Chapter 1268: Cheating

Chapter 1268: Cheating

"Space, time..."

Qin Lie's expression was slightly dazed. He seemed to be in an illusion, unable to break out.

Yet the hexahedron that Oktan had released did not stop when he was dazed.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The hexahedrons were still trying to slice him to pieces.

Illusory pictures reflected out of those prism surfaces and caused him to feel as though time was reversing.

"Bloodline latent ability—True Vision!"

His eyes suddenly sparked with fire, and brightened.

The bloodline latent ability from the Spirits of Void and Chaos had been strengthened when he used the bloodline power he obtained from the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

Immediately, the illusions he saw disappeared.

The feeling of time reversing also disappeared from his mind.


His body turned into a silver ray that left his original spot.

The hexahedrons collided together with an ear piercing sound.

"So fast!"

Oktan was slightly shocked. He felt for a moment and found that Qin Lie's escape art also contained the power of space.

The majority of God Race clansmen knew nothing of spatial power.

He suddenly understood why Thamur paid so much attention to Qin Lie

"Zzt zzt!"

Strange sounds suddenly came around him. Soul threads that were numbing permeated his mind.

Oktan couldn't help but shudder.

Then, he saw tendrils of blue lightning entering his mind.

Those tendrils of lightning were clearly Qin Lie's soul attack and carried the power of soul destruction.

"As expected, skilled in soul secret arts!"

Oktan channeled his bloodline power after his shock and formed a interlayered spatial world in his mind.

The spaces were connected in layers like the structure of the Abyss.

Each layer of space had many Spirit Race characters imprinted with the meaning Oktan had comprehended.

Layers of restaining power formed in his mind and flowed toward the thunder and lightning.

"Boom boom boom!"

Thunder roared and lightning flashed inside Oktan's mind.

His eyes also shot out arcs of lightning.

Yet the thunder and lightning Qin Lie had put onto the soul threads could not break through the multi-layered defenses.

Therefore, he could not truly injure Oktan's soul.

"Skilled in space, time, and life. The so-called Spirit Seeds are truly troublesome..."

Qin Lie's expression turned serious. His soul thoughts moved, forming an enormous lightning ball in Oktan's mind.

The lightning ball started to expand and explode.

Oktan had to continue using bloodline power and soul power to defend against the abnormalities in his mind. He had no attention to spare for the outside world.

Qin Lie, relying on the secret art of Heavenly Thunder Eradication, used pure threads of his soul to control thunder and lightning power to attack Oktan's mind.

After finally connecting with the Soul Beast avatar, he could quickly replenish his soul energy.

This meant that he could obtain endless soul energy from the rank nine Soul Beast.

The rank nine Soul Beast's soul energy far surpassed any of the rank seven bloodline experts in this secret realm, including Indigo, Thamur, and Stanca.

With this as support, Qin Lie naturally knew how to use this advantage to defeat his opponent.

Enormous lightning balls continued to form and explode in the spatial world inside Oktan's mind.

He could only ward them off with his soul and bloodline.

"One, two... ten... seventy..."

Oktan counted mentally.

He felt in the next moment, Qin Lie would run out of soul energy and retreat.

Rank seven bloodline martial practitioners, even Thamur who was most skilled in the soul, could not possess endless soul energy.

He believed that Qin Lie would quickly use up his soul energy.

At that time, he could easily kill Qin Lie.

Due to this, as he fended off the attacks, he counted.


"He should be at the limit!"

"He’s definitely past the limit!"

"Impossible! A rank seven fighter, even Thamur, cannot have such vast soul energy!"

"Still ongoing!"

Time suddenly became endlessly long. Seeing the endless soul power come in, Oktan finally felt terrified.

He was scared of the enemy's endless soul energy.

In truth, it was so...

At this time, Oktan treated Qin Lie as his most terrifying enemy!

But in Qin Lie's eyes, Oktan... was not much of a threat.

He could obtain soul energy from the Soul Beast avatar, and replenish his main body’s soul as he expended Oktan's soul energy. This was undoubtedly cheating.

The rank seven bloodline Oktan was not Thamur, who was skilled in the soul. Trying to match him in the power of the soul was meaningless and extremely stupid.

But Oktan did not know this.

He was still pressing on.

Qin Lie, while still in the air, could spare attention for the battle below.

The Spirit Race was fighting among themselves and slaughtering the Winged and Bone Races.

His relaxed expression gradually grew serious as he watched.

Due to the advantage in numbers, the Spirit Race clansmen of the Satorius Family had the absolute upper hand.

The Bone Race led by Salleh, Sienna, Bagi, and the Spirit Race clansmen  were accumulating wounds that would soon prove to be fatal.

The Winged Race clansmen were weaker and had more fatalities.

Indigo, who had a bloodline connection to him, could not help Sienna, and Bagi. She was in a worrisome situation herself.

Thamur of the Soul Race had targeted her from the start and used the secret soul arts to corrode Indigo's mind.

Thamur's tactic was the same as his against Oktan!

Indigo had the space, time, life, and fate attributes. But she was too young. The old members of the Spirit Race had pressured her growth and quickly pushed her to a rank seven bloodline using treasures.

She clearly did not have enough knowledge of the four bloodline attributes.

Thamur was experienced so he knew she must have expended great amounts of soul energy to reach her rank seven bloodline.

He found Indigo's weakness and attacked Indigo's soul from the start.

Indigo struggled under his soul attacks and could not help Sienna and Bagi.

Qin Lie observed from high up and suddenly split a part of his soul towards Thamur and Indigo.

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