Chapter 1249: Going Separate Ways

Chapter 1249: Going Separate Ways

After a victor had been decided between Hao Jie and Diga, Qin Lie withdrew the thunder spirit tiredly and left. He didn’t wait until Diga returned with the reinforcements.

Since the thunder spirit didn’t stay to keep an eye on things, he didn’t know that Ling Yushi was part of Diga’s reinforcements.

This time, he made up his mind to leave the Blaze Family completely.

He was very worried that Gan Xing and the others would lust for the Flesh Filling Tombstone and target him if they learned that it was in his possession.

Moreover, the God Race squads had become too powerful with Hao Jie’s addition. He was no longer confident that he could escape them if they really did try to attack him.

Plus, he was most likely going to expose himself if Hao Jie happened to use the Flesh Filling Tombstone right next to him.

He finally decided to ditch Gan Xing’s group and cultivate alone in the Origin World.

He chose a spot that wasn’t too far away from the Origin Sea, but would be difficult to perceive even by Indigo of the Spirit Race and Thamur of the Soul Race.

For the next few days to come, he concentrated on the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram completely.

He had already mastered the Tombstone Fusion Art and Group Ignition Blood Art and could use them anytime he wished.

While cultivating, he made sure to keep at least one Spirit of Void and Chaos outside to watch his back.

It meant that he could notice every unusual activity the moment they entered the soul range of the Spirit of Void and Chaos.

He would be able to make preparations as soon as possible this way.

Translucent lifeblood essences swam across the dark sky and drew bloody lines under his soul’s control.

It was yet another Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram.

He paid full attention to the high grade ancient spirit diagram he had learned from the Soul Suppressing Orb.

“One thousand lines, three thousand lines, five thousand lines, seven thousand lines…”

The ancient spirit diagram grew more and more complicated as his blood painted on the sky of absolute darkness.

The darkness couldn’t affect him at all because of the bloodline ability True Vision. He could see everything around him clearly.

He was observing the bloody lines directly. Over time, he even felt like the fixed lines were swimming—albeit at an incredibly slow pace.

He didn’t know that Hao Jie, Cang Ye, and Gan Xing had met up while he was cultivating.

In fact, Hao Jie wasn’t the only one who returned to the God Race with his remaining clansmen. Ming Xu of the Light Family was already there by the time Hao Jie showed up.

Surprisingly, nine Light Family members had survived the harsh environment of the Origin World. In fact, they looked invigorated and clean—it was as if they hadn’t even fought a single battle.

Both Cang Ye and Hao Jie both felt odd when they saw that nine surviving Light Family members.  

Hao Jie was absolutely confident in his squad’s strength, but he still lost two companions even before he fought Diga.

Although the reason he lost his companions back then was because he hadn’t used the Flesh Filling Tombstone, he still thought that his squad was stronger than the Light Family’s.

However, not only did Ming Xu and his nine Light Family members survive, it looked like none of them were hurt in the slightest.

This outcome confused even Hao Jie.

“Sis, where’s QIn Lie?”

Gan Xing asked the moment he saw that she and the Bloodthirst Family squad were the only ones to return.

“Didn’t he return ahead of time?” Cang Ye looked surprised.

“No he didn’t,” Gan Xing said.

“Strange…” Cang Ye frowned. “He had left by himself before we fought the Abyss Devils. Logically speaking, he should’ve returned here a long time ago.”

“Who cares about one cowardly and useless mixed-blood? Don’t you think your concerns are a little unnecessary?” Hao Jie snorted coldly.

The remaining Bloodthirst Family members wore gloomy looks as well. They clearly didn’t think much of Qin Lie at all.

However, they soon discovered that Xuan Luo, Gan Xing, and even Ming Xu wore serious looks on their faces.

Cang Ye was even frowning deeply.

“What’s wrong? He’s just a mixed-blood. Why on earth do you care so much?” Hao Jie asked in confusion. “I lost three brothers, but not even I’m acting like you guys are. What the hell are you guys thinking?”

“Qin Lie’s different from your average mixed-blood,” Gan Xing said.

“Oh?” Hao Jie raised his eyebrow.

“He can perceive nearby activities despite this absolute darkness. He can also ignite our bloodlines with a secret art called Group Ignition Blood Art.” Gan Xing inhaled deeply before continuing, “Also, his individual strength is incredible. He has been a great help to our squad.”

“His individual strength aside, his strange ability to perceive nearby soul activities is crucial.” Ming Xu added indifferently.

Since he had met up with Gan Xing earlier, he had learned of Qin Lie through Gan Xing, Xuan Luo, and the Darkness Family members.

He remained suspicious when Gan Xing and Xuan Luo told him that Qin Lie possessed incredible skill. He didn’t believe that Qin Lie was really powerful either.

But he did think highly of the five Spirits of Void and Chaos in Qin Lie’s possession. He knew full well just how important the ability to perceive soul activity was in this Origin World.

That was why he was rather concerned about Qin Lie’s disappearance.

“He’s… probably left us.” Suddenly, Nan Qi smiled bitterly and said, “He told us he wanted to leave since a long time ago. I guess he chose to leave us in the end.”

“Why didn’t you guess that he ran into danger?” Liu Yang said angrily.

“Danger?” Nan Qi smiled at her before replying, “He has five strange beasts that can perceive all soul activities nearby. How could he possibly be in danger unless he sought it out himself?”

Liu Yang was stumped for words. When she gave Nan Qi’s explanation some serious thought, she couldn’t muster any retort whatsoever. These were hard facts.

“When we went to look for Hao Jie, he… was faster than me even after I had used Shadow Blitz. I don’t think anyone could’ve stopped him if he really wanted to leave,” Cang Ye suddenly said.

“He’s faster than even your Shadow Blitz?” Ming Xu looked surprised.

Cang Ye nodded slowly with a complicated look. “I suppose he really had left.”

Not even Qin Lie’s staunch supporters, Gan Xing and Liu Yang couldn’t say anything against that.

It was because they knew the answer deep down in their hearts already—Qin Lie really had ditched them.

“Brother Nan Qi! You even gave him a spatial ring full of flesh food!” Levy looked furious. “All that, and he left just like that! To think I actually believed him earlier!”

Nan Qi’s face darkened. “Don’t worry. We will meet him again.” His tone was calm but furious when he said this.

“Mixed-bloods really can’t be trusted.” Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family interjected as well. His tone was calm, but his eyes were full of disappointment.

“You guys are truly hilarious. To think that you would put such high hopes on a mere mixed-blood!” Hao Jie ridiculed them.

Gan Xing and the others stayed quiet while looking downcast.

“Never mind, lucky for us Hao Jie is carrying the Bloodthirst Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone with him. We should be able to defeat those Abyss Devils even without Qin Lie,” Cang Ye said.

“The Flesh Filling Tombstone!”

The eyes of every God Race clansman flashed. It was as if flames of hope had been reignited deep within their pupils. 

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