Chapter 1265: The Second Group of Spirit Race Clansmen!

Chapter 1265: The Second Group of Spirit Race Clansmen!

As the five families of the God Race headed toward the Origin Sea, Qin Lie also began to move. 

He intended to activate the Group Ignition Blood Art and ignite the Blaze Family members’ bloodline when they engaged the Abyss Devils. All to help boost the God Race’s fighting power.

From his point of view, he could seize the Origin Crystal hidden within the Origin Sea only when the God Race defeated the group of Abyss Devils occupying the Origin Sea.

The defeat of the Abyss Devils corresponded with his interests.

However, he suddenly sensed another presence upon his advance toward the Origin Sea.

After he was able to receive soul energy from his Soul Beast avatar, the limits of his soul perception made yet another breakthrough.

The current range of his soul perception had surpassed even the Spirits of Void and Chaos, covering a five kilometer radius.

He sensed the presence of another group of Spirit Race clansmen at the very edges of his soul perception!

Those Spirit Race clansmen were clearly not with Indigo’s group. Not only were they greater in number, Thamur’s aura could be sensed amidst their ranks.

Furthermore, he clearly perceived that this group of Spirit Race clansmen were speedily advancing in Indigo’s direction.

“Two groups of Spirit Race clansmen…” he thought, puzzled.

Indigo had the Bone and Winged Races, totaling three separate forces of power that were not much inferior to the five great families of the God Race.

However, that new group of Spirit Race clansmen actually exceeded one hundred, a number much greater than the Abyss Devils occupying the Origin Sea!

This force suddenly appeared when the God Race families were about to clash with the Abyss Devils. 

Before this, no one was aware that this force had appeared.

This defied common sense.

What caught him off guard the most was that the Soul Race’s Thamur was hidden within that group of Spirit Race clansmen.

”Not good!” He felt a sense of foreboding.

Once he realized this, after a period of hesitation, he no longer rushed toward the bloody battle of the Origin Sea which was about to break out between the God Race and the Abyss Devils. Instead, he hurriedly sprang towards Indigo’s group using the Blitz Thunder Escape.

At the same time.

Headed by Indigo, the Spirit, Bone, and Winged Races were moving towards the Origin Sea.

They knew that a battle was about to erupt between the God Race and the Abyss Devils.

Within the ranks of the Spirit Race group, Indigo’s brows wrinkled as she suddenly raised her hand in a stopping gesture.

The entire group stopped.

”What’s wrong?” Dano asked.

Bagi and Sienna also looked at her in astonishment.

”Aside from us, are there any other Spirit Race clansmen who came here?” Indigo asked.

Dano thought about it, then shook his head. “No.”

Sienna was stunned. “Young Mistress, have you detected something?”

”Is there a problem?” Bagi asked, curious.

”If no others have entered, then why do I feel the life aura of our race?” Indigo said with a frown.

Bagi’s expression relaxed. He chuckled, “I’m guessing it’s the clansmen who were lucky to still be alive.”

”That’s probably it. When we entered, we were all scattered by the secret realm’s environment. Only when we neared the Origin Sea did Bagi and I meet up with you, Young Mistress,” Sienna said with a laugh.

The expressions of the other Spirit Race clansmen also eased.

But Indigo shook her head with tightened brows. “Can’t be.”

”What?” Dano finally felt unease.

”They number more than one hundred, even more than the Abyss Devils,” Indigo stated.


Dano, Sienna, and Bagi all paled at this answer.

The other Spirit Race clansmen also shouted in surprise.

”H-how is this possible? Could… you have gotten it wrong?” Sienna asked anxiously.

”No.” Indigo shook her head.

By this time, the Winged Race’s Stanca also sensed an abnormality.

He walked out of his group of Winged Race clansmen and quickly arrived at the Spirit Race’s group. “A huge group is approaching! And they all seem to be of the Spirit Race!”

Once they entered the range of Stanca’s soul perception, he too was able to detect those signs of life.

Once those Spirit Race clansmen heard what Stanca had said, they all revealed odd looks.

They knew that Stanca was also able to use his soul perception. Even if Indigo had it wrong, how could Stanca also be wrong?

”Why would it be like this, why is there another Spirit Race group? We never received any information about this,” Dano muttered with a frown, clearly confused.

”Since we are the same race, it should be a good thing,” Bagi consoled the group.

However, he clearly saw the heavy expressions on Dano and Sienna’s faces.

“Who are they?” Stanca asked.

”I don’t know either,” Indigo replied.

Stanca’s expression changed as he said in a shocked voice, “How could you not know?”

He suddenly had an ominous premonition.

Time trickled by.

The three races’ clansmen tensed once they knew that there was an abnormality.

They all waited in silence.

After a while, huge clusters of Darklight Stones appeared in the sky not too far away.

Both the size and quantity of those Darklight Stones had actually surpassed the ones that belonged to the Abyss Devils occupying the Origin Sea!

More than a hundred Spirit Race clansmen dressed uniformly with a silver mirror design on their chest stood below the Darklight Stones. 

It was clearly a certain ancient clan’s special pattern.

They were lead by a blue-colored, blue-eyed Spirit Race youth. He was handsome, yet his face had an air of evil.

Multiple dazzling silver little mirrors that resembled spatial crystals floated beside him like sharp cold knives.

His sudden appearance made the excited expressions of Dano, Bagi, and Sienna turn for the worse. They shouted in unison, “Oktan!”

”Bagi, Sienna, long time no see.” Spirit Race’s Oktan grinned with an indescribable coldness. “I remember that we were still comrades the last time we met.”

”Y-yes.” Bagi didn’t know why, but he felt a sense of dread once he saw Oktan, so much that he stuttered.

Dano’s face darkened. “Oktan! Why are you here?”

”Since you guys can come, why can’t I be here?” Oktan said in astonishment.

”You should know that this secret realm exploration was specially prepared for Young Mistress!” Dano shouted.

”Young Mistress?” Oktan chuckled, shaking his head. “She is not my Young Mistress.”

”The clan chief! All the rank ten experts of the various great families, including your grandfather and your family! All of them had already sworn an oath and recognized her as our next clan chief!” Dano yelled, furious.

”Oh, really? If that’s the case, then why would I appear here?” A sharp light flashed in Oktan’s eyes. Without waiting for Dano’s answer, he suddenly continued, “I know that you are loyal to this little girl. Since I can’t persuade you… you can die first.”

Once his voice fell, the Spirit Race clansman nearest to Dano lifted his left hand and stabbed at Dano’s chest.

His hand penetrated Dano’s heart and came out from his back.

”Big Brother Dano!” Indigo shouted.

Bagi and Sienna also paled.

The Spirit Race clansmen who abruptly killed Dano had always been together with him, and Dano had talked to him frequently.

At this moment, once he killed Dano, he retreated toward Oktan’s side. After Indigo, Sienna, and Bagi held Dano their arms, did he speak with indifference, “I am from the Satorius Family. To us, Young Master Oktan is the future clan chief.”

”Oktan! Do you know what kind of calamity your actions will bring about for your family?” Sienna shouted.

Oktan’s smile turned sinister. “And who would know? The old fogeys of our clan can’t even penetrate this Origin World with their soul consciousness. All they would believe is that you guys were killed by the other races here.”

At this point, his gaze swiftly shifted toward Salleh and Stanca. He said with a smile, “Look, the Bone and Winged Races. Aren’t they the perfect scapegoats?”

Upon hearing his words, Salleh and Stanca’s expressions turned grim.

As implicated parties, they suddenly realized that it was improbable for them to escape.

Oktan definitely wouldn’t allow them to leave the secret realm alive!

”You dare!” Sienna shouted in fury.

Oktan was a bit impatient. “Bagi, Sienna, in consideration of our previous comradeship, as long as you swear to be loyal to me and offer me your soul marks, I can allow you to live.

He then paused, before continuing. “But this is limited to just you two.”

A person completely covered by a pitch black robe came out from behind Oktan. He sniggered, “I will be in charge of your souls and eternally link them to Oktan. I guarantee that Oktan will know the moment any thoughts of rebellion appear in your mind, and can instantly scatter your soul in the next instant.”

He laughed again soon after and slightly bowed toward Indigo. ”We meet again.”

”You are Thamur?” Indigo asked.


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