Chapter 1280: Complicated

Chapter 1280: Complicated

Not only did these Spirit Race clansmen recognize Qin Lie, they seemed to show great interest in him.

Moreover, the young girl, the deadly enemy whose acute soul perception had drawn her attention was puzzling her even more.

It was because the girl was staring at Qin Lie like a child who was dependent on her parent.

Suddenly, Ling Yushi felt like she knew Qin Lie less than she thought. At the very least, she didn’t know what role Qin Lie had played in this Origin World.

“The God Race, the Bone Race, the Winged Race, the Spirit Race…”

She shook her head as her face turned odd. She felt the urge to drag Qin Lie down from where he floated and squeeze every detail out of him.

“What a strange fellow,” Diga commented.

While the high rank Abyss Devils were talking quietly amongst each other, the group led by Indigo, Salleh, and Stanca slowly approached them.

“What should we do with them, Sister Ling?” Diga asked.

“Just ignore them,” Ling Yushi replied indifferently.

“I see.” Diga nodded before transmitting her answer to Enos and Vicente with his soul thought.

Enos and Vicente then ordered at the low rank Abyss Devils to stay put and on high alert.

The remaining high rank Abyss Devils did nothing but stare coldly at the newcomers.

They watched as the Spirit Race group made their way next to the Origin Sea.

“What is Qin Lie doing?” Salleh asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” Stanca was curious as well. “Maybe it’s a special way to take the Origin Crystal for himself?”

“Young Mistress, what should we do?” Sienna asked softly.

“Let’s all try to detect the Origin Crystal,” Indigo said.

“Mn.” Sienna nodded.

After sitting down about one hundred meters away from the God Race group, they too tried to detect the Origin Crystal with their own methods.

The God Race group had been watching the Spirit Race group’s every move since they arrived.

When they noticed that the high rank Abyss Devils weren’t taking any action, Ming Xu told his people to stay their hand as well.


They simply watched Indigo and her people and did nothing against them.

“Qin Lie once dealt them a severe blow, didn’t he? He nearly succeeded in killing that Spirit Seed?” Ming Xu looked at a Darkness Family member.

The person he was talking to immediately nodded, “Qin Lie was likely fused with the Blaze Family’s lost Flesh Filling Tombstone at the time…”

He explained everything they saw that day in detail.

“Something isn’t quite right.” Ming Xu shook his head after the story was done. “I don’t see any hatred in their eyes when they look at Qin Lie. In fact… I’m picking up a hint of gratitude.”

Earlier, Qin Lie had brought up Indigo and her group when speaking of Thamur and Oktan.

However, he hadn’t gone into detail.

He made no mention that the reason he fought Oktan in the first place was to save Indigo.

That was why Ming Xu didn’t know that the Spirit Race had forgiven Qin Lie already.

“Gratitude? For what?” The Darkness Family member looked puzzled.

“Who knows? But I’m sure that something must have happened between the Spirit Race and him after he left us. Things would be different otherwise.” A pause later, Ming Xu stared at the working Qin Lie with strange eyes before muttering to himself, “What a complicated guy.”

“Should we engage these newcomers then?” Nan Qi asked.

“Just ignore them.” Ming Xu shook his head with a smile before looking at Hao Jie. The latter had been silent for the entire time. “Aren’t you going to act soon?”

“You haven’t started yourself, have you?” Hao Jie snorted.

“I’m starting right now.” Ming Xu’s smile slowly faded.

The moment he said this, a rice-sized dot of light suddenly appeared on Ming Xu’s glabella.

The dot swelled bit by bit until it looked like a third eye dozens of seconds later.

The light emanating from it was clearly charged with soul energy. It sprayed into the Origin Sea slowly like the rain.

“Everyone protect me!”

Ming Xu closed his real eyes after he called out to his clansmen, leaving only his glowing third eye open.

Xuan Luo, Gan Xing, and the others looked at him in shock.

Meanwhile, Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family finally made a move.

He tossed out a scarlet skull whose eye sockets suddenly burned like two bright soul flames.

Surprisingly, Hao Jie’s soul presence suddenly emanated from the skull itself.

The strange skull easily entered the Origin Sea. Then, it vanished in the blink of an eye.

Hao Jie also closed his eyes while sitting primly on the ground. He looked like he was trying to detect something.

Xuan Luo and Gan Xing’s mouth fell open. They seemed to be stunned by Ming Xu and Hao Jie’s actions.

“I see. We are the only ones who’re completely unprepared…”

A while later, the duo exchanged a glance with each other. They both noticed the bitterness in their eyes.

“Sister Ling!” Diga screamed.

Ming Xu and Hao Jie’s abnormal movements had made him feel threatened. It was because their souls had suddenly burst into activity.

Suddenly, Diga realized that the God Race had studied this secret realm thoroughly since the Darkness Family had discovered it.

The God Race wasn’t good in the art of the soul, so they prepared everything even before they made their way into the secret realm.

The Darkness Family, Light Family, and Bloodthirst Family were well-aware of their weakness and had fixed it accordingly!

Cang Ye’s Heng Soul Pill, Ming Xu’s third eye, and Hao Jie’s burning skull were clearly preparations made to claim the Origin Crystal!

“It’s fine. Let them.” Ling Yushi remained calm though.

“But, but they…” Diga said anxiously.

“It’s not going to be that simple,” Ling Yushi said indifferently.

At the same time.

Indigo and Stanca extended a wisp of their souls into the Origin Sea the moment they arrived.

Ling Yushi paid full attention to Indigo the moment she made a move. Not only did she stop talking to Diga immediately, purple soul tendrils had started seeping out of her eyes.

In her opinion, the Spirit Race girl was the biggest threat out of everyone present.

“Thamur is here!”

Indigo’s expression changed suddenly. She stopped whatever she was doing and looked up at the sky.

Ling Yushi’s expression changed at the same time as well.

Both she and Indigo exchanged a glance with each other. Then, they simultaneously looked at Qin Lie. 

They noticed that Thamur was targeting Qin Lie the moment he appeared.

As expected, a glowing soul ball flew towards Qin Lie the moment they made a move.

The soul belonged to none other than Thamur.

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