Chapter 1279: Heng Soul Pill

Chapter 1279: Heng Soul Pill

Qin Lie’s decision to draw an ancient spirit diagram above the Origin Sea came as a surprise to everyone, but that was all.

No one thought that it had anything to do with claiming the Origin Crystal for himself.

That was why Hao Jie, Ming Xu, and the rest of the God Race leaders began searching for the Origin Crystal after their initial surprise had lapsed.

They had all converged at the Origin Sea right now.

The pitch black sea was filled with liquid abyss devil energy. The closer they got to the Origin Sea, the calmer their soul felt. Their understanding of their bloodline latent abilities grew deeper and deeper as well.

But of course, they weren’t satisfied with just that.

Cang Ye took out a fist-sized pill after she took a seat. The pill was gray-colored and covered in lines. At first glance, it looked as weird as a child’s head.

Cang Ye hesitated for a moment as she stared at the pill, but she still forced herself to swallow it completely.

The pill slowly entered her stomach.

“Sis, that’s…” Gan Xing looked a little surprised.

Cang Ye didn’t give him an answer. Instead, she closed her eyes and focused on refining the pill.

Not long later, traces of refined soul energy started flowing out of her body.

It had only been a short while, but Cang Ye’s soul had somehow become three to five times stronger than it was before!

Everyone except the Darkness Family members were shocked by this.

“That’s a Heng Soul Pill!” Ming Xu’s eyes shone with astonishment.

“A Heng Soul Pill!” Diga’s expression changed rapidly, “This is bad, Sister Ling!”

After revealing the Origin Crystal’s rough location to Qin Lie, Ling Yushi glanced at Diga from afar before asking, “What’s wrong?”

Diga left Enos and Vicente’s side and stopped next to Ling Yushi, whispering, “That Cang Ye from Darkness Family just swallowed a Heng Soul Pill!”

“Heng Soul Pill?” Ling Yushi clearly had no idea about the pill.

“It’s a miraculous pill that can boost a person’s soul energy, soul perception and soul strength massively!” Diga said seriously, “The Heng Soul Pill is an extremely precious pill. For those whose soul was severely damaged, it’s an item that can rejuvenate even the dead! No matter how terrible the soul injury, it is rumored that the Heng Soul Pill can restore anyone to health as long as their bloodline is beneath rank ten, and their soul mark hasn’t crumbled completely! That is why this pill is as valuable as a low rank Divine Grade artifact!”

Ling Yushi subconsciously glanced at Cang Ye in surprise when she heard this. As Diga said, Cang Ye’s soul power started to grow turbulent.

Because Cang Ye’s soul’s strength was limited, her body was actually leaking excess soul energy.

It was clear that the Heng Soul Pill increased her soul energy by leaps and bounds.

The God Race wasn’t a race who was well-versed in the art of the soul, so they were supposed to be in a disadvantage when competing against other races in the search for the Origin Crystal.

However, after Cang Ye’s soul energy, soul perception and soul strength had become multiple times stronger, this logic no longer applied.

Right now, Cang Ye’s soul was not inferior to anyone present. As long as the Heng Soul Pill was still in effect, there was a chance she could obtain the Origin Crystal’s approval and gain ownership over the secret realm.

If that was true, forget the Abyss Devils, even Thamur and Oktan wouldn’t be able to escape her grasp if they came.

At first, Diga and the high rank Abyss Devils weren’t worried about the God Race getting close to the Origin Sea. They didn’t think the God Race could achieve anything substantial.

But now, they were starting to panic.

“Sister Ling! You heard what that Ming Xu said earlier. They’re not going to let us go easy! The moment the God Race obtains the Origin Crystal, our fates will be the same as Thamur and Oktan’s!” Diga advised coldly.

Ling Yushi frowned, “You want me to stop him right now?”

Diga nodded strongly.

“But we’ve just stopped fighting. This second battle will only be worse than the first,” Ling Yushi said.

“We’re not afraid of them!” Diga snorted coldly.

Ling Yushi pondered for a moment before looking up to Qin Lie. “Let’s wait a little longer.”

Diga smiled wryly. “But…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on her. I’ll deal with her when she actually locates the Origin Crystal,” Ling Yushi said calmly.

Diga was surprised by her confident statement. Then, he suddenly understood and exclaimed joyfully, “Sister Ling, you… do you know where the Origin Crystal is?”

“Roughly, yes.” Ling Yushi replied indifferently.

But Diga nodded spiritedly, “Great! That’s great!”

Ling Yushi gave him a smile.

Diga thought for a moment before saying suddenly, “You don’t need to worry about me, Sister Ling. You should do your best to fuse with that Origin Crystal if you can. I’d rather see you getting that Origin Crystal than the Spirit Race, Soul Race or God Race. At the very least… we’ll survive if you’re the one who obtains the Origin Crystal.”

“I only know its rough location, and getting it to acknowledge someone as its owner isn’t as simple as you think.” Ling Yushi sighed.

“That’s true. Things wouldn’t have dragged this until now if it was that easy.” Diga looked bitter as he said this. Then, he looked at Qin Lie in the sky—still focused on inscribing an ancient spirit diagram—with an odd look. “Sister Ling, what on earth is your fiance doing? Is he using the Origin Sea to study spirit diagrams? That’s a little…”

He wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry for Qin Lie. At any rate, Qin Lie’s current actions were humorous to him.

“I believe he has his own ideas.” Ling Yushi threw out a random excuse.

Qin Lie hadn’t replied her even though she had told him everything about the Origin Sea.

That was how she knew that Qin Lie was completely absorbed in his work right now.

Unlike Diga, Hao Jie, Ming Xu, and the others, she knew Qin Lie very well.

She knew that Qin Lie must have his reason for doing what he was doing. She knew that he never acted without getting something out of it.


Suddenly, she turned her head and looked down another direction. 

“What’s wrong?” Diga asked.

“Someone’s coming.” Ling Yushi said.

“Is it Thamur and Oktan?” Diga’s face darkened.

“No.” Ling Yushi shook her head slightly before narrowing her eyes. A while later, she answered, “It’s another group of Spirit Race clansmen, I think.”

“Another group? Oh, I get it now.” Diga chuckled. “There’s nothing to fear from that Spirit Race group, their leader’s just a simple, harmless girl.”

“That girl has the power to claim the Origin Crystal for herself,” Ling Yushi said.

Diga looked shocked, “How is that possible?”

“Her soul energy isn’t too far behind the current Cang Ye, and she noticed me the same time I noticed her.” Ling Yushi frowned slightly. “I have a feeling that she’ll be a very scary opponent.”

Diga stopped underestimating that Spirit Race group and turned serious, “The God Race is here, Oktan and Thamur haven’t shown their faces, and now there’s a new contender.”

“Someone’s coming!” At the same time, Cang Ye warned the God Race squads.

Her soul perception had increased tremendously after consuming the Heng Soul Pill. She was actually able to detect Indigo’s arrival.

The recovering God Race clansmen heeded her warning and cautiously looked behind themselves.

They mistakenly thought that she was warning them about Thamur and Oktan.

A while later, Indigo, Salleh, and Stanca slowly entered their view.

They had obviously fought a battle not long ago since their clothes were more or less stained in blood. However, fighting spirit still dwelled in their tired eyes.

“Is that… Qin Lie?”

Salleh couldn’t help but exclaim when he got close and saw Qin Lie flying high above the Origin Sea.

Everyone looked up to the sky when they heard his exclamation.

“It really is him!” Sienna exclaimed.

“What’s he doing?” Stanca looked confused.

“Uh…” Meanwhile, Diga asked Ling Yushi with an incredibly strange expression on his face. “It looks like those people are staring at your fiance. In fact, they seem to… recognize him? Who on earth is your fiance, really? The God Race knows him, sure, but why does the Spirit Race, Bone Race, and Winged Race seem to know him as well?”

“I…” Ling Yushi was surprised as well.

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