Chapter 1267: Duel of the Spirit Seeds!

Chapter 1267: Duel of the Spirit Seeds!

Oktan looked deeply at Qin Lie, thought for a moment and said, "Leave him to me."

"Because of his mixed blood, he is unlike other God Race clansmen. He has some skill in the soul arts," Thamur warned.

"Skill in soul arts..." Oktan's expression grew serious.

"But I think with your abilities, you shouldn’t have much trouble against him." Thamur smiled and said, "You also disfigured Cang Ye of the Darkness Family. How can a mixed-blood, even with a Flesh Filling Tombstone, be a match for you?"

"As long as he is not as difficult as Cang Ye," Oktan said coldly.

The two of them did not keep their conversation a secret so Qin Lie received an important piece of news—Oktan had injured Cang Ye.

When they entered into the secret realm, he asked about Cang Ye’s mask. He learned then that Cang Ye had been heavily injured by a Spirit Race clansman.

He had not expected that Spirit Race clansman would be Oktan.

"Originally supposed to become a chief of the Spirit Race, three bloodline attributes, able to badly injure Cang Ye…”

Qin Lie pondered and his expression grew grave. He realized that Oktan would be extremely troublesome.

He unconsciously looked at the Spirit Race clansmen around Oktan.

Over a hundred Spirit Race clansmen, all with rank seven bloodlines. They all wore the same clothing and were extremely loyal to Oktan.

This powerful faction far surpassed Indigo, Stanca and Salleh's combined forces and had an advantage.

Even if he could match Oktan, could Indigo and the others match so many opponents?

There was also the mysterious Thamur.

This battle was disadvantageous to them. The different in power was too great.

"Sienna! Bagi! Let me ask one last time. Will you die with that girl?" Oktan shouted.

Indigo's blue eyes showed a thread of nervousness. She looked anxiously at the pair.

Qin Lie also looked over.

Right now, the situation was very unfavorable to them. Sienna and Bagi had once fought on Oktan's side.

They were terrified of Oktan's strength.

At this moment, Oktan and Thamur's side had the clear upper hand. If they refused, they might die.

"No matter what decision you make, I will not blame you," Indigo lowered her head and said.

Bagi and Sienna, who had been hesitating, seemed to have reached the decision after hearing these words.

The two exchanged a look. Their gazes turned determined and they said, "We are willing to die with her!"

"Good! Very good!" Oktan grinned, and nodded. "As expected of warriors that once fought by me. You know that there is death in front of you, and you will still walk to the end!"

The Satorius Family members around him laughed. Their laughter was filled with disdain and maliciousness.

Oktan stopped laughing and waved his hand. He ordered coldly, "Attack! Kill them all!"

Over a hundred Satorius Family members roared and snarled as they charged.

"Protect the Young Mistress!" Bagi shouted.

"Form ranks!" Sienna shouted.

"Either they die or we die, there is no other outcome. Everyone understand?" Salleh urged Bone Race clansmen.

The Bone Race clansmen showed fighting spirit in their eyes, their glowing bones giving off strange lights.

Stanca of the Winged Race took a deep breath. He was shrouded in deep purple abyss devil energy.

His white pair of wings immediately turned as black as ink.

Stanca's eyes also shown. "You want to kill us?! See if you have the ability!"

Qin Lie did not look at the charging Satorius Family members. He controlled his spirit power and floated into the sky.

"Zzt zzt!"

Lightning bolts as thick as an infant's arm formed from his body like snakes in the darkness.

Soon, the roaring thunder rang out through the sky.

"Unstoppable Thunder!"

Seconds later, Qin Lie shouted, and the lightning and thunder around him landed.

"Boom boom boom! Snap-crack snap-crack!"

In the sky, the terrifying thunder and lightning twisted and formed a web.

The lightning web contained a presence that could destroy all souls according to some mysterious law of the universe.

Thamur's eyes shone as he was about to attack Indigo with a Soul Race art.

He had to temporarily stop casting his secret art.

Thamur suddenly realized that Qin Lie's lightning and thunder power in the sky was primarily targeted at him.

"Oktan!" Thamur shouted.

"I know." Oktan of the Satorius Family looked up and then disappeared.

A white burning streak of light flashed.


A bright silver crystal sliced towards Qin Lie's neck like an ice blade.

That crystal was incomprehensibly fast!

When Qin Lie saw the path of the crystal, he could not stop it and only defend.

"Ice shield! Golden  Armor!"

A layer of ice first wrapped around him, and his skin released golden light under the ice.


The silver crystal that Oktan released stabbed towards Qin Lie's neck and shattered the ice layer.


Then a metallic collision rang out at Qin Lie's neck.

Sparks flashed by.


Oktan exclaimed in surprise. He appeared in front of Qin Lie.

Hexahedron crystals like silver mirrors appeared around him. Each hexahedron prism contained extraordinary amount of bloodline power. They seemed to have the sharpness of spatial blades.


The hexahedrons flew as they came from all directions.

"I want to see if you can stop them," Oktan sneered.

"He has the space, time and life bloodline attributes, please be careful!" Indigo shouted from below.

Qin Lie's expression changed slightly.

At this time, he saw strange vibrations spread. When those vibrations touched him, he felt time reverse.

The hexahedron that had sliced towards his neck appeared again.

Time seemed to have gone backwards.

Yet the ice shield he had just used to shield him was still shattered.

In this moment, he could not distinguish reality from illusion. He did not know if this was the present or the past.

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