Chapter 1254: Soul Extraction

Chapter 1254: Soul Extraction

Serine raised her head slightly.

The enormous pillars of ice around her contained Abyss Devils who had frozen to death.

The corpses continued to release dark cold energy which seemed to seep into her bones.

She felt both cold and helpless.

She unconsciously looked towards Curtis. Her usually bright and alluring eyes held a hint of pleading.

She hoped that Curtis would give her some advice and help.

The Cullen Family's situation was not good recently. Her father was the only Void Realm expert left in the Cullen Family.

After leaving the Asura Race, the Cullen Family that the Asura Race was targeting, desperately needed to increase their strength.

Yet the powerful Abyss Devils in the cruel and bloody Frost Desolation Abyss were not easy to defeat.

They had been almost completely annihilated several times.

Thankfully, the other Asura Race clansmen, the soul slaves led by Curtis had given the Cullen Family much care during this time.

Curtis had pulled the Cullen Family back from the edge of death two times.

Due to this, when faced with choices given by Qin Lie, she looked to Curtis for help.

She knew that these Asura Race elders led by Curtis were all the Soul Beast's soul slaves. She knew how powerful these elders were, and had heard Curtis speak of the pure soul energy and many secret soul arts they obtained when they became soul slaves.

Of course, the price was... they had lost their freedom.

Under her gaze, Curtis's expression was indifferent and unresponsive.

Miao Fengtian and the other soul slaves all had cold expression.

"I, I..."

Serine bit her lower lip and then said, raising her head. "Has that Qin Lie already sworn loyalty to you and is also one of your soul slaves?"

When she said this, Miao Fengtian, Curtis, and the others who knew of the secret had strange expressions.

The first voodoo creature also gave off a strange laugh.

"Is this very important?" Qin Lie asked in the loud voice of the Soul Beast.

"Very important!" Serine nodded. "I noticed that his cultivation has increased rapidly and so has his bloodline. Also, he has not lost himself, and he is still helping Flaming Sun Island and those people from the Land of Chaos. If I can also have a similar increase in cultivation and bloodline after swearing loyalty to you and can help the Cullen Family, I will also accept."

Without realizing it, she thought of Qin Lie's true self as an important example. She felt if she could be like Qin Lie, being a soul slave would not be bad.

She actually had detected the presence of the Soul Beast from Qin Lie's main body and guessed the relationship between the Soul Beast and Qin Lie.

But she never thought that Qin Lie and the Soul Beast were one.

She misunderstood it has Qin Lie was completely controlled by the Soul Beast.

"I will not hide it from you. Qin Lie is not my soul slave. Even if you give me your True Soul and become my soul slave, you cannot possess Qin Lie's status and identity," he said indifferently.

"Impossible! He has your soul presence! He and you must have a close connection!" Serine did not believe it.

"I do not need to explain anything to you." Qin Lie grew impatient and said, "You need to understand, I can take anything I need from your mind!"

"If I do not agree to become your soul slave, would you... kill me?" Serine said anxiously.

"No," Qin Lie said.

"Then alright, take away all those things confusing my mind, temporarily... I do not want to lose myself," Serine stated.

"Alright," Qin Lie responded.

When he finished speaking, invisible soul threads flew out of the eyes of the Soul Beast avatar.

The soul threads reached Serine's eyes from his Soul Beast avatar's eyes.

In a flash, he invaded Serine's sea of consciousness, and used secret Soul Race arts to search for the fragmented memories that should belong to him.

Many fragmented memories that were causing Serine’s soul to feel constantly anxious and would wake her up from sleep every night appear when Qin Lie used the secret art.

The bright shining memories were like small stars that merged into Qin Lie's invading soul.

Facing those incomplete scenes and characters without meaning, once they entered Qin Lie's subsoul, they became organized and immediately regained their meaning.

In fifteen minutes, Qin Lie pulled all the soul threads invading Serine's mind back out of her soul.

At this time, Serine felt her sense of the Soul Beast finally disappeared.

Her connection to the Soul Beast seemed to be completely cut after this.

She suddenly felt as though she had been relieved of a burden.

She sat silently, feeling the change in her mind. She was relaxed all over and entered a wondrous state.

"Master, she is having a breakthrough." Curtis had an expression of praise and requested, "Can we allow her to stay a while longer?"

"Alright. I still need to merge with what I have absorbed from her mind," Qin Lie said coolly.

"Thank you, Master," Curtis said.

Just as his Soul Beast avatar was about to merge the fragmented memories from Serine, his main body in the Origin World suddenly felt the movement of the fire spirit from the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He suddenly woke up.

At the same time, the thunder and wood spirit he had left outside hurried back.

When the thunder and wood spirit returned, they communicated with him briefly and then quickly returned to the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He looked in with the soul consciousness.

In the fourth level, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were gathered together. The other five Spirits of Void and Chaos were surrounded by five bubbles that went next to the fire spirit.

The fire spirit, in the shape of the fire qilin, seemed to wake up from a long sleep. The bubble wrapped around it cracked like an eggshell.

Threads of crystal light sprayed out of that bubble.

The other five Spirits of Void and Chaos were extremely cheerful as they captured those flashing lights and seemed to be absorbing a power that nourished them.

The fire spirit flickered between intangibility and tangibility. Many mysterious lights appeared in its transparent body.

Those lights reorganized and seemed to be forming a new bloodline latent ability.


Qin Lie suddenly reacted. The fire spirit, after swallowing large amounts of flame crystals and eating one of Atkins's eyes, was finally transforming to rank eight after this long sleep.

The fire spirit's advancement seemed to be even faster than his Blaze Family bloodline’s.

The other five Spirits of Void and Chaos seemed to happily surround the fire spirit and seemed to be absorbing nutrients through a strange method.

He noticed that the other five Spirits of Void and Chaos seemed extremely sleepy after absorbing the specks of light.

"It seems the five of them are taking the opportunity for a breakthrough!" He suddenly realized.

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