Chapter 1252: The Soul Race’s First Prince

Chapter 1252: The Soul Race’s First Prince

“Who was he?” Qin Lie asked.

It was something he had always wanted to know.

So far, from what he gathered, the Soul Progenitor’s true name was Qin Tian. He was also the Qin Family’s ancestor.

In the past Qin Tian was possessed by a Soul Race clansman, but his willpower was so incredible that he fought for control for an undetermined amount of time. In the end, it seemed like he successfully forced the Soul Race clansman’s soul to merge with his own.

After turning the Soul Race clansman’s memories and soul into his own knowledge, he became one of the Five Progenitors of the human race—the Soul Progenitor.

Qin Lie was born with two souls. He could also cultivate a subsoul like the Soul Race, and he could absorb both the Soul Progenitor’s and the Dark Soul Beast’s soul fragments. It was all because Qin Lie’s soul was different from others, and the reason it was different could be traced back all the way to the Soul Race clansman who showed up from the abyss channel at the bottom of the sea of the Land of Chaos.

Thirty thousand years ago, a Soul Race expert had entered the abyss channel leading toward Spirit Realm while accompanied by three subordinates. It was there that he and his subordinates had fought a Spirit Race woman riding an Eight-eyed Demon Spirit to the death.

In the end, the pregnant Spirit Race woman died in combat, and the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit smuggled itself and her unborn child into Spirit Realm, hiding in the sea where the eastern barbarians later lived.

After that battle, the Soul Race expert became separated from his three subordinates. Heavily injured, he chose to take over Qin Tian’s body.

Contrary to the Soul Race expert’s expectations, Qin Tian was the one who won the war between two souls and absorbed him. Perhaps his terrible injuries were the reason why he failed to wipe out Qin Tian’s soul imprint.

His three subordinates landed at Nether Realm, Ancient Beast Realm, and Asura Realm. They became known as the Soul Devouring Beast, Blood Soul Beast, and Dark Soul Beast.

These three Soul Beasts caused all kinds of havoc in the realms they landed in, and none of the native races could do anything against them.

They were eliminated completely only after the God Race had invaded Spirit Realm and discovered them.

The Soul Progenitor was also caught by the God Race around this time and killed. His body was then placed inside the Graveyard of Gods.

As Qin Lie learned more and more about the Soul Progenitor, he grew more and more certain that the Soul Suppressing Orb, an item his grandfather viewed as the Qin Family’s ultimate treasure, once belonged to the Soul Race.

He knew very well just how magical the Soul Suppressing Orb was. That was why he was deeply curious about that Soul Race clansman’s true identity and his status within the Soul Race.

That was why he had intentionally brought up the Soul Progenitor and claimed that his skills had originated from him. He was hoping to learn more about the Soul Progenitor from Thamur.

“Thirty thousand years ago!” Thamur looked absolutely shocked as he yelled. “He was our First Prince!”

“First Prince?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

Neither the Soul Progenitor nor the Soul Beast’s memories had contained anything relating to the Soul Race’s power structure, so of course he knew nothing about them. He had no idea what kind of role the First Prince played in the Soul Race.

“I see now! The First Prince had gone to your realm!” Thamur’s eyes sparkled with sudden excitement. Instead of providing an answer to Qin Lie’s doubts, he said, “Wonderful! How wonderful! I finally know where the First Prince has fallen! The human race and Spirit Realm, is it? I’ll remember this!”

Qin Lie’s expression changed.

Suddenly, he had a bad feeling about this.

His suspicions were right…

“I heard that all five families of the God Race are planning to invade Spirit Realm as of late. That should be the place you mentioned, isn’t it?” Thamur chuckled strangely. “Since the First Prince fell in Spirit Realm and taught its denizens about the secrets of the soul, then Spirit Realm technically counts as our territory, doesn’t it? That means we have the perfect excuse to enter enter Spirit Realm!... Wait a second!”

Suddenly, he came to sudden realization. “How did the First Prince perish in Spirit Realm in the first place? The natives shouldn’t have the power to kill him!”

“Thirty thousand years ago, thirty thousand years ago. Isn’t that when the Blaze Family and the Darkness Family had joined hands and invaded Spirit Realm?”

Before Qin Lie could answer, sudden fury gripped Thamur. “The Blaze Family and the Darkness Family must’ve been the one who killed the First Prince!”

Qin Lie stared at him blankly.

“I’ll report this to the higher ups once this expedition is done and dealt with! We’ll not let the murder of our First Prince slide so easily!” Thamur snorted coldly. “The Darkness Family and the Blaze Family will pay the price! We’ll be contending for the occupation of Spirit Realm as well!”

Qin Lie suddenly felt his blood rushing to his head as he yelled, “You won’t escape this place alive!”

Before he even finished speaking, Qin Lie instantly activated his bloodline and summoned Flame World.

Without pause, he went on to activate ignition and summoned seven Rings of the Burning Sun, performing Seven Ring Rotation in one smooth motion.

He hurled the formation straight toward Thamur.


The giant rings of fire formed up and threatened to crush Thamur in a sea of fire.

“You want to kill me? It won’t be that easy…”

Thamur let out an eerie chuckle. His chuckle was echoed by every tongue of green flame floating around the area.

His eyes suddenly lit up like a pair of bright green lamps from beneath his hood.

The ghastly flames exploded into many dark green soul tendrils.

The soul tendrils filled the sky like floating willows, making Qin Lie feel like Thamur was everywhere at the same time.


Thamur’s hooded body was struck by the seven Rings of Burning Sun.

The charred body of a high rank Abyss Devil collapsed heavily on the floor.

However, Thamur’s soul had already escaped the body and seemed to be everywhere at once.

“You possessed his body!” Qin Lie’s expression changed.

He knew that unlike the Spirit Race, God Race, or Abyss Devils, the Soul Race was born with just a soul. Technically, they didn’t need a body to sustain themselves at all.

Moreover, a Soul Race clansman could rob another being of their body anytime they wanted. Most of their attacks were executed through the soul instead of the physical body.

It was clear that this Thamur had been residing inside this Abyss Devil’s body all this time. It was also clear that he could discard it anytime he wished.

In fact, he might become even stronger than he already was without the body.

After all, an Abyss Devil wasn’t an ideal host in Thamur’s mind.

“Frankly, I should’ve discarded this body a long time ago. It doesn’t really match up with my soul.” Thamur seemed to speaking from the dozens of ghastly flames scattered around the area.

“That female Abyss Devil from Nine Hells though, she’s the perfect host for my soul. Heh, once Hao Jie and the rest of the God Race clansmen kill them all at the Origin Sea, I’ll be able to possess her anytime I want. When that happens…”

The dark green flames stared at Qin Lie before saying, “I’ll play with you slowly.”

Qin Lie was temporarily distracted by his words.

At the same time, the dozens of dark green flames flew towards different directions and secaped.

Thamur’s soul seemed to reside in every flame. As a result, Qin Lie had no idea which flame he should pursue.

The ghastly flames had already gone far away from him while he was still hesitating.

When they finally vanished from his sight, he discovered that he was unable to detect them with his soul either.

This proved that Thamur did have a way to conceal his soul presence. It was so effective that even he, someone whose soul perception was unaffected by the Origin World’s environment, couldn’t detect Thamur.

“You have a Flesh Filling Tombstone, and I must admit that I’m no match for you right now. But once a victor has been decided among the races, I’ll come for you again… and take your life then!”

Thamur’s final words reached his ears just before the final ghost flame vanished from view.

Qin Lie’s expression was dark. This Soul Race clansman made him feel tremendous pressure.

“He has an Abyss Devil’s body, and he wants to turn me into a soul servant. He also knows the Abyss Devils’ every move…”

After a moment of deep thought, he suddenly realized that Thamur must have made a soul servant or two lurking among the Abyss Devil hunters.

That was how Thamur knew the Abyss Devils’ every move. He might even be misleading the Abyss Devils using his soul servants.

“Are there any soul servants among the Spirit Race, God Race, Winged Race, and Bone Race too?”

When the thought struck him, his heart grew heavier and heavier. The conflicts happening near the Origin Sea became a huge boulder weighing on his shoulders.

He had a feeling that the high rank Abyss Devils, the God Race, the Spirit Race, the Bone Race, and even the Winged Race were being secretly controlled by Thamur.

Suddenly, he could see Thamur’s shadow behind the races’ activities and the bloody conflict that was about to happen around the Origin Sea.

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