Chapter 1250: Direction Found!

Chapter 1250: Direction Found!


Suddenly, the mysterious and complex Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram collapsed as if it was affected by an unknown power.

The powerless blood lines fell from the sky and onto Qin Lie like rain. It made him look a little strange.

“It failed again.” He looked up to the sky where the ancient spirit diagram once was while frowning. “Where did I go wrong?”

The same thing had happened the last time he tried to inscribe the ancient spirit diagram. He was about one third finished when Sky Piercing had suddenly collapsed on him.

This time, he was about two third finished and very close to completion, but he ultimately failed in his attempt.

For the longest time, he had had the feeling that something unusual would happen if he successfully inscribed the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram in the Origin World.

That was why he was concentrated completely on his study of the ancient spirit diagrams despite knowing that he could be using this time to study his bloodline or improve his cultivation.

He was certain that he could maximize his rewards in this secret realm if he could construct the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram here.

That was why he focused all of his efforts into studying the secrets of the ancient spirit diagrams after he parted ways with the Blaze Family.

Unfortunately, he was met with failure again and again.

In the darkness, he frowned in thought as he tried to find out the flaw in his plan.


Suddenly, the roaming wood spirit sent him a soul thought.

“What did you say?” Qin Lie’s face changed slightly. “The ancient spirit diagram’s collapse may have something to do with the Origin Sea? You sensed a strange energy from the Origin Sea when the ancient spirit diagram collapsed?”

The wood spirit’s hint gave him direction as he fell into deep thought.

He was one third away from completion, and two thirds away from completion during the last two times he tried to construct the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram.

The two practices hadn’t deepened his understanding of the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram. He hadn’t changed his way of constructing the ancient spirit diagram either.

However, he made twice as much progress during his last attempt than he did during his second last attempt.

He tried to figure out why the difference existed.

“The Origin Sea contains the core of this secret realm. The closer a practitioner gets to the Origin Sea, the deeper their understanding of the secrets of bloodlines and powers would become. That’s why the God Race, the high rank devils, the Spirit Race, the Bone Race, and even the Winged Race ultimately gather around the Origin Sea…”

His eyes gradually lit up. He seemed to have found the key to his question.

“Distance! The only difference between the last two attempts is my distance from the Origin Sea!” He shook as realization struck him.

In order to confirm his hypothesis, he suddenly got up to his feet and moved closer to the Origin Sea, using both the wood spirit’s senses and his own soul perception ability.

After he had gotten much closer to the Origin Sea, he attempted to construct the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram once more.

An hour later.

The Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram was four-fifths complete when it suddenly collapsed once more.

“Distance really is the problem!”

This time, he didn’t grow dejected just because his attempt had failed yet again. On the contrary, he was growing excited.

It was because he had finally found the right direction.

As it turned out, his understanding of the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram was sufficient already. All he needed to do was get closer to the Origin Sea, and his chances of success would naturally go up.

He was certain that he would’ve successfully inscribed the spirit diagram if he was standing on the Origin Sea and not here.

“In the end… I have to get close to the Origin Sea.” He smiled wryly to himself.

He wasn’t planning to participate in the cruel competition between the races. All he wanted to do was to cultivate the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram, improve his realm and his bloodline while the Spirits of Void and Chaos protected him.

He even left the Blaze Family of his own accord and cultivated on his lonesome so that the Flesh Filling Tombstone wouldn’t be exposed.

In the end though, he had no choice but to head to the Origin Sea.

However, the Origin Sea was occupied by a group of powerful high rank Abyss Devils, and he no longer had the support of the God Race squads. There was no way he could fight that many Abyss Devils alone.

He could choose to return to the God Race squads, but he would risk exposing his Flesh Filling Tombstone.

The third option was to wait for an opportunity to present itself after the races started clashing against one another.

“Thamur of the Soul Race is plotting the same thing, isn’t he? He couldn’t defeat all the high rank Abyss Devils alone, so he lured the five God Race families into fighting the Abyss Devils to the death. After that…”

He abruptly understood.

Now that he realized that it was impossible to construct the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram as long as he didn’t reach the Origin Sea, he decided to put his attention elsewhere.

He decided to study the secrets of Nirvana Realm while he waited for the eventual battle between the God Race, the Spirit Race and the Abyss Devil hunters to explode.

All of the experts he encountered in this secret realm thus far had been bloodline-based.

Cang Ye, Hao Jie, and even Indigo of the Spirit Race were powerful because their bloodlines were powerful.

The cultivation system of bloodline power and the cultivation system of world spirit energy were two completely separate things. That was why he had neglected the culmination of spirit energy and his understanding of the Nirvana Realm recently.

This time though, he focused all of his attention on the cultivation of world spirit energy. After sending his mind into his dantian’s spirit sea and observing all of his spirit arts, he discovered that the Origin Sea amplified his cultivation of spirit energy even more than his bloodline power.

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Frost Arts, Blood Spirit Art, Records of Geocentric Magnetism…”

He spent the next few days cultivating his spirit arts and his dantian’s spirit sea.

“It is said that Nirvana Realm experts can roam the chaotic streams of space with their souls only, and even use its unique environment to temper their souls. What would happen if I leave my body and roam the Origin Sea with just my soul?”

One day, while cultivating Heavenly Thunder Eradication and tempering his own soul with thunder and lightning, the idea suddenly struck Qin Lie’s mind.

He tried to pull his True Soul out of own Soul Lake.

A while later, his True Soul unsteadily wiggled its way out of his left eye.


His True Soul buzzed with lightning. It almost looked a spark of electricity amidst the darkness.

The moment his soul left his body, his soul perception suddenly grew many times stronger.

“Two and a half kilometers, three and a half kilometers, five kilometers…”

His soul thought spread out like a wave towards the distance.

He could see everything that was within the range of his soul thoughts. They looked so clear he might as well be staring at them from the sky.

“Let’s check out the Origin Sea…”

He gathered his soul thoughts and started focusing his attention toward the Origin Sea.

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