Chapter 1246: Tombstone Fusion Art

Chapter 1246: Tombstone Fusion Art

“Can the Flesh Filling Tombstones detect one another?”

When Qin Lie was observing the distant battle through the thunder spirit’s eyes, he discovered that his Flesh Filling Tombstone was reacting slightly to Hao Jie’s tombstone after the latter had drawn upon its power.

Surprised, he hurriedly suppressed the Flesh Filling Tombstone with his mind.

At the same time, a series of God Race characters appeared in his mind.

It was the a secret art he obtained from the God Race’s Chaos Blood Realm. It taught him how to fuse with the Flesh Filling Tombstone—the Tombstone Fusion Art!

He had obtained the Tombstone Fusion Art at the same time he obtained the Group Ignition Blood Art. He didn’t try to master it earlier because he was stuck with the Blaze Family squad.

Of course, the Flesh Filling Tombstone’s slumbering state was also another major reason why he wasn’t able to cultivate the Tombstone Fusion Art immediately.

“If I’m not mistaken, the secret art Hao Jie is executing right now is the Tombstone Fusion Art!” He suddenly realized.

Divine characters continued to jump out of his memories and intersect with one another like lightning.

Whether he liked it or not, the divine characters regarding the Tombstone Fusion Art grew clearer and clearer in his mind.

His connection to the Flesh Filling Tombstone grew tighter as the divine characters appeared and vanished repeatedly.

Earlier, the Flesh Filling Tombstone was growing restless due to Hao Jie’s Flesh Filling Tombstone. However, it suddenly quieted after he started focusing his attention and soul consciousness on studying the Tombstone Fusion Art instead.


Dazzling godly lights flew out of his spatial ring and wrapped around his shoulders, abdomen, waist and belly button. They looked like mini rainbows.

Seven godly lights had wrapped themselves around Qin Lie. Colorful liquid energy flowed within them, and they connected to his flesh and blood as a bridge was formed somewhere along the line.

Qin Lie shuddered.

After the seven dazzling godly lights had wrapped around his body, he was suddenly learning the Tombstone Fusion Art many times faster than he was before.

He was quickly mastering the secrets of the Tombstone Fusion Art at a rapid pace.

At this point, the battle between Hao Jie and Diga, Cang Ye’s safety, and that Soul Race clansman’s movements had been tossed completely out of his mind.

He was completely lost in his own world.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos were originally scattered all over the place. After sensing the current state of his soul consciousness, every spirit including the thunder spirit had returned to Qin Lie.

They seemed to realize that Qin Lie needed their protection right now.

Some distance away, Hao Jie and the Bloodthirst Family members continued to do battle against the leader of the Abyss Devil hunters, Diga. Thamur of the Soul Race was also hiding and plotting god knows what.

Even further away, the three God Race families were waiting for their return.

Right now, Qin Lie had completely forgotten about his surroundings. The only thing that filled his mind was the many secrets of the Tombstone Fusion Art, and everything else was just a disturbance to be discarded from his mind.

He had no idea what was going on between Diga and Hao Jie, the details or the result.

Time passed bit by bit.

Suddenly, the five Spirits of Void and Chaos manifested into reality.

A while later, a series of odd footsteps grew closer and closer to Qin Lie.

It was the coalition force between the Spirit Race, Bone Race, and Winged Race. They slowly came under view of the giant Darklight Stone.

Hao Jie and Diga’s battle was incredibly loud, and fearsome energies were thrown all over the place. It was only natural that their attention was caught.

While they were rushing towards the battlefield, they suddenly saw Qin Lie still cultivating the Tombstone Fusion Art.

“It’s that Blaze Family clansman!” Sienna of the Spirit Race exclaimed.

“Qin Lie!” Salleh of the Bone Race looked surprised.

“Qin Lie!” Stanca of the Winged Race was astonished as well.

None of them realized that Qin Lie was the burning expert who nearly defeated them down single-handedly earlier.

They only knew him as who he was before.

“Young Mistress!” Bagi of the Spirit Race gritted his teeth before yelling, “Allow me to kill that brat and take some small revenge for you!”

“We should kill all Blaze Family clansmen without mercy!” Sienna echoed his sentiment fiercely.

“We will not show mercy this time!” the rest of the Spirit Race squad also shouted angrily.

The burning man had nearly killed their Young Mistress with his giant Ring of Burning Sun. They had been forced to sacrifice their own refined life energy to execute a secret art and rescue their Young Mistress.

Even then, their Young Mistress hadn’t recovered completely.

That was why they hated that Blaze Family clansman to the bone!

The Spirit Race clansmen gathered around Indigo wanted to vent their anger on Qin Lie.

Salleh of the Bone Race and Stanca of the Winged Race were clearly hesitant. They looked like they wanted to say something.

They both felt like they owed Qin Lie because Qin Lie had found and gathered all of their lost clansmen in one place. However, they had already stood up for him when they discarded Blaze Family for the Spirit Race.

That was why Sienna and Bagi even allowed Gan Xing’s squad to live in the first place.

At that time, that mysterious expert from the Blaze Family appeared all of a sudden and dealt a severe blow to Indigo...

Salleh and Stanca measured the weight of their words while examining the furious Bagi and Sienna. In the end, they had no choice but to sigh in their minds and remain silent.

“Please give us the order, Young Mistress!” Bagi said urgently.

Every Spirit Race clansman was staring at Indigo. They would tear Qin Lie limb from limb the second she gave them the nod.

The little girl named Indigo stared at the five Spirits of Void and Chaos surrounding Qin Lie for a while. Then, she said, “Let’s leave.”

Every Spirit Race clansman was dumbfounded by her decision.

“Young Mistress!” Bagi and Sienna exclaimed in unison.

“I don’t want to kill him.” Indigo said calmly.

“But why?” Sienna wasn’t willing to give up on this chance. “He’s a Blaze Family clansman, and you were nearly killed by one of his kin. Why don’t you want to kill him?”

“I don’t want to explain.” Indigo looked down and replied quietly.

The Spirit Race clansmen stared at her blankly. What should they say to such a response?

Sienna gritted her teeth and stomped the ground once with her foot. Finally, she shot Qin Lie a fierce glare before uttering, “Count yourself lucky today, bastard!”

Then, they walked past Qin Lie while leading at the front.

Salleh of the Bone Race and Stanca of the Winged Race looked at Qin Lie and the five Spirits of Void and Chaos in surprise and confusion when they followed.

“Wait, his aura…”

Stanca had already walked away from Qin Lie, but suddenly he looked around and stared at the hand where Qin Lie’s spatial ring was. More specifically, he was staring at the seven dazzling lights.

“He, he’s that…”

Stanca abruptly came to realization before he turned to stare at the girl.

“If I even know who he is, then there’s simply no way she would miss it! But why is she pretending not to know about it? Is it because she was afraid of him?”


“Qin Lie is clearly cultivating a secret art right now, or his eyes wouldn’t still be closed even now!”

“If that’s the case, then why?”

“Why did she decide to let someone who nearly killed her live?!”

Stanca grabbed his hair irritatedly as his pitch black eyes became shrouded in puzzlement. Why, just why? He looked like he would explode any second.

“It shouldn’t be like this! It shouldn’t!” he muttered to himself.

Stanca abruptly stopped in his tracks and sucked in a deep breath. He was just about to say something.

“Please, please… don’t say anything. Please?”

Suddenly, a feminine voice appeared in his mind. It clearly sounded like begging and anxiety.

The voice stunned Stanca.

He turned to stare at the girl from the distance.

“Please go on ahead. I wish to speak with Stanca alone. You don’t need to guard me, I’m almost fully recovered.”

The girl came to a stop and ordered Bagi and Sienna.

“We can’t possibly leave your side,” Sienna said unwillingly.

“If you all truly think of me as your leader, then please obey my instructions. I guarantee you that no one will be able to hurt me again for as long as we’re in this secret realm.” Indigo said seriously.

Bagi and Sienna looked astonished.

“When we came… the higher ups told us to obey her orders no matter how illogical they sound,” another Spirit Race clansman added.

Bagi and Sienna clenched their teeth. In the end, they nodded in agreement and moved ahead with the rest of the squad.

“Can we speak alone, Stanca?”

“Of course.”

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