Chapter 1258: The True Pride of the Heavens!

Chapter 1258: The True Pride of the Heavens!

Qin Lie was shocked beyond belief.

He could never have imagined that Indigo, the peerless descendant of the Spirit Race, would be the baby girl Seine was holding back then.

It was so absurd that he simply stared at her and forgot to speak for a very long time.

“You don’t believe me?” Indigo asked softly.

Still wearing a shocked expression, Qin Lie shook his head and replied, “I believe you. How can I not, when you know Seine and what happened back then?”

“Is there anything you’d like to ask then?” Indigo said.

“Anything I’d like to ask…” Qin Lie frowned and pondered for a moment. “Even if you’re that baby girl from back then, what does it have to do with me? I don’t understand why you stopped your clansmen from attacking me earlier.”

He couldn’t help but recall the bloody battle against the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit at the eastern barbarian lands back then. At the time, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit had sucked much of his blood. In a fit of madness, he responded by consuming its blood in return.

After that, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit had perished completely. Seine was the one who carried Indigo — who was just a baby at the time — into that bluish realm.

Thanks to the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s blood, Qin Lie obtained the bloodline ability “Star Door” and began his venture into the arts of space.

Of course, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit was the key to Indigo’s survival.

Technically, the invading Land of Chaos martial practitioners and him were the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s enemies, so he counted as Indigo’s enemy as well.

Since they were enemies, it didn’t make sense for Indigo to stop her clansmen from taking his life.

Moreover, Indigo clearly knew who he was back when she met him immersed in cultivating the Tombstone Fusion Art.

He had nearly killed her in a rampage, but not only did she not take revenge against him, she even forbad the Spirit Race clansmen from harming him as well. It was simply illogical.

“Do you remember the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit sucking much of your blood back then?” Indigo suddenly asked.

“I do.” Qin Lie answered.

“Your blood is the reason I came to be. Your blood is the real reason I survived.” Indigo looked completely serious when she said this. “Your blood is different from others. It is thanks to your blood that I awoke to space, time, life, and fate attributes all at once after I had returned to the Spirit Race. And just now, your blood was once again the reason why I could soothe my bloodline. I can sense from your bloodline that you possess five strange beasts, am I right?”

“It’s all because of my blood?” Qin Lie was astonished before realization struck him.

His blood was the so-called Perfect Blood. It could absorb nearly every bloodline there was.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit had wanted to absorb his blood because he was mixed-blood of the God Race, but it didn’t know that his blood was different from all other God Race clansmen!

Obviously, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit had poured all of the blood it absorbed into Indigo’s body.

It probably had no idea just how miraculous the blood it absorbed for Indigo was right up till the moment it passed away.

“After returning to my homeland, I gradually realized that the reason I was able to awaken all four bloodline attributes was thanks to you.” Indigo paused for a moment before continuing somewhat timidly, “I know it’s a little strange, but technically speaking you’re… like half my father?”

“Fa… father.” Qin Lie muttered blankly.

“Mn.” Indigo nodded slightly. “A big part of the blood that flows inside me is yours, so you and I are definitely blood-related.”

Qin Lie was absolutely flabbergasted.

Never in his life would he imagine that Indigo would be a product of his blood.

Who knew what the God Race clansmen would think if they learned that his blood was the reason the Spirit Race’s peerless descendant was born.

Back when he was still with Gan Xing, Xuan Luo, and Nan Qi, he already knew that the God Race and Spirit Race were constantly at war. The image of their shock and fear when they heard that Indigo had awakened to all four bloodline attributes was still vivid in his mind.

Those fellows would probably want to tear him to pieces if they learned that he was Indigo’s “father”, wouldn’t they?

“How did you know it was me?” he asked suddenly.

“Not long after you wounded me deeply, I sensed your unique presence while I was flushing your bloodline power from my body.” Indigo pursed her lips when she said this. Then, to Qin Lie’s shock, her eyes started reddening. “When I realized that you were the one who tried to kill me, I, I thought I didn’t want to live anymore…”

For some reason, her reaction made Qin Lie panic. “I didn’t know it was you! Also, I haven’t learned the Tombstone Fusion Art at the time. The Flesh Filling Tombstone was controlling me back then, I didn’t even know what I was doing!”

Indigo looked at him pitifully and asked, “Would you’ve still tried to kill me if you knew it was me?”

Qin Lie thought for a moment before answering, “No.”

Indigo broke into a smile and said happily, “Alright, I forgive you.”

Qin Lie turned speechless again at her sudden change of attitude.

A while later, he recovered and asked curiously, “How are you at rank six even before you entered the secret realm? Your growth is unbelievable.”

“I’ve always had a soul consciousness,” Indigo said.

“Excuse me? What do you mean?” Qin Lie looked confused.

“What I’m saying is… I already had a soul when I was still inside the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s body.” Indigo explained, “After Seine had brought me back to the Spirit Race’s homeland, my clansmen used many precious treasures to enhance my bloodline power. My bloodline was breaking through every year or so.”

She laughed softly before continuing, “My understanding of the bloodline isn’t sufficient yet, else the treasures they used on me would’ve pushed my bloodline all the way to rank eight.”

Qin Lie looked surprised.

It was only now he realized just how different he was from Indigo in terms of treatment.

He had awoken at Ling Town, a force that didn’t even count as a Limestone rank force. At that time, his grandfather had already left him to face this cruel world alone.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that his current realm, bloodline and power were all the product of his own efforts.

He was the only one who knew how difficult his road had been.

On the other hand, Indigo was treated as a gift from heaven since the moment she was delivered into the Spirit Race’s homeland. The Spirit Race had done everything in their power to raise her with the intention of making her the future chief of their race from the start.

As one of the most powerful races in the galaxy, the quantity and quality of spirit materials the Spirit Race possessed literally exceeded his imagination.

That was why Indigo had grown so quickly in such a short time.

Right now, the only thing she lacked was understanding of her bloodline.

That was why the Spirit Race had sent her into the Origin World. It was to mend her final flaw.

Suddenly, Qin Lie realized that Indigo was probably the luckiest pride of the heavens in the vast galaxy...

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