Chapter 1255: Change in Heart

Chapter 1255: Change in Heart

Soon, the other five Spirits of Void and Chaos sank into sleep.

The threads of light were like ribbons that wrapped around them.

The powerful light seemed to be a kind of mysterious nutrient that quickened their evolution.

Qin Lie knew the fire spirit was lucky and received the best benefit from him.

The fire spirit, who had absorbed many fire attribute spirit materials, was the first to reach rank seven, and was advancing towards rank eight.

The fire spirit's breakthrough seemed to help the other five Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"That was pretty fast." Qin Lie thought for a while and then suddenly realized, "Or does the Origin World’s environment help the growth of the Spirits of Void and Chaos? Else, how is it possible for them to make another breakthrough in such a quick succession?"

In Spirit Realm and Boluo Realm, he could not comprehend the mysteries of the ancient diagram in the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb. He thought those complicated and mysterious spirit lines were incomprehensible.

Yet, when he came to the Origin World and when his soul entered the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb, he could suddenly understand the ancient diagram.

At the same time, his understanding of his bloodline and the Nirvana Realm were deepening.

Liu Yang and the other Blaze Family members all had completely new understandings of their bloodline in the Origin World.

This proved that the Origin World was of benefit to the cultivation of all the races.

Apparently… the Spirits of Void and Chaos were no exception.

"Ascension to rank eight... I have no idea what special abilities it will unlock upon success," he murmured.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos returned to the Soul Suppressing Orb to sleep and transform towards rank seven. The fire spirit was a step ahead and was advancing towards rank eight.

In a brief moment, he was left without the help of his spirits.

A thread of his soul stayed in the Soul Suppressing Orb and found that the fire spirit's breakthrough would not finish anytime soon. He could only leave.

"Without the Spirits of Void and Chaos warning me early, I will be in danger of being attacked by the Spirit Race, Thamur, or the Abyss Devils when I try to comprehend mysteries of my bloodline."

Seated in the absolute darkness, he thought for a while and ultimately decided that it wasn’t smart to cultivate his spirit energy when he was so close to the Origin Sea.

"Maybe I need to be slightly further from the Origin Sea. In any case… I will be too far to successfully inscribe Sky Piercing then."

As he thought this, he released his soul consciousness, feeling the movements nearby as he slowly moved.


An hour later, he suddenly felt the presence of the Spirit Race and knew that they were nearby.

"That girl Indigo..."

He couldn't help but think how Indigo had suddenly returned and silently stared at him in the darkness.

This was the young girl he almost killed when he had merged with the Flesh Filling Tombstone and went mad. She had stopped Sienna and Bagi from killing him.

Later, she returned alone and stared at him from the darkness.

"Does she know me? Otherwise, why would she be like this?" Qin Lie was puzzled.

As he thought this, he unconsciously went closer towards the Spirit Race.

He knew that the Spirit Race only had two people in their group who could ignore the absolute darkness of the Origin World and utilize their soul perception.

One was Stanca of the Winged Race, the other was Indigo.

Stanca of the Winged Race had limited soul perception with a range far inferior to his.

Only Indigo had a vast soul perception range that could match his.

When he went closer to the Spirit Race, he secretly released his soul consciousness to open the way and tried to use his soul presence to attract Indigo's attention.

He believed that Indigo would find his soul presence before Stanca. If Indigo wanted, she would... come to find him.

He strategized.

Where the Spirit, Bone, and Winged Races were gathered.

Pieces of Darklight Stone of various sizes floated in the sky and illuminated them.

At this moment, the Spirit Race clansmen led by Bagi and Sienna had serious expression as they stared at the girl in the middle of them—Indigo.

Indigo, sitting cross-legged on the icy stone, had transparent skin as the blue blood in her veins slowly flowed.

A kind of ethereal and peaceful presence enshrouded her.

Her clansmen had nervous expressions as their breathing sped up.

"Please, please have a successful breakthrough..." Sienna prayed.

"No problem, there will be no problems!" Bagi persuaded himself.

They actually did not have much knowledge of Indigo. This Spirit Seed with a four-attribute bloodline had appeared too abruptly.

When she appeared, she was already the focus of attention, and was accepted by the Spirit Race leaders and the rank ten bloodline experts.

She suddenly went from a nameless character to the brightest pearl of the Spirit Race.

Everything had occurred in the last few years.

Bagi, Sienna and the others only truly came into contact with Indigo when they stepped into the Origin World.

As the best of the rank seven bloodline geniuses of the Spirit Race, they received the same orders—protect Indigo's safety with all their power.

In the Origin World, Indigo, who was fated to be the next leader of the Spirit Race, did not put on any airs, nor did she display any hubris. She was friendly and peaceful to everyone, thought highly of each of their lives and tried to protect them.

All of them truly liked this innocent little girl. Even if she was not the Spirit Seed of the Spirit Race, they would be willing to protect her, and see to her safety.

Recently, Indigo found that the Abyss Devils had Diga from the Abyss Purgatories, and the God Race had Hao Jie with the Flesh Filling Tombstone, as well as a mysterious Blaze Family expert.  She knew the Spirit Race would face great pressure so she tried to achieve a breakthrough.

Sienna, Bagi, and the others knew that Indigo had reached rank six bloodline not long ago, and the reason for her quick breakthrough was all through using the precious and rare treasures of the Spirit Race.

It seemed that Indigo had only needed several years to reach her current strength.

This was a speed unheard of in the history of the Spirit Race.

However, forcefully increasing bloodline rank using treasures of the Spirit Race might have quickly increased her power, but in return caused her understand of her bloodline and her abilities to fall behind.

Due to this, in order to make up for this hidden shortcoming, the Spirit Race spared no effort in trying to send her into the Origin World.

This was so that Indigo could use the Origin World to quickly understand the mysteries of the abilities of her bloodline in the bloodline and master them.

It was all to avoid her going mad in the future.

Sienna, Bagi, and the other Spirit Race clansmen knew that Indigo should not break through so soon.

But Indigo persisted.

"The blood is flowing slower, is... is there a problem?" Sienna murmured.

The surrounding Spirit Race clansmen all had grave expressions. No one spoke.

Everyone was in a grave mood.

At the same time.

Stanca of the Winged Race suddenly stood up and told his fellow clansmen,"I am going to walk around."

Without waiting for their response, he left alone.

Several minutes later, he took out a piece of Darklight Stone and saw a figure by its light.

"I had not expected you to feel my presence before that young girl," Qin Lie said in shock.

He had slowly went near the Spirit Race with his soul consciousness and found no response from that Spirit Race girl.

But Stanca smelled his presence as he came closer.

And thus, he came over.

"Her bloodline is transforming, her soul is in her bloodline and she cannot feel anything from outside," Stanca said coolly.

"Bloodline breakthrough..." Qin Lie understood.

"What is the relationship between you and her?" Stanca suddenly asked.

"None. " Qin Lie shook his head.

"You clearly almost killed her, but not long ago, she stopped the Spirit Race clansmen from fighting you, and asked me to not tell anyone that you were that burning Blaze Family expert that had attacked us. Also, after she talked to me, she returned to your cultivation place..." Stanca stated the situation he knew.

Qin Lie's expression changed slightly. "So you also know."

"When you cultivate, the soul presence you give off is too similar to when you were trying to kill the Spirit Race. And my soul perception has not been lost so I can detect it," Stanca explained.

"I’m actually puzzled myself, that’s why I came, to ask," Qin Lie frowned and said.

"Her situation is not good." Stanca sighed.

"Not good? What do you mean?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"She is in too much of a hurry. She worries that the Spirit Race and the rest of us will be killed by the Abyss Devils and God Race, so she hurried to achieve a breakthrough." Stanca thought for a moment, and said, "Because I still have soul perception, I know her situation clearer than those Spirit Race clansmen."

"Is there any way I can help her?" Qin Lie instinctively asked.

Even he did not know why he felt nervous and restless when he learned that little girl was in danger.

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