Chapter 1261: Hidden Threat

Chapter 1261: Hidden Threat

The five God Race families marched proudly under several Darklight Stones of differing sizes.

On the way, several foreign squads who were lucky enough to make it all the way to the Origin Sea hastily moved out of the way when they spotted them.

Even the Abyss Devils who were patrolling nearby made sure to keep their distance upon discovering them. Not only would it be suicide, they dared not engage such big numbers alone either.

Right now, the God Race was the only force in the Origin Sea that dared to engage the Abyss Devil hunters in battle.

Moreover, an extremely small number of people had heard that Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family was the one who seriously wounded Diga of Yellow Springs Purgatory. Those who had been victims to Diga now viewed Hao Jie as their leader and their shot at taking down the Abyss Devil hunters.

A lot of squads began operating in secret after learning that the God Race had started marching towards the Origin Sea.

“Are you truly recovered?”

Cang Ye turned around to glance at Hao Jie worriedly before asking, “Would your wounds worsen if you… fuse with the Flesh Filling Tombstone once more?”

“It’s fine. I’m confident that I can unleash the Flesh Filling Tombstone’s power again,” Hao Jie said arrogantly.

“Do you remember that mysterious person with another Flesh Filling Tombstone I told you about?” Cang Ye asked.

“You mean that unknown Blaze Family clansman?” Hao Jie snorted a little disdainfully before answering, “I don’t believe that he has mastered the Tombstone Fusion Art. I don’t believe that he can truly unleash the Flesh Filling Tombstone’s power either.”

Cang Ye pondered for a moment before asking again, “Can you find him?”

“Find him?” Hao Jie looked surprised.

“Mn. If we can find him and persuade him to join us, then our success will be guaranteed,” Cang Ye said seriously. “According to that Soul Race clansman’s information, Diga isn’t the only leader who’s holding the Origin Sea right now. There’s also a woman who hails from Nine Hells Purgatory. If Diga is this powerful already, I can’t see us doing too well against both him and that woman. Moreover, our numbers still pale in comparison to these high rank Abyss Devils.”

Hao Jie frowned before replying, “I can only sense him if he’s very close to me, and only after I’ve fused with the Flesh Filling Tombstone.”

Cang Ye knew that her plan was pointless when she heard this. She couldn’t help but sigh. “How unfortunate. If Qin Lie was with us, our chances would be much bigger. But…”

Qin Lie had learned the Group Ignition Blood Art, so he could grant all Blaze Family clansmen the ability to ignite their bloodlines and enhance their strength for a short time.

Right now, the Blaze Family squad had more members than most of them. If every Blaze Family clansman could ignite their bloodline, she was certain that their overall power would increase massively.

“He’s just a mixed-blood. I refuse to believe he can be all that useful,” Hao Jie said coldly.

Cang Ye fell silent.

Behind them, Gan Xing, Liu Yang and Wu Sha couldn’t help but think of Qin Lie while listening to their conversation.

A trace of bitterness passed through their lips.

Qin Lie had left them without bidding them goodbye, and they had to admit that it disappointed them somewhat. Even they were starting to wonder if they had put their trust in Qin Lie a little too carelessly.

“Someone’s ahead of us!”

Suddenly, Ming Xu of the Light Family shouted out the warning in surprise.

The God Race clansmen stared in front of them with odd looks.

Right now, they were very close to the Origin Sea. The Abyss Devils were the only ones who were even closer than they were, and there were plenty of people who were looking forward to their inevitable clash.

Every squad who knew of their current course had moved out of the way a long time ago. Even that mysterious Soul Race clansman hadn’t shown up as of late.

Therefore, it made no sense that someone would show themselves to them so close to the Origin Sea.

They immediately trained their gazes forward.

An imposing figure slowly appeared under the Darklight Stones.

“Qin Lie!”

The moment Gan Xing and the others saw who it was, they immediately let out a cry of joy.

The deep disappointment in their hearts vanished the second they saw him.

Even Cang Ye was looking happy.

She knew very well that Qin Lie had the power to boost the entire Blaze Family’s strength. Their battle against the Abyss Devils was imminent, so Qin Lie’s arrival was sure to bolster their overall strength.

“He showed up at this time? Hmph…” Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family stared at him coldly, his thoughts privy to no one but himself. Right now, everyone was surprised by Qin Lie’s sudden arrival.

Gan Xing and Liu Yang walked forward to meet Qin Lie without hesitation.

“That Soul Race clansman called Thamur had planted soul servants in every squad.” Qin Lie jumped straight to the point. “The Spirit Race, Bone Race, and Winged Race all found soul servants among their ranks. I hope you all can treat this seriously and check if the people around you… are still who they claim to be.”

“Are you here to sow dissent?” Hao Jie said coldly.

Xuan Luo turned around and looked at Hong Kai. “There’s absolutely no chance what you say is applicable to our squad.”

Gan Xing answered after a moment of surprise, “We’ve never split up, you know that. It’s unlikely that that Soul Race clansman would have the opportunity to plant a soul servant in our midst.”

“Have you left your squad’s side before?” Qin Lie looked at Cang Ye.

“I did,” Cang Ye answered.

While she was saying this, she looked at her own squad members suspiciously.

“Big Sis Cang Ye! We can’t possibly be compromised!”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense!”

“He’s here to make trouble for us!”

The Darkness Family member all complained angrily.

Ming Xu’s eyes abruptly brightened with divine light after he heard Qin Lie’s reason for coming over.

He stared at his clansmen, and their eyes suddenly glowed white as well.

He stared at his clansmen for a moment before the light in his eyes dimmed. Then, he said, “I can guarantee that what you said haven’t happened to my squad.”

“I’d suggest that the Bloodthirst Family and Darkness Family to check as well,” Qin Lie said calmly.

“Why don’t you call yourself a soul servant and admit you’re here to sow dissent?” a Bloodthirst Family clansman yelled angrily.

“I think he’s the most suspicious of us all!” another Darkness Family clansman echoed his sentiment. “He’s the one who keeps disappearing during critical moments! I think he must have an ulterior motive! Big Sis Cang Ye, we should capture him and see what secrets he hides with a soul searching secret art!”

“I’m in favor of that!” the Bloodthirst Family clansman voiced his agreement.

Qin Lie chuckled and stared at them both. “They’re the most suspicious ones. I suggest that you investigate them thoroughly.”

“I trust my brother, but I don’t trust you!” Hao Jie said icily. “I think you’re the most suspicious one here!”

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