Chapter 1270: Learn to Fight

Chapter 1270: Learn to Fight

The five Flesh Filling Tombstones of the God Race were mysterious in origin and they could be used together in a powerful manner.

The Soul and Spirit Races had suffered great losses to the Flesh Filling Tombstones when fighting the God Race.

The two races had tried their best to break up the set of five Flesh Filling Tombstones.

But when the races fought the God Race, they were not able to damage any of them.

In the end, the God Race lost one Flesh Filling Tombstone on its own.

When the Soul and Spirit Races learned the Blaze Family had lost a Flesh Filling Tombstone, they had celebrated greatly. This showed how much they feared the combination of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones.

Oktan became excited when he found he had the chance to take the Blaze Family's Flesh Filling Tombstone.

He knew some of the Spirit Race's artificers desired the five Flesh Filling Tombstones of the God Race. They wanted to obtain a Flesh Filling Tombstone to study the secrets of the God Race.

Those old artificers were of high repute in the Spirit Race and had power in deciding the next Spirit Race chief.

"If I can give them a Flesh Filling Tombstone, they will stand on my side when choosing the next chief," Oktan thought.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The blue lights under Qin Lie twisted furiously and continued to stretch into the sky.

Many scattered blue lights moved around those blue bloodline ribbons like stars.

Qin Lie's lifeforce quickly flowed away under the mysterious bloodline ability.

Suddenly, an even stronger suction force came from below him.

Qin Lie's figure suddenly paused.

In a flash, thousands of blue lights came from above and consumed him.

It looked like an enormous flower that completely covered him.

The bloodline lines crossed and formed beautiful flower petals. They shone with starry light and made the dark sky as bright as day.

The demonic flower form from Oktan"s bloodline released blinding light that ignored the absolute darkness of the Origin World.

"Supposedly, each Flesh Filling Tombstone contains almost endless refined flesh and blood energy. This energy... is coincidentally one of the most important vital powers." Oktan's smile was bright as Qin Lie was eaten by the demonic flower. He seemed to be unworried. He said idly, "I didn't know if my Life Extraction Art could take both your and the tombstone’s flesh and blood energy. Ha, I want to see when you have no more bloodline power, if your soul... can still fight."

In the blue world of light, time and space were in chaos. Qin Lie could not escape this strange world using the Blitz Thunder Escape.

In this blue world that Oktan's bloodline power created, he felt weaker and weaker as though his energy was flowing away.

The Life Extraction Art was one of the most terrifying secret arts of the Spirit Race. Oktan, who was skilled in life attribute, had mastered this secret art.

In this world, other than the Soul Race who were in pure soul form, any physical race's strength came from their lifeforce.

Bloodline power, refined flesh and blood energy, spirit energy, they were all manifestations of lifeforce.

The Life Extraction Art of the Spirit Race could take all mixed powers except soul energy.

This strange secret art could turn a being into a rotten set of bones.

It didn’t leave any energy behind.

In reality, most of the races and beasts struck with the Life Extraction Art would be worthless after death.

Their bones had no power to use. Even the Bone Race members could not be forged into Corpse Demons.

The artificers could not use them to forge valuable artifacts.

"An unique space similar to the Flame World and Dark Prison..."

Looking at the strange blue world, Qin Lie gradually realized after trying to use spirit power and bloodline power to no effect.

He thought of how he had been trapped in Cang Ye’s "Dark Prison" when he fought in the chaotic streams of space outside Spirit Realm.

In that darkness where he could not see, he had been unable to break free.

In the end...

His mind shifted. Droplets of lifeblood essence flew out of his body.

The droplets of blood inscribed something in front of him rapidly.

Seconds later, a complicated bloody ancient diagram appeared.

"Middle grade ancient diagram—Boundary Breaker!"

The ancient diagram he had inscribed with his lifeblood essence twisted and expanded.

At the same time, power of the laws of the universe which could tear everything exploded from that ancient diagram.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Suddenly, the enormous blue flower that consumed Qin Lie seemed to explode with rays of bloody light.


The demonic flower formed from Oktan's bloodline power suddenly exploded into rays of blue light.

"Flesh Filling Tombstone!"

As Qin Lie shouted, the blank tombstone appeared, and released seven-colored light.

The seven divine lights were like tentacles that moved among the blue rays and consumed the bright blue light.

The lifeforce that belonged to Qin Lie floated in the air when the blue flower exploded.

Qin Lie used the Flesh Filling Tombstone to retrieve the energy that had been stolen from him.

At the same time, Indigo used bloodline power to form a shield of light.

"Shield of Space-Time!"

The blue shield formed an unusual barrier that separated her and Thamur.

Thamur suddenly found he could not continue to invade Indigo's mind with soul power and increase the power of the whirlpool in Indigo's soul.

He immediately understood that Indigo had found a way against him from how Oktan had fought against Qin Lie's soul attack.

She used the shields and barriers the Spirit Race was familiar with to block his soul attack and ceased the battle in her soul.

"Life Extraction Art!"

A demonic flower appeared above Thamur and consumed the body Thamur was possessing.

Indigo started to learn from Oktan's tactics and treated Thamur like Qin Lie.

That demonic blue flower that she formed immediately wrapped around Thamur's possessed body.

Thamur could clearly feel his lifeforce furiously slipping away.

His eyes were shocked.

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