Chapter 126: Armament City

Chapter 126: Armament City

On top of the glacier, Qin Lie’s expression was icy as a cold and intimidating presence came from all over his body.

Li Mu could see, through his narrowed eyes, icy strands that came from all directions and coiled around Qin Lie, seeping into his body like water.

“Th-the frost concept is gradually disappearing, disappearing into Qin Lie’s body!” A moment later, Li Mu’s expression shifted in shock.

The Icestone Snow Wolf King’s eyes lit up. He deeply looked at Qin Lie and then looked at the strange changes of the frost concept in the surroundings.

It felt like this land of ice and snow seemed to have lost its soul, lost something extremely fundamental…

Li Mu said nothing more and observed with the Icestone Snow Wolf King from the side. Seven days later, the frost concept that had shrouded this land and never dissipated finally disappeared.

Qin Lie opened his eyes shortly after.

His eyes were cold, and his presence had changed tremendously. An uncomfortable coldness was emitted from his body.


Moving an arm, the thick ice suddenly shattered and fell off from his body, piece after piece.

“Uncle Li,” quietly said Qin Lie.

He had woken up from his long state of comprehension…

Focusing and thinking, he felt there was a new diagram inside the Soul Suppressing Orb inside his body along with the Spirit Storage, Spirit Gathering, Amplification and Strengthening spirit diagrams.

Rather than calling it a diagram, it was more like a picture scroll.

A picture scroll of gleaming cold, filled with a cold and harsh concept, and made from ice—the land of ice and snow.

The picture scroll was composed from lines of glowing light, white snow, and towering ice crystals. The sky and earth were full of white frost and ice, filled with a cold and desolate aura.

With just a glance, Qin Lie felt as though his bones had frozen.

The picture scroll of the land of ice and snow inside the Soul Suppressing Orb was formed from the frost concept in this underground glacial world. The frost concept that had clouded this land for many years had dissipated, and a picture had appeared in the Soul Suppressing Orb in his mind…

Qin Lie slowly understood.

His mind consciousness moved. Then, he discovered the spirit energy flowing in his dantian’s spirit sea, and found the formation of two new Natal Palaces.

The two Natal Palaces that were shaped like enormous balls of ice moved around his spirit sea, and within one of the ice balls, the frost concept was pure and strong. The other ice ball had just formed, so its frost power was not at its strongest.

He tried to channel power and instantly heard the rumble of thunder. Thunder power moved from the thunder and lightning Natal Palace into the acupoints of his body.

There wasn’t any change in the frost power inside the ice ball. They clearly did not listen to the direction of his Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

He gathered his spirit energy and discovered the power of the frost inside the ice ball still did not move…

Unable to direct the frost power, he was unable to use the power of the two new Natal Palaces. His brow creased slightly and quickly realized that he hadn’t completely grasped the frost concept, so he could not control the frost power inside the Natal Palaces.

“The frost concept here has disappeared, and your presence has suddenly changed as though you are now another person.” Li Mu looked deeply at him. “As to what happened to your body, I do not want to inspect it. However, your presence’s sudden change will be beneficial in the days to come…”

“Uncle Li, the frost concept in this glacial land has formed a picture scroll in my mind, it’s like a spirit diagram.”

After the two ice ball-shaped Natal Palaces formed in his dantian’s spirit sea, his presence became cold and his attitude became more frigid that it had been before. He now possessed a cold atmosphere.

His expression was distant which he was not accustomed to. Commenting on his new circumstances, he said, “There are two ice Natal Palaces in my dantian’s spirit sea as well, it feels… slightly strange. I’ve just woken up, so I don’t know what the situation is.”

Li Mu nodded. “No worries. You will have time to accustom yourself.”

Pausing, he then said, “...The frost concept has formed a picture scroll imprinted in your mind, it seems that you have many secrets.”

Finished speaking, Li Mu motioned to the Icestone Snow Wolf King.

The Icestone Snow Wolf King spat out a ball of ice, and the ball was the size of a fist, glowing and clear. Layers of icy light flowed and released an extremely cold power.

Qin Lie, Li Mu, and it were quickly frozen and covered in ice. A while later, the cold energy dissipated, and the three people had disappeared.

When they reappeared again, the three were in a small yard. Outside the yard was a city that was many times more busy and prosperous than Icestone City—Armament City!

The shop appeared to be exactly the same as the original Li’s Shop.

“This is Armament City, the city that belongs to Armament Sect. It is the transaction center for Black Iron factions like Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley and Dark Shadow Tower.” Li Mu pointed at a spot behind him. There was an enormous crimson volcano behind him that produced thick smoke. Fire occasionally spouted out. “Armament Sect is on the volcano behind us.”

There were many caves of various sizes that could be seen along the side of the crimson volcano. In addition, there seemed to be many people moving in the caves.

“Armament Sect is the same as Dark Asura Hall and Seven Fiends Valley, it is also a Black Iron power, but they are a force composed of artificers. This sect’s primary focus is artifact forging, and many famed artificers have come from the sect.” Li Mu introduced, “The spirit artifacts of the nearby forces, such as Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley and Dark Shadow Pavilion, are almost completely produced by Armament Sect. Due to this, Armament Sect’s status among the forces is superior.”

Qin Lie was muddle-headed and did not focus too much on Li Mu’s words. He was instead overtaken by great surprise.

The first time he was frozen by ice outside Icestone City, even his thoughts had stopped. When he woke up, he had been in the glaciers at the bottom of the Arctic Mountain Range.

He had thought at the time that Li Mu and the Icestone Snow Wolf King had taken a long time to take him under the Arctic Mountain Range.

This time when he was frozen by ice, his soul and consciousness had not been frozen, so he knew… only a moment had passed.

He naturally had heard of Armament Sect, knew of this great sect, and knew the general location of Armament Sect.

—It was thousands of miles away from the Arctic Mountain Range!

In other words, in that instant, he had moved from the glacial world under the Arctic Mountain Range directly to Armament City under Armament Sect.

He suddenly shook and shouted, “Uncle Li! We-we came directly from under Arctic Mountain Range?”

Li Mu nodded.

Qin Lie looked completely dumbfounded. He tried to say something but was unable to produce a single word.

“Don’t ask. I’ll talk and you’ll listen.” Li Mu smiled and indicated for him to sit. He then continued, “The Li’s Shop in Icestone City was just for Little Ice to make a decision, it wasn’t for you. When you came to my shop to sell the Spirit Gathering Boards, the reason I took you in was because the Spirit Gathering spirit diagram on your Spirit Gathering Boards were the most complex I have ever seen. I took you in out of curiosity.

“Afterwards, I took a liking to you and found that you have exceptional potential to be an artificer, so I spoke to guide you a bit. The main reason I took you out of the city was because I did not want you to be killed so easily, and the other reason is because your grandpa helped Little Ice a bit.

“Allowing you to comprehend the frost concept is Little Ice repaying your grandpa for explaining things about cultivation to him in the past. It is also for you to help protect that place after he leaves.”

When this was said, the Icestone Snow Wolf King spat out an ice ball. Li Mu took the ice ball and handed it to Qin Lie. “This is the Eye of Frost, the key to enter that place. In the future, you can go there to cultivate the frost concept that you comprehended.”

Qin Lie took the Eye of Frost. Strangely, the ball of ice was only slightly cold in his hand and was not as bone-achingly cold as he imagined.

“The method to activate the Eye of Frost is very simple. Use the power of frost to activate the crux inside and the cold energy will freeze your body to take you in or out of the land of ice.” After Li Mu explained, he smiled freely and said, “The reason I am saying so much is because Little Ice and I are leaving. We might return after a long time, or we might not return at all…”

“Uncle Li…” Qin Lie exclaimed softly.

“This thin ice mask is for you. If you stick this on your cheeks, your appearance will change greatly. Since your presence has become much colder, even if your friends come to Armament City to buy materials in the future, they will probably not recognize you.” Li Mu handed him the mask. “You really have to use this. The martial practitioners of Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, and other factions will frequently visit Armament  City. Maybe Yuan Tianya will also show up and you’ll encounter him.”

Seeing Qin Lie about to speak, Li Mu raised a hand to stop him and continued, “The spirit diagrams that you have grasped are very profound and contain the ultimate understanding of the world. If you can understand them on an even deeper level, you might be able to comprehend the spirit arts and techniques of ancient times. The picture scroll you have spoken of that was formed from the frost concept also has profound wonders imprinted in it. If you can really comprehend it, you will have mastered the essence of the frost power.”

“Armament Sect is a good place. You need to practice forging, so becoming an outer disciple of Armament Sect is a good choice. As long as you are not over twenty and have a certain amount of forging knowledge, it should not be too difficult of a test. Haha, I had told you to study with Yao Tai with the hope that you could enter Armament Sect. I think you will have no issues.”

“Qin Lie, change your name and identity first. Stay awhile in Armament Sect. You can study forging and cultivate in the land of ice at the same time to comprehend the frost concept. If there is a day that you become a core disciple of Armament Sect, you can resume your true name. Even if Yuan Tianya wants to move against you then, it will not be so easy.”

Li Mu did not allow Qin Lie to interrupt. After giving many pieces of advice and a good number of warnings, he said he was tired which meant he was finished.

“I’ve said everything that I should say. It is probably fate that you and I encountered each other at Li’s Shop. I’ve taken a liking to you, and because of that, I said a bit more on your growth. Mn, that’s it.” Li Mu nonchalantly waved his hand. “I’ve left this little residence for you. Little Ice and I will be leaving now. In the future, if you really do become as great an artificer as I hope, maybe Uncle Li will have to ask you for help one day.”

Finished, he stopped Qin Lie from sending him off. The man and the dog strolled out and gradually moved away within the crowds in front of the door.

Qin Lie looked on silently and watched as he disappeared. A long time later, he murmured, “Uncle Li, in the future, if I, Qin Lie, accomplish something, I will definitely return the kindness you have given me today.”

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