Chapter 1278: Change

Chapter 1278: Change

The essence of one’s bloodline was called lifeblood essence. Every drop of lifeblood essence contained the secrets of a race and the laws of power.

Therefore, a practitioner could normally unleash a tremendous amount of power when they used their lifeblood essence and bloodline latent ability or bloodline secret arts together.

All members of the four transcendent bloodline races could refine their own lifeblood essences when their bloodline had reached a certain rank.

However, the God Race and Spirit Race had to reach rank eight before they could refine their lifeblood essences.

The requirement to refine lifeblood essences was even more stringent for Abyss Devils. They had to reach rank nine and become a Lord of the Abyss before they could do the same.

When a practitioner reached the level where they could refine a lifeblood essence, it also meant that their bloodline’s potential was fully unlocked, and their bloodline contained true mysteries of power.

Right now, Qin Lie was flying above the Origin Sea while crystalline blood droplets surrounded him. The fact that there were blaze divine characters wriggling inside the blood droplets was a clear sign that they were lifeblood essences.

But no one at rank eight or above was allowed to enter the Origin World!

Somehow, Qin Lie, a mixed-blood had refined his lifeblood essences while his bloodline was still at rank seven.

It completely defied common sense.

The Abyss Devils and the God Race clansmen all stared at Qin Lie with odd looks.

“What is he trying to do?” Diga was clearly puzzled.

Soul tendrils danced inside Ling Yushi’s eyes as she paid attention to Qin Lie. A while later, she exclaimed, “He seems to be inscribing an ancient spirit diagram…”

“What?” Diga still didn’t understand what was going on.

Ling Yushi finally ignored Diga and moved to the edge of the Origin Sea.

Her delicate figure stood tall as she looked up into the sky.

A soul thought escaped her body and flew up into the air.

“That Origin Crystal is submerged in Origin Sea. It took a long time but, I finally had a clue where it might be hidden. Listen to me and look for it at the direction I’m pointing…”

Naturally, Ling Yushi thought that the reason Qin Lie flew above the Origin Sea so hastily was because he planned to take the Origin Crystal for himself.

She thought that Qin Lie wanted to extract it with his own soul.

Both her, Diga and the high rank Abyss Devils had tried everything they could to find that Origin Crystal submerged in the vast Origin Sea.

But Diga, Enos and the rest of the high rank Abyss Devils were lousier than her when it came to the soul. To this day, they had made no progress whatsoever.

Although she was the latecomer, she was the one who had a vague sense where the Origin Crystal was because her soul had made a massive breakthrough as of late.

Because she thought that Qin Lie wanted to claim the Origin Crystal for himself, her earlier promise to Diga was suddenly thrown to the back of her mind.

She pointed Qin Lie towards a clear direction with her soul thought in hopes that Qin Lie could find the Origin Crystal at first notice.

“A powerful soul, lifeblood essences—Qin Lie’s probably planning to claim the Origin Crystal for himself!” Ming Xu suddenly reacted with a serious expression after his shock had worn off. “He’s no longer one of us, so it’s not safe to let him claim the Origin Crystal!”

“You mean?” Hao Jie looked surprised.

“We should get closer to the Origin Sea and try searching for that Origin Crystal with our soul too! Then, we should do our best to obtain it!” Ming Xu curled his lips into a strange smile before continuing, “I’m sure that all of you have made some preparations before coming here, right? Those Abyss Devils consider us unrefined in the aspect of the soul, and think that there’s no way we can claim that Origin Crystal for ourselves even if we get close to the Origin Sea. But I know that isn’t true. You all must’ve found some way to fix your weaknesses after realizing how wonderful the Origin Sea is, haven’t you?”

Both Hao Jie and Cang Ye looked surprised by Ming Xu’s statement.

“How do you know that we’re prepared?” Cang Ye asked in puzzlement.

“The Darkness Family’s the one who discovered this secret realm first, and in the Darkness Abyss no less. Even if I assume that you have no knowledge of the Origin World, your family elders have to know about this, right?” Ming Xu smiled slightly.

“Mn, you really are the most cunning of us all.” Cang Ye snorted coldly. “A cunning man is often unreliable.”

Ming Xu’s expression immediately turned troubled. “I’m just thinking for our sake, you know.”

“Let’s go! Let’s get closer to the Origin Sea!” Hao Jie yelled.

The air around him looked like a sea of blood because he was controlling the Flesh Filling Tombstone. He slowly edged towards the Origin Sea.

The God Race squads did the same, following behind the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Their activity immediately drew the Abyss Devils’ attention. A moment of surprise later, Diga asked, “Sister Ling, should we…?”

“Ignore them. It’s unlikely that they can find that Origin Crystal,” Ling Yushi replied calmly with her soul. “You should know better than most that it takes a tremendous amount of soul energy to find that Origin Crystal. If they insist on wasting their energy futilely, then why should we stop them? If they deplete their soul energy reserves, and if we engage each other in battle in the future, we can exploit this massive weakness to our own advantage. It’s not something they can recover even with the Flesh Filling Tombstone. This is actually good news to us.”

“You’re right,” Diga answered.

He was the first person to arrive at the Origin Sea, but he still had no idea where the Origin Crystal was.

He also believed that his soul energy was stronger than anyone in the God Race squads.

Just as Ling Yushi said, he thought that the God Race clansmen were just wasting their energy.

That was why he signaled Enos, Vicente, and the others to stay put with a wave of his hand.


It was at this moment bloody light suddenly crisscrossed right above Qin Lie’s head like tiny rainbows.

Every blood thread was imbued with Qin Lie’s soul and the blaze divine characters.

Above the Origin Sea, Qin Lie tried once again to inscribe the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram he had failed to create again and again.

The high rank Abyss Devils and the Ling Family members were astonished when they saw that Qin Lie was drawing an ancient spirit diagram with his lifeblood essences, not searching for the Origin Crystal beneath the Origin Sea with his soul.

Diga shook his head and said, “I can’t figure this guy out.”

The God Race clansmen who were slowly approaching the Origin Sea looked at him in puzzlement and confusion as well.

They had no idea what Qin Lie was planning.

Suddenly, Thamur let out an exclamation of surprise at a dark place some distance away from the Origin Sea.

“This is…”

Thamur’s green eyes lit up amidst the absolute darkness and illuminated the recovering Oktan.

“What’s wrong?” Oktan asked.

“That God Race mixed-blood called Qin Lie might actually obtain the Origin Crystal’s acknowledgment before me!” Thamur yelled irritably.

“How is that possible? Didn’t you say that the Abyss Devils and the God Race have no clue about the Origin Crystal, and that they would never truly obtain control no matter how long they linger around the Origin Sea?”

“That Qin Lie’s different! He, he…” Thamur inhaled deeply before continuing, “There’s no time to explain in detail. I need to head over right now!”

“What about us?” Oktan stood up while frowning. “We haven’t recovered completely yet.”

“We can’t waste any more time. Hao Jie is helping his people to recover with the Flesh Filling Tombstone right now! If this keeps up, the Abyss Devils and the God Race will not fight each other any longer!” Thamur exclaimed.

Oktan hesitated for a moment before agreeing, “I’ll send the order right away.”

“Bring your people over as soon as possible!” Thamur said impatiently.

Then, he vanished in a puff of ghastly flames instantly.

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