Chapter 1272: Enemy Retreat

Chapter 1272: Enemy Retreat

"As long as Bagi's body is present, he has a chance of survival. If you destroy his body, even if you save his soul, he has no hope of revival."

Thamur ignored Qin Lie and laughed as he neared Indigo. He said, "I know that you seem to have comprehended the Time Reversal secret art. If you are willing to expend your lifeforce, you have a high chance of reviving Bagi, right?"

At this time, the wound in Bagi's abdomen was still bleeding.

Of course, Thamur, who was not the owner of the body, did not care that Bagi's body was seriously injured.

After he possessed Bagi, he continued to say that Bagi had a possibility of surviving so the Spirit Race clansmen would be restrained.

As long as Indigo, Sienna and the others cared about Bagi's life and would not try to kill him, he had the advantage.

Now it seemed he clearly accomplished this goal. Indigo and the Spirit Race clansmen did not dare to move rashly.

Only Sienna shouted and urged the other Spirit Race clansmen to kill Bagi.

However, the Satorius Family members had the advantage of numbers.

Each Spirit Race clansman who should have been protecting Indigo had at least one opponent. Even Sienna did not have any attention to spare.

Unless Indigo was determined to kill, no one could help her.

—Not even Qin Lie.

Because at this time, Oktan of the Satorius Family calmed the restlessness of his bloodline and started applying pressure to Qin Lie.

"I am your opponent. You putting your attention elsewhere is an insult to me." Oktan suddenly calmed and seemed to settle his restlessness.

He was not in a hurry to kill Qin Lie. He did not treat Qin Lie as someone easily eliminated.

He treated Qin Lie as an expert the same level as Hao Jie and Cang Ye!

"Pure bloodline power cannot win over you. It is time to use some artifacts," Oktan said calmly.

Qin Lie's pupils contracted. His expression changed and he looked in shock at the part of sky he was in.

Just as Oktan finished speaking, he found the space around him was collapsing and contracting!

This area of space seemed like a balloon that was being sucked out of air. It contracted with Qin Lie as the center as though it was going to become a black dot.

Qin Lie's expression was unusually serious.

He also knew about spatial power. He knew once this contracting space formed a black dot the black dot had a high possibility of becoming a black hole.

Right now, it seemed that black dot ... would form in his body.

By then, his body and soul would become burial artifacts for the black hole.

—His soul would disappear.


He looked at Oktan and found that a flashing crystal ball was spinning at Oktan's chest.

That crystal ball, when Qin Lie looked closely, seemed similar to the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb that Indigo had released previously.

The glowing crystal ball was an ocean blue color. Rays of light spun inside like blue clouds.

Those surging curtains of light seemed locked to the space around him and pushed this space to collapse.

Clearly, the abnormality of this space was caused by the crystal ball!

"Moon Tear!"

After his shock, he mentally summoned the relic of the Serene Moon Race and held it to attack.

Dots of moon light released from the silver moon mark on his body and floated above his head.

The dots of moonlight turned into crescents. The nine crescents were like daggers that flew out of the collapsing space.

Oktan's spatial power affected this area of the world, and restrained Qin Lie's body and soul.

Yet it did not affect the artifact.

In a flash, the nine crescent lights left where Qin Lie was.

The nine crescents flashed and suddenly turned into nine bright moons.

The nine moons released cold blue light that formed into a light curtain large enough to cover the sky.

The terrifying presence of a Divine Grade artifact suddenly covered the area where Oktan was.


Oktan seemed to be struck heavily and fell down from the sky like a bomb.

"Divine Grade  artifact! Another Divine Grade artifact!"

As he felt, he could not help but scream in surprise.

He lost the control over the crystal ball locking down Qin Lie after being attacked.

Qin Lie took the opportunity to break free of that strange spatial lock.

He, who had been floating in the air, suddenly fell down heavily like a meteor.

He turned into a thick bolt of lightning.

He dove down at Oktan.

"Crystal Shield!" Oktan shouted.

Crystal pieces like mirrors immediately appeared between him and Qin Lie.

"Boom boom boom! Snap snap snap!"

LIghtning, thunder, and scattered fragments of light shot out.

Those hexahedrons which been floating around Oktan shattered, the splinters stabbing into Qin Lie.

Oktan shouted, the muscles in his chest bursting as he spat out blood.


After another moment, he teleported away so Qin Lie could not attack again.

Qin Lie landed and ignored the wounds on his body, about to attack again.

"You dare!"

Suddenly, he heard Thamur’s shout and looked over instinctively.

In the distance, Thamur, who had possessed Bagi's body, looked in disbelief at the bloody hole in his chest.

The hole bled blood. It had reached Bagi's heart so he could not use the bloodline power of this body.

A bright spatial blade appeared behind his back and destroyed this body.

Thamur had an expression of disbelief as he looked at Indigo. He said, "You really dare to attack!"

Indigo bit her lower lip, her body trembling lightly.

"Bagi, Bagi is already dead. I do not feel any of his soul presence." Indigo seemed to not dare to look at his eyes, or rather at Bagi's body that she had destroyed. She said, "I know you have already destroyed his soul, and I cannot cast Time Reversal in my present condition. I know I cannot save him no matter what. If I cannot save him, I can only get revenge for him. If I kill you, Bagi will not have died for nothing."

Thamur glared at her and said, "I have to admit you have grown quickly. If I let you leave the Origin World alive, soon you will become the most terrifying enemy of my race."

As he spoke, his soul quickly left Bagi's body.

This time, the light of his soul was clearly dimmer.

"Oktan!" he shouted.

"I am also wounded." Oktan, surrounded by a dozen Satorius Family members, tried to wipe away the blood at his mouth, his face pale.

Thamur looked at him and then at the Satorius Family members. He found that with the resistance of the Bone and Winged Races, the Satorius Family members who had the advantage of numbers had not managed to crush the enemy.

At this time, there were still many clansmen of the two weaker races alive. Sienna’s group also had many wounded Spirit Race clansmen, but they were still standing proudly.

He had exhausted his soul power after losing his physical body twice and was not confident he could kill Indigo.

And Oktan... didn’t seem to have won against Qin Lie.

"Let's retreat first," Thamur suddenly said.

Oktan stilled, a hint of humiliation in his eyes. But in a moment, he woke up and said, "Fall back!"

All the Satorius Family members chasing the Bone and Winged Races’ clansmen helplessly retreated after hearing the order.

"Young Mistress! They killed Bagi and Dano!" Sienna shouted.

"We cannot chase, we... do not have the ability to kill them," Indigo stated.

Sienna stilled and then looked at the people around her, calming down.

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