Chapter 1262: Short Clash

Chapter 1262: Short Clash

Hao Jie immediately waved his hands after he was done speaking, motioning for the Bloodthirst Family clansmen to surround Qin Lie.

Right now, the Bloodthirst Family squad was the second smallest among the five families.

The Blaze Family’s squad still had eight members excluding Qin Lie, and the Darkness Family’s squad also had seven surviving members. Ming Xu’s squad was even more surprising, having lost no one at all.

But the Bloodthirst Family’s squad only had five remaining people left including Hao Jie, and now Qin Lie was telling him that one of them had been changed into a soul servant.

He just couldn’t accept it!

The four Bloodthirst Family members quietly approached Qin Lie after receiving their orders.

The person Qin Lie suspected harshly spoke s he approached with a chilling look, “You had left out of cowardice when we fought against the Abyss Devils earlier. That is enough to prove that you’re guilty! After that, you vanished again and didn’t return to the gathering spot. That proves that you’re plotting something! Now, just when we’re about to launch our final assault against the Abyss Devils, you suddenly show up and try to sow dissent between our ranks! No matter how you look at it, you’re the most suspicious out of all of us! You simply don’t have the right to suspect anyone at all!”

The Bloodthirst Family members weren’t the only ones who agreed with him. Everyone thought that his words made sense.

Qin Lie had been acting unusually and suspiciously. They couldn’t help but suspect him.

Cang Ye, who was going to investigate the suspected clansman in her group also hesitated. She decided to delay her action until later.

She hadn’t had much contact with Qin Lie. Her stance on Qin Lie was neutral and skeptical.

She was also afraid that Qin Lie might have an ulterior motive. She was worried that she might fall for Qin Lie’s trick and lose her squad members’ trust.

“Qin Lie doesn’t say meaningless things!”

Liu Yang was the only one who spoke up in this situation. She firmly believed that Qin Lie wouldn’t harm them on purpose.

Nan Qi, Levy, and the others stayed silent. They never said anything from the start to the end.

They had obviously lost trust in Qin Lie.

Wearing a bitter smile on his face, Gan Xing was just about to say something when he discovered that everyone except him, Liu Yang, and Wu Sha were suspecting Qin Lie.

Even Yan Feng was suspicious.

Right now, the four Bloodthirst Family members had released their fiendish auras that slowly transformed into many scary-looking pythons.

Gan Xing’s face darkened as he said urgently, “What are you guys doing?”

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and stared at the four red pythons surrounding the four youths’ necks. The snakes were staring at him with violent eyes.

“I suppose I’ve never truly earned your trust after all.” Suddenly, he smiled self-derisively.

If he hadn’t protected the Blaze Family squad, they would’ve lost more than one man.

If he hadn’t did his best to save them, Gan Xing and Nan Qi’s squad would’ve lost at least half their members when they encountered Vicente.

After they got close to the Origin Sea, he was the one who reunited Hong Kai and Xuan Luo.

He had done everything he thought he could do.

But when the time he needed their trust came, they seemed to disbelieve him based on the fact that he was a mixed-blood.

Xuan Luo, Ming Xu, and even Cang Ye did nothing to help him even though the four Bloodthirst Family members were approaching him.

Gan Xing, Liu Yang, and Wu Sha were the only ones who still looked like they cared for him.

“It’s not that we don’t want to trust you. You’re just… too suspicious, that’s all.” Cang Ye sighed.

“I guess I shouldn’t have come after all.” Qin Lie shook his head wryly. “Never mind. At least I know what kind of stance you’re taking now.”

Blue lightning instantly surrounded his body.

“He’s going to escape!”

The four Bloodthirst Family member acted to seal off Qin Lie’s escape path with the red pythons.

The gigantic pythons swam the air and summoned red light screens to cover the space around Qin Lie, trapping him entirely.

“Nine Thunder Blast!”

Suddenly, giant balls of thunder winked into existence.


The nine giant thunder balls exploded at once into a sea of lightning.

The four scary-looking pythons were scattered into bloody mists by the attack.

At the same time, Qin Lie was zapping down the direction he came from like lightning.

“Want to leave? It won’t be that easy!” Hao Jie snorted coldly.

A sinister and bloody picture suddenly appeared above Qin Lie’s retreat path. The picture twisted and changed as if it was made up of many wriggling snakes.

A thick, fiendish, evil aura of death spilled out of that bloody picture.

Blood bubbles started popping from the surface of the bloody picture like marsh bubbles.

Every bubble seemed to contain a blurry face filled with pain, fear and despair. Some of the faces belonged to Abyss Devils, and some belonged to Spirit Race clansmen. Qin Lie could spot the Winged Race, the Bone Race and many other strange races he didn’t recognize among them as well.

These bloody, blurry faces seemed to be the victims of Hao Jie. They immediately started screaming soundlessly after they appeared.

Although his ears couldn’t hear anything, their voices somehow slipped straight into his mind.


The attack caused Qin Lie to stumble in midair like someone had struck him.

At the same time, the bloody picture suddenly descended like a net.

“You think you’re invincible?”

Qin Lie turned around with eyes that looked like pools of lava and red hair that wouldn’t stop growing.

“Blood Arts: Explode!”

A burning ball of bloody light appeared in his palm. It was surrounded by what seemed like an infinite amount of violent blood aura, and it kept swelling like a beating heart.


The bloody light exploded and sent a shocking wave of blood aura right back at the bloody picture.


At the same time, a glint of harsh moonlight—the Serene Moon Race’s Moon Tear—suddenly appeared in the sky and shredded the bloody picture into pieces.

Hao Jie was about to charge towards Qin Lie when he came to an abrupt stop. His eyes suddenly shone oddly.

He seemed to be forcibly suppressing the Flesh Filling Tombstone in his chest.

“You should save your energy for the Abyss Devils at the Origin Sea.” Qin Lie curled his lips and taunted. “I was wondering how powerful you are, but I guess I overrated you.”


Another giant ball of bloody light exploded from the shredded picture. Tiny bits of lightning also came out of it.

The bloody picture of death and its many bloodied faces instantly turned into ash.

Hao Jie let out a dull groan as an unnatural tide of redness surged up to his face. He clutched his chest with one hand with slightly changed eyes.

“Qin Lie!” Gan Xing shouted.

“Goodbye.” Qin Lie didn’t even throw a glance at the God Race families’ direction. He turned around and left.

This time, no one tried to stop him.

A bloody glint flashed across Hao Jie’s eyes, and suddenly he hit the Bloodthirst Family member who cried for Qin Lie’s blood right at the back of his head.


Blood flowed out of the person’s eyes, nose and ears. He looked incredibly scary.

“You!” He screamed.

Hao Jie snorted before sticking his middle finger straight into the person’s brain.

Blood instantly spilled everywhere.

Tendrils of black soul smoke poured out of the man’s orifices. They slowly gathered into a soul shadow whose face was concealed.

Her face changed, Cang Ye immediately turned to stare at the Darkness Family clansman Qin Lie had pointed out earlier.

The Darkness Family clansman started laughing eerily when he saw Cang Ye’s stare. “Your race is truly an ungrateful bunch.”

The unharmed soul shadow floated out of his head and slipped away before Cang Ye could react.

Both soul shadows swiftly convened and vanished into the darkness before the God Race clansmen could act.

“Qin Lie was right! They were possessed by that Soul Race clansman!” Liu Yang shouted before she started running towards the direction Qin Lie left.

Gan Xing and Wu Sha quickly followed her after they were caught off guard for a second.

Everyone else stood where they were dumbfoundedly and stared at Hao Jie in confusion and puzzlement.

They didn’t understand why Hao Jie had suddenly chosen to believe Qin Lie.

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