Chapter 1271: Possession

Chapter 1271: Possession

Thamur had a deep understanding of Indigo.

He knew that Indigo had appeared ten years ago in the ancestral land of the Spirit Race, and knew that Indigo had been a baby then.

From an infant with a rank one Spirit Race bloodline to her present rank seven bloodline, Indigo seemed to have only used a few short years.

While the Spirit Race had expended countless valuable spirit materials on her, Indigo's breakthrough speed was still stunning.

All the previous Spirit Seeds, including Oktan, would be nurtured by the Spirit Race at any price once they were confirmed as Spirit Seeds.

The Spirit Race had expended many treasures on Oktan.

But Oktan's bloodline breakthrough was not as fast as Indigo’s.

In reality, Indigo had the fastest bloodline transformation rate in the history of the Spirit Race.

The fast bloodline growth caused the Spirit Seeds to not know enough about their bloodline power and their ability to fight could not compare to those who worked for their breakthroughs.

Indigo's combat experience was weaker than that of any other Spirit Seed.

All because her breakthroughs were too fast, because those Spirit Race elders could not wait. This caused her to never have any experience fighting to the death against other people.

She had been protected by the experts of the Spirit Race like a treasure.

Those who had not experienced the terror of death would usually suffer great losses in hard battles.

Thamur had always felt it would be easy to defeat Indigo.

At this moment, when Indigo attacked him like how Oktan attacked Qin Lie, he found that Indigo was learning how to fight through Oktan.


His possessed body was wrapped up in a blue demonic flower as his lifeforce quickly slipped away.

Unlike Qin Lie, he did not have the Flesh Filling Tombstone, and this body was quickly robbed of all its life.

After a while, he could not feel any power from this possessed body.

This body was only a dry bag-like remains that looked like they had been rotting for thousands of years.

Thamur realized that he could not fight in this body, his soul flying out.

A soul, like ghostfire, flew out of the blue flower, and suddenly fell towards Bagi.

Bagi, who was fighting against the members of the Satorius Family, saw the ghostfire come. When he wanted to dodge, he found his soul was targeted.

In just a short moment of stillness, Thamur's soul entered Bagi's body.


Bagi held his head in his hands as he roared, using his resolve to fight with Thamur over his body.


A member of the Satorius Family stabbed with a silver spear to Bagi's waist.

Bagi lost control in his pain. His body suddenly trembled violently.

As he trembled, the soul that belonged to Bagi disappeared from his eyes.

What replaced it was Thamur's soul consciousness. Threads of ghostfire appeared in Bagi"s eyes.


He laughed. He clearly had replaced Bagi as the new master of the body.

"Bagi!" Indigo shouted.

"He isn't dead yet. I have just imprisoned his soul. If you destroy his body, he may still still come back alive." Thamur moved his limbs, adjusting to his new body, as he walked towards Indigo.

Bagi's opponents, and the others Satorius Family members did not attack Thamur after he took over Bagi's body.

Sienna, who had fought by Bagi's side for many years, looked at him cluelessly as he walked towards Indigo.

The Spirit Race clansmen who had sworn to protect Indigo had conflicted expression and did not know what to do.

"Bagi is dead! Do not daydream! Kill him!" Stanca shouted. "Thamur deliberately possessed Bagi so that you would be scared of attacking him! Do not fall for this!"

In the sky, Qin Lie stood on the Flesh Filling Tombstone, allowing the seven godly lights to swing and reclaim his lost refined flesh and blood energy.

That demonic blue flower made from Oktan's bloodline had shattered. Oktan seemed to receive a backlash, his complexion pale.

He was not in a hurry to attack Qin Lie again.

Due to this, Qin Lie had the attention to spare for the battle below. He noticed that Thamur had possessed Bagi, and the confusion among Indigo’s group.

He felt with his soul.

From Bagi's body, he could only feel Thamur’s presence. Bagi's soul... had completely disappeared.

"Thamur is lying! Bagi is already dead. Even if his body is preserved, he cannot come back to life." Qin Lie warned from the sky. "When the Soul Race possesses another physical body, it will take great amount of soul energy. Thamur must have used a lot of soul energy after possessing Bagi. If you kill him, and force him out of Bagi's body, he would use up all of his soul energy if he tries to possess anyone else!"

After he absorbed the remnant soul from Serine, he had a deeper knowledge of the Soul Race's secret arts.

Possessing another with one's soul was not easy, and took a great amount of soul power.

Thamur had a relaxed expression but Qin Lie knew after Indigo destroyed the first puppet with the Life Extraction Art, he was wounded heavily.

Possessing Bagi, breaking Bagi's spirit, and destroying Bagi's soul must have taken him even more soul energy.

As long as the Spirit Race clansmen could attack without any restrain and force him out of Bagi’s body, or destroy Bagi's body, Thamur may lose his ability to fight.

"You! How do you know the secrets of my race’s possession?!" Thamur was stunned.

He knew that Qin Lie was correct.

Possession taking a large amount of soul energy was a secret of the Soul Race, and only true Soul Race clansmen would know this.

Outsiders could not understand this!

"I told you before the Soul Progenitor has divulged many of the Soul Races' secrets to the human race of Spirit Realm." Qin Lie snorted.

"Impossible! As a Soul Race clansman, he would not tell the secrets of possession to a primitive race! This is not possible!" Thamur said angrily.

"That is the truth, whether you believe it or not," Qin Lie said coolly.

"Kill him! Kill him!" Sienna shouted.

At this time, Thamur, who had possessed Bagi, was extremely close to Indigo.

He was threatening Indigo's life.

Sienna knew that Indigo was a kind person. She knew that Indigo would not be able to kill her former friend and worried Thamur would use this opportunity to kill her.

She was full of anxiousness.

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