Chapter 1257: The Mystery of Indigo

Chapter 1257: The Mystery of Indigo

The gazes of many Spirit Race clansmen were gathered on him, all of them seemed to be facing great enemies.

Stanca, who led him there, was left outside.

Clansmen of the two weaker races also looked on nervously. They did not know why Stanca had brought a human over.

They suspected Stanca had other intentions.

Under the stares of the three races, Qin Lie, who had changed his appearance and identity, slowly came next to Indigo.

He looked deeply at Indigo.

Indigo, who was in the middle of transforming her bloodline, could not open her eyes. Blue blood slowly flowed in her half transparent flesh.

If he had not looked for a long time, he would think the blood in Indigo's veins had stopped flowing.

He knew that when the bloodline was having a breakthrough, the blood would usually flow very fast.

At this time, Indigo was at a crucial time for her bloodline breakthrough. Her blood should not be flowing so slowly.

Qin Lie frowned and watched for a while. He wanted to communicate mentally with Indigo and learn what he had to do.

"Leave him here. Everyone else... go away and scatter around," Indigo said in a low voice, her eyes closed.

Sienna and Bagi grimaced and seemed unwilling.

The older Spirit Race clansman hesitated and shouted, "Listen to Young Mistress!"

He was the first to leave and urged on the others with his gaze.

"If there are any accidents..." Bagi shouted.

"I will be responsible!" this person shouted.

Bagi took a deep breath and glared angrily at him for a moment. Then he, Sienna and the other Spirit Race clansmen left Indigo's side.

"Take away the Darklight Stones," Indigo ordered.

The older Spirit Race clansman nodded and used bloodline power to manipulate the Darklight Stones away from Indigo.

When the Darklight Stones were thirty meters away, Indigo and Qin Lie were consumed by the absolute darkness of the Origin World.

No one could see them.

At the same time, Qin Lie used Frost Arts to form a shield that wrapped around him and Indigo to prevent others from hearing them.

After making sure the Spirit Race clansmen couldn’t see or hear them, he said, "How can I help you?"

"Can you give me some of your blood?" Indigo timidly asked him, her eyes closed.

"My blood..." Qin Lie was full of bewilderment. "Lifeblood essence?"

"No, not lifeblood, just... ordinary blood from your body," Indigo's voice grew weaker.

Qin Lie's expression was strange. He hesitated awhile, and then used his nails to slice his palm.

His palm filled with blood.

"Enough." Indigo pressed her lips together and said lightly, "Just feed it to me."

Qin Lie moved his blood-filled hand to Indigo's mouth and watched as she sipped his blood.

Strangely, the blue blood inside Indigo's body which had almost stopped flowing started to move again.

Indigo's pale complexion started to recover after she drank his blood.

"I will first stabilize my bloodline and then... you can ask me questions," Indigo said softly.

This time, her voice was soft, but not as weak and fragile as before.

Qin Lie realized her body's situation was growing better.

Dozens of meters away,

The clansmen of the three races were looking curiously into the darkness where Qin Lie and Indigo were.

Stanca of the Winged Race narrowed his eyes and felt for a while. He told the older Spirit Race clansman, "Dano, your Young Mistress should be alright."

"What?" Sienna stilled.

The Spirit Race clansman called Dano said after recovering from shock, "Are you sure?"

Stanca nodded. "I feel that her aura has recovered back to normal."

When he said this, the Spirit Race clansmen all had excited expressions. Their gazes were much friendlier when they looked at Stanca.

Among everyone, only Stanca had not lost his soul perception. If he was so sure that Indigo had stabilized, he would not be wrong.

The restless and anxious Spirit Race clansmen finally relaxed after receiving Stanca's confident answer.

At the same time, the clansmen of the Winged and Bone Races gradually understood that Stanca had no ill intent towards Indigo.

"How come you knew he could help Young Mistress?" Dano asked curiously.

Stanca had an indifferent expression and did not have a firm answer. He only said, "Just a feeling."

The clansmen of the Spirit Race were puzzled.

At the same time, Qin Lie was also curious why Indigo seemed to stabilize after drinking his fresh blood.

Other than this, he was even more curious why Stanca was so sure he could help Indigo.

"Did Stanca discover something from me?" he thought.

As he was deep in thought, the blue blood in Indigo's body flowed even faster.

Gradually, bright blue rings of light spread from Indigo's body.

The strange bloodline power gradually spread from Indigo’s body. Her half transparent body seemed to be made out of ice and gave off dazzling light.

Qin Lie could clearly feel her bloodline power increase.

As her bloodline was advancing, he could feel the four attributes of space, time, fate, and life.

What shocked Qin Lie even more was after Indigo stabilized herself, her aura was similar to that of the Spirits of Void and Chaos!

"An aura similar to the Spirits of Void and Chaos..." He had an expression of shock ."Just because she consumed some of my blood? Not possible, it definitely wouldn’t be so fast!"

He did not believe it.

It was not normal that Indigo would possess an aura similar to the Spirits of Void and Chaos after just drinking a few mouthfuls of his blood.

"If not that, what reason could it be?" He was puzzled..

As he was in the midst of his shock, Indigo finally opened her eyes. Her bright eyes landed on him.

"I do not understand, I really don’t. Why would my blood help you recover?" he immediately asked.

Indigo thought, pressed her lips together and abruptly said, "Do you still remember Seine?"

"Seine!" Qin Lie was shocked.

The leader of the seven great hidden experts, Seine, who had disappeared into the mysterious realm opened by Eight-eyed Demon Spirit along with an infant back at the lands of the eastern barbarians.

"You, you are?" He paled.

Indigo nodded gently and said, "I am that infant."

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