows are searching for the Origin Crystal right now!”

“If anyone of them gets the Origin Crystal then everyone of us is going to die!”

“Our fates are the same no matter who finds that crystal!”

The Abyss Devils kept yelling and egging Diga on to give them an order. They were roaring to attack the God Race clansmen already.

Ming Xu, Cang Ye, and Hao Jie was concentrating on finding the Origin Crystal, so the God Race squads’ strength was at its weakest.

They were confident that they could take out the remaining God Race clansmen without issue.

Even if they couldn’t, they would at least force Ming Xu, Cang Ye and Hao Jie to stop their exploration attempts to defend themselves. They couldn’t give them time to obtain the Origin World’s acknowledgment.

Diga looked up at Ling Yushi. She was using her bloodline ability and keeping Thamur’s hands full with her Nine Soul Hell.

Her long, purple hair looked like a waterfall splashing down her shoulders, and her purple eyes looked as deep as the sea. Soul energy poured out of her body like giant waves.

Thamur’s dark green ghostfire were flooded by the giant waves. It looked like he was in a predicament.

Diga tried to communicate with Ling Yushi with his soul thought, but he discovered that it was devoured by Ling Yushi’s Nine Soul Hell in the blink of an eye.

He wasn’t sure if Ling Yushi had received his message.

He looked toward the God Race once more.

He could see that the Darkness Family and Light Family were very satisfied and pleased with the situation.

Diga pondered for another moment before nodding finally, “Let’s attack them!”

Enos, Vicente, and the Abyss Devils sent orders to their subordinates with a cold glint in their eyes. “Kill the God Race with everything we got!”

“You should stay here and watch over your sister!” Diga instructed Ling Xuanxuan indifferently. “You and your people are too weak, you’ll only be committing yourself to a swift death if you participate in our fight. Just stay here so you won’t distract your sister.”

“Okay,” Ling Xuanxuan replied noncommittally.

For now at least, she was well aware that Ling Feng, Gao Yu and the rest of them were way, way inferior to the God Race and the Abyss Devils.

She had no intentions of throwing their lives away meaninglessly.

“Here they come!” Nan Qi yelled.

Inside the blood-colored barrier, Gan Xing slowly stood up and conjured the Flame World with his bloodline power. It enveloped Wu Sha, Liu Yang and Nan Qi.

There were only four members left in the Blaze Family.

They had recovered a portion of their strength using Hao Jie’s Flesh Filling Tombstone. They seemed to have known that the Abyss Devils weren’t going to let them off this time.

“Let’s buy as much time for Ming Xu, Hao Jie, and Cang Ye as possible.” Xuan Luo was able to retain his cool despite the situation. “If one of them successfully obtains the Origin Crystal, then this expedition will have been won by the God Race.”

The rest of the God Race clansmen nodded in agreement.

“Right now, the situation is advantageous towards us.” Gan Xing also said. “They’re the only ones who are fighting for the Origin Crystal right now. We’re the ones who have the highest chance of success right now!”

“We just need to protect them until they succeed!” Nan Qi yelled abruptly.

Fire started burning on the Blaze Family clansmen’s torsos. Those who had Fire Soul bloodline ability started summoning their familiars.

Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family pulled out an ice broadsword from behind his back. He was ready to fight with all his might too.

Every God Race clansman stood under the bloody barrier and waited for the Abyss Devils to come toward them. They seemed to know that they could continuously absorb flesh and blood energy from the Flesh Filling Tombstone and recover their strength if they didn’t leave the barrier.

Meanwhile, a couple of Abyss Devils led by Diga, Vicente, and Enos approached the God Race clansmen with violence and cruelty swirling in their eyes.

A great battle was going to break out at any moment.

But suddenly, several inconveniently timed howls tore through the air shrilly.

Even more strange sounding howls and rapid footsteps rang from further away.

The Abyss Devils and God Race clansmen who were seconds away from engaging each other in battle looked to the sky. Suddenly, everyone’s expression changed.

Oktan and his fifty to sixty Satorius Family members had finally arrived in force.

The Satorius Family members were howling on top of their lungs while charging towards the two forces in a wedge formation.

What terrified the two forces the most was the dazzling rainbow light forming right in front of the formation, however. It was made of dozens of layers of spatial power.

This rainbow light was imbued with the indestructible law of space!

The rainbow light that flew towards them in high speed like it would tear apart the sky itself!

Above the rainbow light, Oktan’s eyes suddenly flashed brightly as he aimed at the Abyss Devils.

“Get out of the way!” Diga yelled.


The dazzling rainbow light passed through a group made up of high rank Abyss Devils from a dozen or so different Abyss levels, and suddenly everyone burst into a gore of flesh and blood indiscriminately.

Even Vicente and three high rank Abyss Devils who were in the way had exploded into a floor of fleshy bits as well.

The rainbow light continued to travel forward in a straight line.

“Run! It’s a spatial spear made of a combination of bloodline powers!” Sienna screamed in terror.

The Spirit Race, the Bone Race, and the Winged Race activated their bloodline secret arts and ran out of harm’s way as fast they could.


However, the rainbow light still reached them and filled the affected space with death in an instant.

The sounds of exploding flesh, crushed bones and bloodcurdling screams cut short resounded all at once.

The dazzling rainbow light flew over the Origin Sea and vanished after its purpose was done.

Suddenly, a dozen or so Satorius Family members collapsed on the ground and vomited copious amount of blood. They were all people with spatial bloodline trait.

The rainbow light had absorbed all of their bloodline power, so they were completely out of strength and couldn’t partake in the action.

However, the attack had successfully killed off a dozen or so high rank Abyss Devils, Spirit Race clansmen, Bone Race clansmen, and Winged Race clansmen.

“Kill everyone who isn’t a member of the Satorius Family!” Oktan ordered.

The remaining forty or so Satorius Family members suddenly began consuming pills that looked like the core of a heart.

Their bloodline power suddenly began to grow rapidly. Their bodies had become incredibly tough and strong as well.

“You will all die when this fight is over, but your names will be remembered forever in the Satorius Family’s history books!” Oktan declared in his magnetic voice.

The forty or so Satorius Family members pounded their chests, stomped their foots and roared like beasts on the verge of death when they heard his declaration.

They were all prepared to give their life for Oktan.

They knew full well that their plan to kill Indigo would be revealed if they failed to kill everyone in the Origin World. The Satorius Family would be despised by the entire Spirit Race if they failed.

This meant that their families would ultimately be destroyed.

That was why they finally went at their enemies with all their might.

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