Chapter 1273: Unexpected

Chapter 1273: Unexpected

In a short while, there were only a dozen of her race left.

The survivors were all covered in wounds and blood, clearly on the edge of collapse.

Nearby, only six of the Winged Race clansmen had survived.

The pair of siblings that Qin Lie had once rescued had died in this battle, their bodies bloodied and wounded.

Even the Bone Race only had a few left standing.

Almost two thirds of the three races were dead..

The Satorius Family had more fatalities, but they had almost a hundred people!

Sienna looked at the situation and became silent, stopping her shouts of giving chase.

Stanca and Salleh knew their own situations and also chose to stay silent.

They watched as Oktan and Thamur led the Satorius Family members in a slow retreat.

No one was mad enough to give chase.

The Spirit, Bone, and Winged Races did not move, and Qin Lie naturally was not so stupid to go find the Satorius Family members to fight to the death. Oktan and Thamur were still alive and their group was large. If he rashly attacked, he would only harm himself.

"Why are they leaving? If they continued, they could kill all of us."

Sienna sat down on the ground, her face pale as though she had used up all her bloodline power.

Her eyes became dim.

Dano's death, Bagi's tragic death, and the deaths of her fellow clansmen wounded her mentally.

And all of this came from her former comrade, Oktan.

As a clansman of the Spirit Race, as a previous Spirit Seed, once Oktan entered the Origin World,  he did not help the Spirit Race steal this treasure, and desired only to kill Indigo.

This inner battle in her race made her extremely depressed.

"Are you alright?" At this time, Qin Lie slowly came over and looked at Indigo. He asked in concern, "Did Thamur wound you soul?"

Indigo shook her head. "No."

At this time, Salleh of the Bone Race, and Stanca of the Winged Race gathered with their remnant forces.

After this bloody battle, their relationship with the Spirit Race clansmen suddenly grew closer.

Sienna was not so wary of them any longer.

Also, when she had thought of Qin Lie as public enemy number one before, she now did not feel so strongly when Qin Lie walked over.

She knew if not for Qin Lie's presence, Oktan would not have been in a hurry to leave.

She, who had once fought side by side with Oktan knew how powerful Oktan was. She actually was slightly fearful of Oktan.

She was surprised that Qin Lie could force Oktan to the point he could not spare any attention and she recognized Qin Lie’s combat power.

"Right now, the five God Race families are fighting near the Origin Sea against the high rank Abyss Devils." Qin Lie had a grave expression as he said. "If I’m not wrong, Oktan and Thamur retreated because they do not want to use up too much energy on you. They need to maintain enough numbers to defeat the victors of that fight. They will first take over control of the Origin Sea and get the Origin Crystal there."

Pausing, he said, "Once Thamur obtains the Origin Crystal, you... most likely cannot escape him."

Based on Thamur and Oktan's strength and the number of Satorius Family members, it would not be difficult to kill everyone present.

However, Thamur, Oktan and the Satorius Family would have to pay a great price.

They chose to leave now because the duo had a greater goal—taking over the Origin World.

After Thamur obtained the Origin Crystal, he would control this secret realm. By then, the three races would be ruthlessly killed.

Thamur had schemed for so long, luring the five God Race families together and urging them to the Origin Sea because he wanted them to fight against the Abyss Devils to the death.

Regardless of which side won, what waited for them would be Thamur, Oktan, and the numerous Satorius Family members!

The reason they had attacked Indigo and the others was that they felt they had enough manpower to defeat these three factions without paying a great price.

But due to his arrival, Indigo's calm at the crucial moment, the desperate fight of Stanca and Salleh, they had not managed to succeed.

Thamur had used too much soul energy. Oktan had spent too much power on him. This would clearly affect their later mission so they had changed their plans.

"If Thamur takes control of the Origin World, none of us will leave alive," Indigo pressed her lips together and said.

Qin Lie thought for a while and said, "I will go to the Origin Sea first."

A hint of worry flashed through Indigo's eyes. Then she said seriously, "Please be careful."

Qin Lie nodded. He did not say much else, did not explain to Stanca and Salleh, and turned to leave.

"Young Mistress, why did he suddenly help you?" Sienna said in surprise.

Salleh and Stanca looked over in puzzlement.

"Apologies, I cannot answer you," Indigo said.

Sienna stilled and said, "In the future, will he be an enemy of ours?"

"No." Indigo shook her head.

"That is good." Sienna sighed inwardly in relief.

As they talked, Qin Lie continued using the Blitz Thunder Escape and travelled towards the Origin Sea at his top speed.

For some reason, once he left Indigo, he felt a strong anxiousness.

"Did Gan Xing and the others all get killed?"

His brow was tightly looked. He felt more and more restless. He did not know what the state of battle near the Origin Sea was.

He did not know how many times he used the Blitz Thunder Escape. When he felt that he had no more thunder and lightning power to use in his body, he finally saw the bright sky ahead.

There were huge pieces of Darklight Stone of the God Race and the Abyss Devils.

A beautiful woman, long purple hair flying about, was wrapped in abyss devil energy in the sky as she released earth-shaking soul vibrations.

From a thousand meters away, he only saw a glimpse but his soul was almost pulled out of his body.


He suddenly screamed. He almost didn't believe his eyes.

Diga, who thought of him as an enemy, clearly was centered around Ling Yushi, and trying to protect her as best as he could.

Hao Jie, Cang Ye, Gan Xing and the others were bleeding from their orifices as they furiously tried to prevent their souls from leaving their bodies as they attempted to kill her.

This scene was so strange and unexpected he was dumbstruck.

"Why is it like this?"

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