Chapter 1275: Honesty

Chapter 1275: Honesty

The Abyss Devils and God Race clansmen who had been fighting temporarily stopped due to Qin Lie's arrival and his reveal of Oktan and Thamur’s plot.

Ling Yushi, Diga, Cang Ye, Ming Xu and the others floating in the sky flew down.

Only the pieces of Darklight Stones still floated and illuminated this area like day.

Qin Lie also landed and stood between the God Race and the Abyss Devils, using himself as a barrier to stop them fighting again.

"It's you!"

Among the Abyss Devils, Enos of the Frost Desolation Abyss had a shocked expression as she exclaimed.

She recognized Qin Lie, yet because Ling Yushi entered the Origin World after her, she had not obtained any news from her father about Ling Yushi.

Due to this, even now, she did not know that Ling Yushi and the Ling Family members had left from the Frost Desolation Abyss.

After Qin Lie managed to master the Tombstone Fusion Art, the mark her father had left in Qin Lie's body had evaporated.

Therefore, when Qin Lie came close, she did not manage to detect Qin Lie through her father's bloodline presence.

"Enos, don’t be impulsive," Diga said coolly.

Ling Yushi glanced at her.

Enos, who had wanted to say something, changed expression under Diga and Ling Yushi’s warning and stopped herself.

At this time, the Ling Family members who had been near the Origin Sea and far from the site of fighting sneaked over.

"Big Brother Qin, is it really you?" Ling Xuanxuan carefully and curiously examined Qin Lie who was shrouded inside the Flame World. She said, "Why are you here? Also... are you with the God Race?"

Ling Feng and Gao Yu also looked at him strangely but did not ask.

"What is their relationship to you?" Gan Xing instinctively asked. Then his eyes lit up and he shouted, "Or is it ..."

He suddenly remembered Qin Lie had spoke of a fiancee to him.

Gan Xing had an expression of disbelief. He looked at Ling Yushi and then at Qin Lie, and seemed to realize.

Under his shocked gaze, Qin Lie nodded softly and said honestly, "Yes, as you expected, she is my fiancee."

When he said this, the high rank Abyss Devils and the God Race clansmen were all momentarily stunned.

A God Race clansman said a high rank Abyss Devil from the Nine Hells Purgatory was his fiancee. They could not believe this.

They looked with shock at Ling Yushi.

Ling Yushi was slightly embarrassed, a flush on her face, and her eyes bright.

Under everyone's gaze, Qin Lie who had a close relationship with the God Race, fearlessly admitted the engagement with her. This caused her to feel very sweet in such a tense situation.

She believed that Qin Lie would not be her enemy.

Ling Xuanxuan, Ling Feng, Gao Yu and the others saw Qin Lie admit his relationship with Ling Yushi and sighed in relief.

"Sister Ling! He, he..." Diga stammered, his expression shocked as though he did not believe everything he was seeing.

He could not believe that Ling Yushi who came from the Nine Hells Purgatory and was a descendant of the Nine Hells Devil Monarch would be related to the God Race.

And engaged to a God Race clansman, no less!

"Yes." Ling Yushi nodded and admitted her relationship to Qin Lie. The Abyss Devils were stunned.

"Did the Abyss Devils of the Nine Hells Purgatory form an agreement with the Blaze Family? How... how is it possible?" Diga screamed.

The other Abyss Devils were also incredulous.

The living Abyss Devils and the God Race clansmen of the five families were all focused on Qin Lie and Ling Yushi.

"Where is Oktan?!" Cang Ye said impatiently.

She hated Oktan and wanted to skin him. Hearing Oktan was nearby, she did not want to waste a second of time.

"Oktan is nearby." Qin Lie's brow furrowed. "But I do not know his precise location. Thamur of the Soul Race has the ability to hide from my soul perception. Also, even if you find him, what can you do?"

Including Cang Ye, the Darkness Family only had three people left.

If she wanted to fight Thamur and Oktan with just three people, it would be seeking her own death.

Cang Ye's expression stilled.

"Not just three of you." Qin Lie sighed and said, "Even if the five families ally together, you are not a match for Oktan now ..."

Pausing, he looked at the Abyss Devils on Ling Yushi's side and said, "Actually, even with the Abyss Devils here, you may not be able to kill them.”

After saying this, he took down Flame World, putting away the Flesh Filling Tombstone and suddenly sat down between the Abyss Devils and God Race clansmen.

"I guarantee if the battle is decided, Oktan and Thamur will lead the Satorius Family members here immediately!" He snorted and looked into the sky, saying, "Maybe, Thamur's soul slaves are secretly observing everything right now!"

"Soul slaves? What do you mean? Why are you looking at us?" Diga said in discontent.

As Qin Lie spoke, his disdainful gaze clearly moved around the Abyss Devils.

"There are Thamur's soul slaves among us?" Ling Yushi said in surprise.

"Among all the other races, there were Thamur's soul slaves." Qin Lie's tone was clearly much gentler when he faced her. He explained, "Thamur knows of you. He told the God Race clansmen early on that a powerful person had appeared among the Abyss Devils. The person he spoke seems to be you, but back then I couldn’t have known."

"We did have Thamur’s spies among us," Ming Xu proactively said.

From beginning to end, he was the calmest member of the God Race, and he had told the Light Family to stop first.

Previously, when Qin Lie arrived and said Thamur's soul slaves were among them, he had immediately investigated his family members.

Seeing Ming Xu admit this, Diga and the high rank Abyss Devils frowned.

Ling Yushi did not doubt Qin Lie's words. Before Ming Xu had spoken, she had turned around.

Her purple eyes shone brightly.

Purple soul threads visible to the naked eye flew out of her purple eyes and flew towards all Abyss Devils other than Diga like lightning.

Including Enos and Vicente!

Three of the Abyss Devils instinctively dodged when they saw the purple soul threads.

Ling Yushi sensitively felt them and then the soul threads she released gathered and targeted these three unusual Abyss Devils.

The three Abyss Devils frowned when they saw the purple soul threads heading towards them and suddenly fled.

Without needing her to speak, Diga, Enos, and the others immediately knew Qin Lie was correct.

Thamur's spies had existed among them and told their every move, including their conversations, to Thamur.

They finally believed in Qin Lie's words.

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