Chapter 1264: Natural Soul Altar!

Chapter 1264: Natural Soul Altar!

When a Spirit Realm’s human hit Imperishable Realm, they would begin to forge a Soul Altar and put more emphasis on the cultivation of the soul.

After that, it was mandatory for a Imperishable Realm cultivator to add a new level to their existing Soul Altar every time they achieved a minor breakthrough.

The Soul Progenitor was the one who inspired this type of cultivation system.

Without the Soul Progenitor, the human race wouldn’t have realized the secrets of the souls, explored them and learned how to construct Soul Altars.

In terms of the cultivation of the soul, one could say that the human race was emulating the Soul Race since the start of the Imperishable Realm.

Currently, a Spirit Realm human would gather all the necessary spirit materials they needed before they officially entered the Imperishable Realm. Some would start preparing as soon as the late stage of the Nirvana Realm.

The spirit materials required to forge a Soul Altar were incredibly precious and rare. It was also the main reason the Soul Altar experts of the Land of Chaos fought each other back then.

These resources were necessary to the construction of their Soul Altars.

If they wished to ascend higher and increase their strength further, they had to gather all the world’s spirit materials they needed.

After acquiring Serine’s fragmented memories, Qin Lie learned more and more about the Origin World, Origin Crystal, and the Origin Sea. He learned that the Origin Crystal was a natural Soul Altar birthed by the world itself!

If he could obtain this Origin Crystal, after he entered the Imperishable Realm, he could imprint his knowledge of power, his understanding of the laws and more onto it.

He could refine it and make it his own Soul Altar!

This natural Soul Altar had a vast Origin Sea and was the key to controlling the entire Origin World!

If he successfully obtained the Origin Crystal for himself, the amount of aid it would provide to his cultivation was immeasurable!

This one Origin Crystal could establish the foundation necessary to enter the Genesis Realm and the absolute power he needed to rule all of Spirit Realm!

“The Origin Crystal! I must obtain it!” He made up his mind.


Near the Origin Sea.

Many high rank Abyss Devils were sitting on a giant Darklight Stone and holding their breaths. They were studying the secrets of their own bloodline through the Origin Sea.

Enos, Vicente, and the rest of the high rank Abyss Devils had improved massively as of late.

Several of them awakened new bloodline abilities as well.

Below the Darklight Stone.

Ling Yushi and the Ling Family members were staring at the pitch black sea next to them.

Diga of Yellow Springs Purgatory was doing to the same. He had a bitter look on his face, however.

The pitch black sea was vast and utterly silent. A high rank Abyss Devil had ignored his yells and stepped into the Origin Sea.

A lot of high rank Abyss Devils were staring at the dissenter.

The devil had strange horns on his head and was almost five meters tall. He abruptly jumped into the Origin Sea while roaring.

Pitch black seawater swallowed him instantly, entering into his body through every pore.

In an instant, every Abyss Devil sensed that the Abyss Devil energy inside his body was climbing at an unimaginable rate!

The five meter tall high rank Abyss Devil swelled rapidly in no time at all.

Terrific power also grew inside his body.

“Hahaha! This is crazy, I don’t even need to do anything! There’s practically no end to the growth of power!” He boasted.

On the Darklight Stone, Enos, Vicente, and the rest of the high rank Abyss Devils stared at Diga inquiringly.

When they first arrived at the Origin Sea, Diga had warned them not to physically enter the Origin Sea no matter what. They were only allowed to seek out the Origin Crystal with their soul or study the secrets of their bloodline using their proximity to the Origin Sea.

Everyone had heeded his warning despite sensing the gigantic Abyss Devil energy contained inside the liquid Origin Sea, until now.

That brawny high rank Abyss Devil had ignored Diga’s warning and stepped into the Origin Sea. As a result, he was rewarded with an infinite amount of abyss devil energy. The sight tempted all of them as they stared inquiringly at Diga.

Diga sneered before saying, “Feel free to follow his footsteps if you wish to die!”

Vicente and Enos looked surprised upon hearing his reply.

It was at this moment the powerful Abyss Devil who was bathing in the liquid abyss devil energy without reservation suddenly exploded like a balloon that had too much air in it.

His remains were devoured by the Origin Sea instantly. Not even a speck of bone was left by the time it was over.

The eager-looking high rank Abyss Devils felt like someone had just smacked them in the head. They were all stunned by this sudden outcome.

“It is true that this liquid form abyss devil energy is thousands of times richer than the gas form abyss devil energy that normally exists in you Abyss Devils. It is also true that you can obtain an unimaginable amount of bloodline power if you soak yourself in it and allow all this liquid energy to enter your body!”

Diga stared coldly and disdainfully at the high rank Abyss Devils before him. “But are you sure your rank seven bloodline can endure such a tremendous amount of abyss devil energy? Don’t you know that the total amount of energy the Origin Sea has is equivalent of an entire Abyss level?”

“A single Abyss level contain enough energy to generate a couple of rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss, dozens of rank nine Lords of the Abyss, millions of rank eight Abyss Devils and billions of lower rank Abyss Devils!”

Diga paused for a moment before continuing, “To think there would be someone foolish enough to bathe in liquid Origin Sea with their own body! What an absolute idiot!”

The high rank Abyss Devils turned meek after they were scolded by him.

“The only way to find the Origin Crystal inside the Origin Sea is through the soul. After the Origin Crystal is found, then you can imprint the laws of your bloodline into it.” Diga snorted coldly. “This is the only way to obtain the Origin Crystal! If it was possible to enter the Origin Sea physically then why would I still be here? I was the first person who found the Origin Sea! Do you think I’m stupider than you lot?”

All the high rank Abyss Devils who doubted him earlier lowered their heads meekly and stayed silent.

“Sister Ling, have you... sensed that Origin Crystal yet?” Diga suddenly changed the subject and looked at Ling Yushi somewhat nervously. “Your soul is the strongest out of all of us… out of all of us, you and I are the only ones who have a shot at finding it.”

“Not yet,” Ling Yushi answered calmly.

Diga smiled bitterly, letting out a disappointed sigh. “I guess we have to fight the God Race first before we can continue on our search.”

If he could find the Origin Crystal before the God Race arrived, he could imprint his bloodline, his soul and the secrets he learned onto it. Then, he could fuse with the Origin Crystal and take over this Origin World completely.

When that happened, he could kill everyone he had a bone to pick with inside the Origin World with a mere thought!

He wouldn’t have had to fight the God Race to the death.

“Sister Ling, ignore me and just fuse with that Origin Crystal if you find it.” Diga pondered for a moment before sighing. “I was the first one to arrive, and I’ve tried everything I could to communicate with the Origin Crystal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even locate it so far, so it doesn’t look like there’s any hope for me. At first, I thought I could change my fate with this Origin Crystal, but…”

He shook his head. “Still, that’s no reason to give such a thing to an outsider! Sister Ling, just take that Origin Crystal for yourself if you can locate it!”

Ling Yushi thought for a moment before nodding slowly. She said, “I’ll inform you if I find the crystal.”

Diga said sincerely, “Thank you.”

It was at this moment Ling Yushi looked to the distance and said, “They’re finally here.”

Diga’s face darkened as he snorted. “Perfect. Let’s see if Hao Jie is truly invincible after he fuses with the Flesh Filling Tombstone!”

“We honestly don’t have to fight them,” Ling Yushi said suddenly.

Her words caught Diga off guard, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t sense anyone among the God Race who’s proficient in the art of the soul, so it means that none of them can sense the Origin Crystal even if they were here.” Ling Yushi said calmly before looking towards another direction. “There are only two people who had any real hope any detecting the Origin Crystal. One of them is that Soul Race clansman, and the other one is probably that Spirit Race girl you mentioned… There is literally no hope for the God Race to find the Origin Crystal, let alone take control of it. Even if they made their way here, there’s nothing they can do except study their bloodline further through the Origin Sea.”

Her answer surprised Diga.

A dozen or so minutes later.

The united forces of the God Race led by Hao Jie, Ming Xu, and Cang Ye finally arrived.

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