Chapter 1243: I Don’t Care

Chapter 1243: I Don’t Care

“Who is it?”

Hao Jie’s eyes looked utterly bloodshot beneath his Darklight Stone. He looked like a starving beast who might lose control at any moment.

The Bloodthirst Family members next to him subconsciously licked their lips when they heard a sharp whistle in the air heading their way. They smiled savagely. “Maybe it’s an Abyss Devil who’s rushing to their death?”

The group of eight stopped in their tracks and waited.


A bolt of blue lightning abruptly appeared in the darkness not far ahead of them. It was Qin Lie.

“You?” Hao Jie snorted after he shot Qin Lie a glance. “Why are you here?”

“The Blaze Family,” another person exclaimed.

“The Abyss Devil hunters’ camp is right ahead. Cang Ye wants you to be a little patient and wait for the rest of the families to join up,” Qin Lie said indifferently.

He was faster than Cang Ye because he executed Blitz Thunder Escape repeatedly, so he reached the Bloodthirst Family group before her.

He wanted to stop them before they actually engaged the Abyss Devil hunters in combat.

“Cang Ye said so?” Hao Jie raised an eyebrow at him.

Qin Lie nodded. “She’ll be showing up very soon.”

“There’s only one Origin Crystal. How on earth are we going to decide who gets it if all five families were to work together?” Hao Jie said in a cold voice. “I’m not interested in working together with the other four families. That Origin Crystal is mine!”

He motioned for Qin Lie to move out of the way impatiently after he said this.

Qin Lie turned his head towards the Origin Sea and told the Spirits of Void and Chaos to keep an eye out on that area first.

Right now they were very close to the Origin Sea. He was worried that the high rank Abyss Devils would take action.

After he issued the orders, he moved out of the way carelessly and said, “Feel free to go ahead and commit suicide. Not my problem.”

If Cang Ye hadn’t asked for his help sincerely, if Gan Xing hadn’t persuaded him, he wouldn’t have come over in the first place.

In fact, he didn’t really care about this so-called Origin Crystal.

The reason he entered the Origin World was to learn about the strength and bloodline secrets of all the powerful races of the universe.

He also wanted to temper his strength and improve both his realm and his bloodline rank.

He could study the mysterious high grade ancient spirit diagram “Sky Piercing” in the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb. He had picked up a new bloodline ability called Group Ignition Blood Art.

He even felt like he was about to enter the late stage of the Nirvana Realm very soon in the future.

He had already obtained all the benefits he wanted from this secret realm.

If he could find Ling Yushi and the others and guide them safely away from this secret realm, then that would be the perfect ending to this trip.

The Origin Crystal… wasn’t really on his list.


A shadow suddenly appeared beside of him. It was the heavily-armored Cang Ye.

Cang Ye stood in front of the way he opened to Hao Jie and the Bloodthirst Family members.

“You should know that the leader of the Abyss Devil hunters is someone from the bottom eight levels, don’t you?” Cang Ye immediately got to the point. “You must have heard how terrible the bottom eight levels of the Abyss, the Eight Purgatories, are, haven’t you?”

“So what?” Hao Jie asked.

“That Abyss Devil from Abyss Purgatories is in no way inferior to you in strength. There is almost a hundred Abyss Devils gathered around the Origin Sea, and all of them are high rank Abyss Devils with the blood of Lords or Great Lords of the Abyss flowing inside them! They’re all more or less as strong as the companions around you!” Cang Ye explained before asking coldly, “You’ve always been an arrogant person, but you’ve never acted like an idiot. What on earth made you think that you’re strong enough to face all of them alone?”

A pause later, Cang Ye continued, “Don’t tell me you really thought that you and your group was strong enough to beat those Abyss Devils?”

“My problems are my problems. You should worry about your own clansmen instead.” Hao Jie said impatiently, “Now, move out of the way!”

Qin Lie stood next to Cang Ye and watched their argument calmly. He had no intention of butting in.

He didn’t care whatever the outcome of this argument might be. In fact… he was looking forward to a fight breaking out between Cang Ye and Hao Jie.

—He wanted to know just how strong Cang Ye and Hao Jie truly were.

Back at the chaotic streams of space outside Spirit Realm, he had briefly clashed against Cang Ye. At the time, he was only at rank six.

Thanks to the ancient spirit diagram, he successfully broke out of Cang Ye’s Dark Prison and escaped her shackles of darkness.

But although he managed to escape, he knew that he would’ve lost if he had tried to fight Cang Ye then. 

Cang Ye was already quite powerful, but judging from Gan Xing, Xuan Luo, the Spirit Race, the Bone Race and the Winged Race’s attitude, it seemed that Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family was even scarier than her.

This meant that Hao Jie’s strength was at least on par with Cang Ye’s.

Cang Ye was an outstanding rank seven bloodline expert of the Darkness Family, and Hao Jie was a leader among the youths of the Bloodthirst Family… Both of them might very well be leading a force of their own when the God Race invaded Spirit Realm in the future.

He very much looked forward to a battle between the two of them.

“Yiya, yiyayiya!”

Suddenly, the wood spirit’s soul cry appeared in his mind.

He instantly formed a connection with the wood spirit.

Through the wood spirit’s own sight, he could see a femininely handsome Abyss Devil rushing towards them while leading dozens other high rank Abyss Devils.

“What’s that?”

The handsome Abyss Devil seemed to notice the wood spirit spying on them. His eyes suddenly burned with devilish purple flames.

The wood spirit grew extremely uncomfortable the moment it saw the purple flames. It informed Qin Lie about the Abyss Devils’ arrival while running away.

The wood spirit seemed afraid that the purple flames would catch it.

“Sneaky Soul Race fellow…” Diga muttered to himself, but didn’t pay the wood spirit any heed. He continued to urge the Abyss Devils forward in the language of the Abyss.

They weren’t using their giant Darklight Stone, so they made very little noise.

Cang Ye and Hao Jie were still arguing with each other. They had no idea about the crisis that was about to befall their heads.

“Say, don’t you think it’s about time you stopped arguing?” Qin Lie interrupted.

Hao Jie and the Bloodthirst Family members thought nothing of Qin Lie from the start to the end. Their opinion hadn’t changed even after he spoke up.

Not only did he fail to attract Hao Jie’s attention, even the Bloodthirst Family members weren’t looking at him.

Cang Ye was the only one who turned towards him in surprise and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Forty or so Abyss Devils are headed our way right now,” Qin Lie explained. “You probably didn’t notice because they aren’t using their Darklight Stone. I also have a feeling that this group is a very troublesome bunch…”

Cang Ye’s gaze changed.

As her understanding of Qin Lie deepened, so did his status in her heart. She was coming to realize just how strong he was.

That was why she was on full alert immediately after she heard his warning. If even Qin Lie said that they were a troublesome bunch, then they couldn’t be any ordinary opponent.

“Hao Jie! Let’s leave already!” she urged.

“Leave?” Hao Jie let out an odd and savage laugh. “Only half of the devils is headed our way. This is the perfect opportunity for me to kill them all. Why on earth would I want to leave?”

Pausing for a moment, he finally deemed Qin Lie with a cold glance, “Also, how should I know if this mixed-blood is telling the truth?”

So far, he hadn’t encountered anyone with a soul perception that worked in this Origin World except a Soul Race clansman and a little girl called Indigo.

He didn’t think that a mixed-blood from the Blaze Family could have such a strange ability.

—He didn’t trust him.

“Cang Ye, I came with you as a guide, not a suicide volunteer.” Qin Lie didn’t even look at Hao Jie as he smiled coolly at Cang Ye. “I couldn’t care less if you guys choose to leave or not. Anyway, I’m leaving.”

“Please just wait for a moment longer!” Cang Ye asked.

This time, Qin Lie didn’t give her face. He shook his head and moved towards the direction they came from.

He left behind only the thunder spirit to watch this place. Everyone else was responding to his summons and returning to him.

The thunder spirit’s ability to perceive life was slightly weaker than the wood spirit’s, but it was fast enough that he could make it go back to his side the second things looked like they would go south.

Even if that terrifying high rank Abyss Devil could sense the thunder spirit, it was unlikely that he could capture it.

The thunder spirit was a good choice to observe the upcoming battle and its outcome.

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