Chapter 1266: Disrupter!

Chapter 1266: Disrupter!

Indigo glanced at the black-robed Thamur and at the snarling Oktan. Her brows furrowed.

She had not interacted with Oktan before but she had heard of this person's name and his reputation.

In reality, if not for her arrival, Oktan had a high probability of becoming the next chief of the Spirit Race.

Because Oktan was also a so-called “Spirit Seed.”

Oktan, who had the space, time, and life attributes, was a genius of this generation of the Spirit Race just like the other Spirit Race female.

This was the golden era of the Spirit Race.

Two Spirit Seeds possessing three bloodline attributes, which would occur only once every ten thousand years, appeared in this era.

Oktan was one of them.

He was originally one of the highborn of the Spirit Race, born in the powerful Satorius family. He was known at a young age and showed powerful combat power early on.

He attended the battles between the Spirit Race and God Race, and showed himself well each time.

His light faintly overshadowed the other Spirit Seed, causing him to almost be confirmed as the next chief.

—But then she appeared.

She appeared suddenly, with the four bloodline attributes never seen before in the history of the Spirit Race, and her light immediately overshadowed Oktan.

Tracing back to the source, her grandfather was coincidentally the present Spirit Race chief.

Pushed by the present Spirit Race chief, all the rank ten bloodline warriors and leaders of the families admitted she was the future of the Spirit Race.

Oktan, who had been a shining star, almost fell to the dust overnight.

Clearly, Oktan and his family had not truly given up.

The Spirit Race clansmen around Oktan all wore robes of the Satorius Family. They appeared simultaneously in the Origin World and clearly wanted to overturn fate.

If she died in the Origin World, the Satorius Family could easily push Oktan back to the position of the future Spirit Race chief.

The Satorius Family, an ancient family of the Spirit Race, would then become the strongest family in the Spirit Race for the next ten thousand years.

Indigo quickly realized Oktan's intentions.

"You want to kill me?" she said softly.

"Of course." Oktan did not refute it and snickered. He said, "If you die, I can take back everything that belonged to me! My family will ascend to the peak due to me!"

His eyes were full of desire.

No one knew how much pressure he endured after Indigo appeared. He, who had thought himself one of the best, had been flattered by the strongest of the Spirit Race.

The Satorius Family, because of his birth, had received the allegiance of many minor Spirit Race families in the years past.

The ancient Satorius Family had grown rapidly in strength.

Everyone thought he would be the next leader of the Spirit Race for ten thousand years, and naturally chose to form ties early with the Satorius Family.

However, Indigo's sudden appearance ruthlessly took way everything belonging to him.

Those minor factions that had sworn to the Satorius Family broke ties with them seeing the situation change.

In a short time, half of the factions loyal to them had left.

The feeling of humiliation of falling down from the cloud nine was not something Oktan and the Satorius Family could accept.

They finally made this counter plan—kill Indigo!

"I thought that we could interact peacefully," Indigo said softly.

"You are too naive!" Oktan laughed wildly and said, "As long as you are alive, the old fogeys in the race will not accept me! Tell me, how can I let you continue to live? Haha, I am not afraid to tell you that it was the member of the Satorius Family who first received news of this Origin World in the Abyss. We leaked the news to your grandfather primarily to lure you here. We will only leave no clues behind if we kill you in the Origin World!"

When he said this, he paused and then said harshly, "In order to not leave any trace, other than us, everyone in this Origin World must die! I will not allow anyone else to live, and leak the news!"

When he said this, Stanca of the Winged Race, and Salleh of the Bone Race knew they could not escape.


A blue light suddenly appeared in the distance and then formed between Stanca and the Spirit Race.

"It's you?" Sienna stilled.

"Why did you come back?" Stanca was puzzled.

Qin Lie put on Mo Hai’s mask and hid his Blaze Family bloodline to pose as a human again.

Sienna, Bagi and the other Spirit Race clansmen all recognized this strange human.

Indigo's eyes warmed up when she saw Qin Lie suddenly appear. She said softly, "Thank you."

While Qin Lie did not say anything, she knew that Qin Lie had come out of worry for her.

"Who is this?" Oktan stilled and looked at Thamur. "You have been staying around the Origin Sea. Do you know who he is?"

Wrapped in black robes, Thamur's green eyes turned serious. He said, "A very troublesome person."

"Troublesome?" Oktan had a disdainful expression. "Thamur, you think that his arrival will create great trouble for us?"

Strangely, Thamur nodded and said, "Yes."

When he said this, Oktan put away his dismissal and finally became serious. He said, "Who is this person?"

He knew Thamur was powerful and he trusted Thamur's judgement. Since Thamur had insisted on this person being troublesome, he realized that this person would not be easy to defeat.

But in his view, Qin Lie was not of the God Race, not a high rank Abyss Devil, and not from the Spirit Race. He was puzzled.

"He is Qin Lie, a mixed-blood of the human race and Blaze Family. He has the lost Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Blaze Family," Thamur said.

"Flesh Filling Tombstone!" Oktan was stunned

Salleh's eyes lit up. He looked at Qin Lie and said, "Is it really you?"

Sienna and Bagi paled when they heard Thamur say this and unconsciously gathered around Indigo.

They looked at Qin Lie with wary gazes.

Earlier, a huge burning Blaze Family madman had almost killed them all with an enormous Ring of the Burning Sun!

Had Indigo not taken out the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb, they would have all died.

"Do not worry. He is not our enemy. Did you forget he had rescued me?" Indigo urged.

"But, but before that he almost killed you!" Sienna screamed.

"That was just an accident." Indigo explained and then said softly, "I am sure, in the future... he will definitely not do that."

"But..." Sienna still wanted to speak.

Qin Lie saw Thamur expose his identity. He stopped hiding and removed the mask.

He showed his true face.

"It really is you!" Salleh screamed.

Stanca and Indigo had known Qin Lie's identity beforehand. But they did not know the burning madman of the Blaze Family was the Qin Lie he knew.

Seeing Qin Lie appear, he was the most shocked.

Qin Lie smiled and nodded slightly at Salleh. He said, "Last time, I had trouble during my cultivation and lost my mind. Please do not hold it against me."

This undoubtedly confirmed his identity.

Salleh paled.

"It really is slightly troublesome." Thamur sighed and said, "In my plan, he should be in the Origin Sea right now, and helping the God Race fight the Abyss Devils. In my plan, we take care of these people, and the God Race and the Abyss Devils should have both suffered heavy losses. Then we would clean up the situation. I did not expect him to come here.”

Thamur clearly had a headache.

Pausing, he said helplessly, "Oktan, it seems one of us will have to defeat him."

"This person is so troublesome?" Oktan had a shocked expression.

"Really so." Thamur sighed.

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