Chapter 1269: Two Things With One Mind

Chapter 1269: Two Things With One Mind

Thamur, dressed in black robes, bombarded Indigo's soul defenses with Soul Race secret arts.

Threads of green light shot of Indigo's eyes and forehead.

Around Indigo, the powerful soul field was like an invisible storm.

Bagi, Sienna, and the Satorius Family members around her could not tolerate it.

Everyone near her felt their souls was being controlled by an unknown force and felt they were going to die.

Stanca of the Winged Race tried to probe her situation and released a soul thread.

Yet when his soul came over, it seemed to sank into a bog and could barely escape.

Stanca quickly realized his soul power was weaker than Indigo and Thamur’s.

After understanding this, he did not dare rashly observe with his soul and focused on the Satorius Family members.

"You will be defeated in my soul storm!"

Thamur's eyes suddenly formed two strange whirlpools that spun furiously.

Only Indigo knew that at this time, two terrifyings soul whirlpools were restraining her.

One of the soul whirlpools went through her mind, and irritated her.

The other soul whirlpool consumed her small body.

Threads of icy soul power spun rapidly and stopped her from easily manipulating her bloodline power.

She could not release the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb.

She had expended a large amount of soul energy to reach her rank seven bloodline. She had yet to recover.

Thamur was a Soul Race clansman and found her weakness by using the secret arts of the Soul Race.

She was not in a good situation.


Suddenly, she felt Qin Lie's soul presence and her eyes lit up.

She looked into the sky.

In the air, Qin Lie and Oktan were separated by several hundred meters and were covered in light.

Those two were like stars in the Origin World.

She felt Qin Lie, who was fighting with Oktan, had separated a portion of his soul energy to fall down.

"Zzt zzt!"

That ray of soul power turned tangible in the air and contained wild lightning.

That burst of soul power turned into a blinding lightning sword that sliced down.

"You can do two things with one mind!" Thamur shouted.


The blinding lightning struck the space in front of Indigo with powerful flows of electricity.

One of the soul whirlpools around Indigo's body suddenly exploded when cut by this lightning sword.

The pressure on Indigo was immediately halved.

Thamur grunted and shouted, "Oktan! What are you doing?!"

In his view, with Oktan's power, he could easily trap Qin Lie.

Especially when Qin Lie had not merged with the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Yet this time, Qin Lie, as he fought with Oktan, could spare attention to disrupt his attack on Indigo. He was puzzled by this.

"Life Lock!"

Oktan suddenly shouted after Thamur's cry and displayed his bloodline ability.

Rays of blue bloodline power appeared under Qin Lie and wrapped around him like ancient tree branches.

There were many blue Spirit Race bloodline motes of light inside the blue bloodline power.

Yet Qin Lie's physical energy started to flow away.

"Wall of Space-Time!"

At the same time, Oktan merged together space and time power to create a new defense line.

That light shield appeared between him and Qin Lie so that Qin Lie's soul consciousness could no longer invade.

Qin Lie's plan to use up his soul power failed.

"I don't know what you are, but I know your soul power surpasses all of us!" Oktan said harshly.

He finally realized that expending soul energy against Qin Lie was useless and he could not win like that.

He was sure that Qin Lie"s soul power was purer and greater than Thamur’s!

After realizing this, he was not willing to waste time his soul energy against Qin Lie. He decisively used his bloodline secret arts to block Qin Lie’s soul power.

Seeing the blue bloodline power rays spread like demonic vines, Qin Lie had to continue moving in the sky.

That blue ball of lightning flew up and followed him.

"Life Extraction Art!" Oktan sneered.

Suddenly, a terrifying attractive force appeared from the ball below.

The rich vitality that Qin Lie's physical body held was quickly extracted.

His body shook. His organs were in pain and he almost fell.

"Blitz Thunder Escape!"

He turned into lightning and was about to use the lightning pool water and the bloodline power of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit to teleport away.

"Space Lock!" Oktan snorted.

Curtains of blue light came behind him like black clouds and enclosed Qin Lie within.

The spatial vibrations in that area became chaotic.

A ray of blue lightning flashed yet Qin Lie's body did not teleport.

He still remained where he was.

"You cannot easily use spatial power in front of me." Oktan grinned and slowly went near him. "I am curious how did a God Race mixed-blood learn spatial arts? Also, your soul power is unusually pure. I have never seen such powerful soul power from other God Race clansmen of your rank! Even Hao Jie, Cang Ye, and Ming Xu do not have souls as powerful as yours!"

He thought and then said suspiciously, "Are you a mixed-blood of the Soul Race?"

"Impossible! You know the situation of the Soul Race, we can not mix blood with other races! Our inheritance comes from our soul!" Thamur objected from below.

"Just saying." Oktan shrugged and had an relaxed expression.

At this time, he used a spatial secret art to stop Qin Lie from escaping.

The strange vines formed from the Life Extraction Art were extracting Qin Lie's body’s energy. He clearly felt victory was in his grasp.

"He has not yet merged the Flesh Filling Tombstone. Be careful, do not fail," Thamur warned.

"The Flesh Filling Tombstone the Blaze Family lost?" Oktan's eyes lit up and he laughed. "If I can steal this divine artifact, it will be a great merit to me!"

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