Chapter 1260: Time Reversal

Chapter 1260: Time Reversal

“Stanca, you can deal with your own kin.” Indigo then turned to look at Salleh. “You too, Salleh.”

After that, she pressed her delicate left hand onto the possessed Spirit Race clansman’s chest.

A mysterious blue screen spread across the man’s chest in an instant.

The starlights suddenly grew sharp and lively as they stabbed into the Spirit Race clansman’s forehead.


The pitch black light at his forehead spun rapidly until it slowly took the form of a soul shadow.

The blurry soul shadow suddenly screamed shrilly.

“How dare you vanquish one of my soul marks. Just wait, I’ll slaughter all of you in this Origin Sea as my revenge!”

“You’ve spied on us multiple times with your soul, and you even murdered one of my own. I’m not planning on letting you escape either,” Indigo said coldly.

Suddenly, her left hand turned translucent as blue blood threads seeped into the man’s flesh from her palm.

The blue blood threads spread out like a spider web.

They covered the entire Spirit Race clansman’s body in just a short time.

The blue blood threads then slipped into the man’s forehead as if they would surround the soul shadow that was rooted there.

“Are you actually trying to extract my soul? You want to save this person? Dream on!”

The soul shadow laughed harshly before exploding with a bang.

Suddenly, not a bit of soul presence could be detected from the Spirit Race clansman anymore.

Indigo bit her lips and stared at the now dead Spirit Race clansman for a while. Finally, she withdrew the blue blood threads and spoke dejectedly to Sienna, “I can’t save him.”

“You did your best already.” Sienna comforted her.

“He still has a trace of soul imprint left inside him. If I could restrict that invader and seize that final bit of soul imprint, I could’ve returned him to life using Time Reversal and sacrificing a portion of my lifeforce.” Indigo sighed softly.

“TIme Reversal!” Dano of the Spirit Race suddenly shook. “Young Mistress, you’ve… awakened the Time Reversal latent ability?”

The rest of the Spirit Race clansmen looked excited as well.

Time Reversal was the most miraculous bloodline ability wielded only by those Spirit Race experts with the time attribute. Not only was it incredibly powerful in battle, it was said to be capable of reviving even the dead.

However, not everyone with the time attribute had the fortune of awakening such a powerful latent ability.

In fact, only Spirit Seeds who possessed at least three types of bloodline attributes including the time attribute could awaken to the bloodline ability called Time Reversal.

Moreover, no Spirit Seed had ever awakened this ability before reaching rank eight.

But Indigo’s bloodline had just entered rank seven…

“Mn. Time Reversal is what I got when I reach rank seven,” Indigo explained.

“You truly are the strongest Spirit Seed in our history!” Dano couldn’t suppress his joy.

Compared to this revelation, this Spirit Race clansman’s death was worth almost nothing at all.

Meanwhile, Stanca of the Winged Race and Salleh of the Bone Race were walking toward their possessed clansmen respectively.

They all believed in Indigo after seeing her methods and hearing Thamur’s unwilling scream.

They were now certain that their clansmen had been possessed by the Soul Race clansman.

“Bang! Bang bang!”

The black dots on the three possessed clansmen’s foreheads suddenly exploded.

Their complaints suddenly ceased as their heads tipped downwards. They suddenly lost all signs of soul.

Thamur seemed to realize that there was no point holding onto these bodies any longer, so he gave up his pawns without hesitation

The hidden threats he planted among the three races had officially ended in failure thanks to Qin Lie’s reminder and Indigo’s sharp insight.

“Where’s that guy?” Stanca asked Indigo.

“Young Mistress, did that human really help you?” Dano asked curiously.

Both Sienna and Bagi were staring into the darkness in confusion as well.

“Yes, he did,” Indigo said.

“We should thank him and reward him for his good deed!” Dano expressed.

“He’s gone already,” Indigo replied quietly.

“He left? Did he seriously come all the way just to help you stabilize your bloodline? He didn’t ask for anything else?” Dano looked surprised.

“Mn. He only came to help me.” Indigo nodded slowly.

Everyone in the Spirit Race squad was surprised by this.

Not far away, Stanca ceased his questioning when he heard that Qin Lie had already left the area. He seemed to be aware that Qin Lie would leave them after he saved Indigo as well. Right now, he was only curious about the relationship between Qin Lie and Indigo.

When he had sought out Qin Lie and told him about Indigo’s predicament, it was to see if Qin Lie was willing to lend her a helping hand.

Qin Lie had gone to Indigo as he expected.

“A God Race clansman with a Flesh Filling Tombstone, and a Spirit Race clansman who’s their brightest pearl. If they’ve truly allied with one another, then the battle for the Origin Crystal…” Stanca thought to himself.

On the other side.

Qin Lie had secretly left when Indigo went out of the ice barrier to eliminate Thamur’s puppets. Right now, he was thinking of visiting the God Race.

He had confirmed that Thamur had puppets among the Spirit Race, the Bone Race, and the Winged Race.

Thamur really was controlling the greater flow of the battle happening all across this secret realm.

At this point, he was certain that Thamur’s soul servants were present among the Abyss Devils and the God Race as well.

He had no influence among the Abyss Devils, so he wasn’t going to invite a snub onto himself. But he could advise the God Race about this threat.

Plus, there seemed to be no one among the five great families who were well-versed in the secrets of the soul.

If Thamur really had planted some soul servants within the God Race, Xuan Luo, Cang Ye ,and the others would probably be incapable of detecting them.

Since six Spirits of Void and Chaos were slumbering inside the Soul Suppressing Orb, it became difficult to locate the God Race squads.

After he left the Spirit Race’s side, he wandered nearby the Origin Sea and waited for the God Race to present themselves.

If what Indigo said was true, then the God Race would be launching an attack against the Abyss Devils very soon.

All he needed to do was wait.

As expected, he sensed the God Race after a while of waiting.

“I can leave after I notify them. As long as Hao Jie doesn’t take out the Flesh Filling Tombstone and fuse it into his body, my Flesh Filling Tombstone shouldn’t be able to detect it and react.”

After making his mind, Qin Lie walked towards the God Race to warn them about Thamur and the possibility that some of them had been turned into his soul servants.

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