Chapter 1277: A Conflict Which Cannot Be Resolved

Chapter 1277: A Conflict Which Cannot Be Resolved

"Some things have occurred and we cannot pretend otherwise."

Cang Ye looked back at the Darkness Family, and the corpses of Levy and the others. She said pointedly, "Our clansmen have died..."

The God Race clansmen had dark expression and remained silent.

Their expressions showed their inner thoughts—they would not let it rest.

By the Blaze Family, Gan Xing, Wu Sha and Liu Yang looked at Yan Feng's corpse and remained silent.

"If this is Thamur's conspiracy, I can only say… he has succeeded the second we started fighting,” Ming Xu said coolly.

"Recover our bloodline power!" Hao Jie inhaled and said, "Everyone to me!"

The Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Bloodthirst Family rose out of his body and floated above him.

The glittering bloody light came out of that Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Each speck of the bloody light contained threads of pure fleshly energy, forming a sea of refined flesh and blood energy.

"Listen to Hao Jie!" Cang Ye's eyes lit up.

Gan Xing, Liu Yang, and the others gathered around Hao Jie.

Ming Xu, Xuan Luo, and the others did not hesitate as they approached Hao Jie.

All the living God Race clansmen sat down with Hao Jie at the center and used their bloodline secret arts to consume the thick bloody energy.

Their tiredness slowly disappeared after they were replenished by the blood energy.

Their eyes grew bright and energized.

"As expected of the Flesh Filling Tombstone," Diga murmured.

Many high rank Abyss Devils were impressed. They knew these God Race clansmen would be back at full strength very soon.

Each Flesh Filling Tombstone contained astounding fleshly energy that could be absorbed to recover bloodline power.

Not long ago, the Bloodthirst, Profound Ice, and Light Families went on a hunt to fill up the Flesh Filling Tombstones with abundant refined flesh and blood energy.

Hao Jie's Flesh Filling Tombstone contained enough power for their family to replenish the rank nine and ten warriors while conquering Spirit Realm.

Ming Xu, Cang Ye, and the other rank seven bloodline youths could spend ten thousand years constantly absorbing the power within and still not be able to empty it.

Hao Jie released his Flesh Filling Tombstone after learning of another great enemy to replenish Ming Xu and Cang Ye's bloodline power.

This was to obtain the ultimate victory of the secret realm.

His method was generous.

However, for those high rank Abyss Devils, it was not a good news that the God Race could recover quickly.

The reason for that was because Ming Xu was clear that their battle did not stop, it was only temporarily paused. If they survived the battle with Thamur, they would fight again.

"Sister Ling..." Diga grimaced. "Is your fiance purposefully harming us?"

"What do you mean?" Ling Yushi frowned.

"Look, because Thamur and the others are about to come, we have temporarily rested. We do not have a Flesh Filling Tombstone. we cannot quickly recover our bloodline power. They are using that divine artifact and will soon recover." Diga thought for a moment and sighed. "If this continues, even if we can defeat Thamur and Oktan, we will not escape the God Race. No matter what, the situation is detrimental to us. We will definitely be killed."

Ling Yushi was stunned.

"That Ming Xu is right. We killed many God Race clansmen, they killed many Abyss Devils. We cannot pretend nothing has happened. We... must fight," Diga said.

As he and Ling Yushi talked, his voice was so low that even Qin Lie could not hear.

After Diga said this, Ling Yushi grew silent as though she was thinking.

A moment later, she suddenly looked at Qin Lie with worry.

At this time, Qin Lie was standing between the God Race and Abyss Devils, dozens of meters from both sides.

His expression had never been this serious.

On one side, his comrades. On the other, his fiancee and childhood friends...

He had tried to stop them, but as Ming Xu said, he was too naive.

Because of the deaths of some people, these two sides could not come together in friendship. Also... there was only one Origin Crystal.

"Origin Crystal!"

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he flew up.

Between the God Race and Abyss Devils, the two sides both paid attention to him and looked over when they saw his unusual actions.

"The Origin Sea!" Hao Jie’s expression darkened.

"Oh, he really is fearless," Diga said sarcastically.

Enos, Vicente and the others had surprised expressions but did not react.

Ling Yushi stilled and said urgently, "Qin Lie! Do not attempt to go into the Origin Sea. Even Abyss Devils cannot tolerate the abyss devil energy in there. Several have died already!"

“Big Brother Qin! Only souls can safely explore the Origin Sea! Do not be stupid!" Ling Xuanxuan shouted.

Ling Feng and Gao Yu did not speak hearing their sister's warning and looked at Qin Lie.

They also worried that did not know the Origin Sea and would rashly charge in and end up like the stupid Abyss Devils.

"So the Origin Sea cannot be entered physically!" Ming Xu's eyes lit up as he turned to remind the Light Family members to remember this.

"Everyone, be careful!" Cang Ye said.

"Haha, honestly, even if we let go of the restrictions of the Origin Sea, the God Race clansmen cannot find that Origin Crystal." Diga had a disdainful expression as he said, "Based on my knowledge, none of the five families have people skilled in soul arts."

As he said this, a powerful surge of soul vibrations came from Qin Lie.

Diga's expression froze and he smiled weakly. He said, "This mixed-blood doesn't count."

Drops of red blood shone dazzlingly like rubies as they danced around Qin Lie's body.

Each drop of blood had countless God Race  characters flashing and spinning as they seemed to narrate the mysteries of the God Race bloodline.

"Blood essence!" Ming Xu's expression changed.

"He is rank seven, how could he make lifeblood essence?!" Xuan Luo said in shock.

Diga and the other high rank Abyss Devils looked at the blood floating in the air and frowned.

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