Chapter 1248: Undercurrents

Chapter 1248: Undercurrents

Hao Jie and four other Bloodthirst Family members were all that was left of his squad. The rest had been torn apart by the Abyss Devils.

However, the high rank Abyss Devils lost at least a dozen or so men as a result. It was definitely a blow to their total strength.

Cang Ye’s pitch black armor was currently covered in blood. Right now, she reeked of blood as much as the rest of the Bloodthirst Family.

“No wonder you were confident. You were carrying the Bloodthirst Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone…”

Cang Ye finally understood the source of Hao Jie’s confidence as she stared at the corpses and Hao Jie. Right now, the latter looked like a literal blood man.

Thanks to the Flesh Filling Tombstone, Hao Jie had near infinite amount of flesh and blood energy at his disposal, so his plan to charge the Abyss Devil hunters alone wasn’t completely hopeless.

At the very least, he had successfully defeated Diga and the dozens of high rank Abyss Devils during this skirmish.

Moreover, Diga was the mastermind behind those Abyss Devil hunters.

Hao Jie panted heavily as he stood amidst the floor of blood. The veins beneath his skin—even the ones on his forehead—were clearly visible.

Cracks could be seen on his impressively tough physique. It was almost as if they had appeared under strain.

The cracks on his body were bloody. Some even revealed the veins inside his body. Upon closer inspection, one could see the flesh beneath the wounds wriggling as if it had life of its own.

Right now, violence and irritation still gripped Hao Jie.

“Even if the Flesh Filling Tombstone gave you near infinite power, you’re not invincible.” Cang Ye stared pointedly at Hao Jie’s straining body. “In the end, you’re just a rank seven bloodline expert. There’s only so much your body can handle before it collapses under the strain of power far above its limits. Also, you need soul energy to capture the enemies’ movements and positions, don’t you?”

A pause later, Cang Ye added, “The Flesh Filling Tombstone cannot replenish the soul energy you used.”

Soul energy wasn’t something the Flesh Filling Tombstone could provide, and there was only so much bloodline power the body of a rank seven bloodline warrior could handle. Cang Ye had a feeling that Hao Jie was deeply exhausted after such a long fight.

If Diga had chosen to stay behind and fight, Hao Jie might’ve fainted first because he was close to running out of his soul energy.

“You were here, weren’t you?”

The terrible, fiendish power that emanated from Hao Jie’s body slowly subsided. He turned to look at Cang Ye and said, “I know you haven’t used your true power.”

Cang Ye frowned. “Why do you have to fight like this? You have the Flesh Filling Tombstone. Had we met up with Ming Xu, Xuan Luo, and Gan Xing, if we had gathered all five families’ strength and strike at the Abyss Devils together, we could’ve easily taken the Origin Sea.”

“There is only one Origin Crystal in this world!” Hao Jie snorted coldly.

Cang Ye nodded after her initial surprise wore off. “That’s right, there’s only one Origin Crystal… But we could’ve competed for it in another way.”

“Such a way doesn’t exist for me! To obtain the Origin Crystal, I’ve even brought the family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone, so there’s no way I’m returning empty-handed!” Hao Jie declared rudely.

Cang Ye clearly looked displeased.


A shadow suddenly appeared from the distant darkness.

The shadow transformed into the Soul Race clansman, Thamur. He chuckled in a strange tone, “He truly is Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family. Impressive! How impressive!”

He had watched Hao Jie and Diga’s battle in secret from the start to the end.

The sheer amount of power Hao Jie unleashed after fusing with the Flesh Filling Tombstone had surpassed even Diga of Yellow Springs Purgatory. As a result, Diga wasn’t able to obtain victory as expected of someone of his stature.

Even better, Diga lost a dozen or so men and had to retreat from battle with the remaining Abyss Devils.

On the other hand, Hao Jie had only lost three people.

No matter how you looked at it, Hao Jie had defeated Diga fair and square. He had defeated the devil hunters who occupied the Origin Sea for so long.

To Thamur’s knowledge, these devil hunters had never suffered a defeat ever since they came to this Origin World. This was their first ever defeat handed to them by Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family.

That was why Thamur revered Hao Jie and the Bloodthirst Family’s strength from the bottom of his heart.

Reverence aside, he had something he had to tell them. “The new group of high rank Abyss Devils at the Origin Sea seemed to have learned of the result of this fight and are making their way here. It probably won’t be long before they meet up with Diga.”

“A new group of high rank Abyss Devils?” Cang Ye exclaimed.

Thamur’s eyes slowly grew brighter beneath his hood. “From what I know, an Abyss Devil even scarier than Diga has arrived. It is a woman from Nine Hells Purgatory, and her bloodline ability is none other than the infamous Soul Hell!”

“Soul Hell?!” Cang Ye was shocked.

Even Hao Jie and his people wore dark looks after they heard this.

“Are you sure it’s Soul Hell?” Hao Jie yelled.

“I’m not…” Thamur chuckled strangely. “I am sure that she’s heading towards Diga with a new group of high rank Abyss Devils, however.”

“Are you still planning to stay behind, Hao Jie? I must bid you farewell if that’s your plan,” Cang Ye said.

“I’ve delivered the news, so please excuse me for taking my leave. That woman’s soul perception is… growing stronger and stronger.” Thamur’s eyes moved as if he had detected something. “Please decide amongst yourselves what to do now.”

He left after he said that.

“I’m leaving too.” Cang Ye shot a glance at Hao Jie and walked away resolutely. This time, she didn’t try to change Hao Jie’s mind.

The rest of the Bloodthirst Family members looked at Hao Jie for orders.

“Wait!” Hao Jie called out.

Cang Ye turned around and looked at him calmly. “What?”

“I’m coming with you,” Hao Jie said.

“Oh.” Cang Ye nodded.


At the same time.

Indigo had returned to the Spirit Race squad. As they were walking, she suddenly pointed at a different direction and said, “We’ll camp there.”

“Why?” Sienna exclaimed. “I thought we’re heading there to check out the battle between the Bloodthirst Family and the Abyss Devils?”

“The battle has already ended, and the Bloodthirst Family members are meeting up with the rest of the God Race families. Also, the Abyss Devils have gathered their forces and making their way here. It would be wise not to risk an encounter,” Indigo said.

“Who won?” Bagi asked urgently.

Salleh of the Bone Race and Stanca of the Winged Race moved closer as well. They were all curious about the result.

“Hao Jie won. He had a Flesh Filling Tombstone,” Indigo said.

“Another Flesh Filling Tombstone!” Bagi turned pale.

“What is wrong with the God Race?” Sienna also shouted.

Not long ago, the burning man who nearly dealt a severe blow to their squad was carrying a Flesh Filling Tombstone.

They only knew this after Indigo had explained things to them.

They now knew that the God Race’s Flesh Filling Tombstone was the same as their Profound Heaven Spirit Orb. It was one of the most miraculous artifacts in the entire universe.

They finally understood why Indigo had suffered such serious injuries from that encounter.

That was why they were shocked to hear that Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family was carrying a Flesh Filling Tombstone as well.

“Two Flesh Filling Tombstones, huh…”

Many Bone Race and Winged Race clansmen looked worried when they heard Indigo’s firm reply.

“A terrifying woman has joined the Abyss Devils, so the God Race may not necessarily gain the upper hand if they were to clash,” Indigo added.

“A terrifying woman? Is she as terrifying as Diga?” Sienna looked aghast.

Indigo nodded slightly. “She’s probably even more difficult to deal with than Diga…”

All three squads felt like hope was slipping out of their grasp when they heard this.

“It’s okay, I’m about to… achieve a breakthrough.” Indigo looked at her group and smiled gently. She said with confidence, “Once my bloodline ascends to the next rank, no one will be a threat to me.”

The Spirit Race clansmen shuddered when they heard of this news.

They were all confident in Indigo’s power.


“We’re late, the Bloodthirst Family members have already left.”

Diga said regretfully after he returned to the bloody battlefield and found no one.

“It’s my mistake, Sister Ling… I didn’t expect Hao Jie to bring a Flesh Filling Tombstone into this Origin World.”

Ling Yushi, Enos, Vincente, and the rest of the Abyss Devil leaders were all gathered in one place.

They stared at their dead companions darkly, looking like they were seething with anger.

“They’ve gone far enough that I can no longer sense them. Should we give chase?” Ling Yushi asked calmly.

“Never mind then. They will eventually return to the Origin Sea. All we need to do is to stay there and wait.” Diga coughed for a while, spitting blood with every cough. “Also, I’m pretty badly hurt right now. I’d like the time to recover.”

“Oh.” Ling Yushi answered indifferently.

The high rank Abyss Devils who rushed over from the Origin Sea had no choice but to go back the way they came from after discovering their targets had escaped.

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