Chapter 1242: Soul Hell’s True Power!

Chapter 1242: Soul Hell’s True Power!

A Darklight Stone about the size of a disc hung brightly in the sky.

For some reason, this Darklight Stone looked like it was covered in blood.

Eight practitioners in blood red clothes were walking beneath the Darklight Stone. Thick blood stench lingered wherever they went.

This group of eight looked like they had just been scooped out of a pool of blood.

They were none other than the Bloodthirst Family members led by Hao Jie.

The Bloodthirst Family squad had started killing people under Hao Jie’s orders since they entered the Origin World.

Nearly all of the squads who ran into them were mercilessly slaughtered. Very few managed to escape their grasp.

Eventually, they became the least liked enemy in the Origin World.

A lot of people subconsciously avoided the Bloodthirst Family members the moment they heard about them.

No one was willing to engage a group of these bloodthirsty madmen in direct combat.

Although the Bloodthirst Family members had lost two men in battle, almost no one they encountered had constituted a true threat.

Ling Yushi’s group had made it that far only because they had painstakingly avoided every threat they encountered. But the Bloodthirst Family members had destroyed practically every opponent they had met to reach the Origin Sea!

Maybe that was why Hao Jie and the Bloodthirst Family members didn’t consider any force in the entire Origin World their equal.

—Not even the Abyss Devil hunters who had taken over the Origin Sea.

Currently, they were headed straight for the Origin Sea. It didn’t look like they were planning to seek out other God Race clansmen at all.

They gradually got closer and closer to their destination.

As of this moment, Enos, Vincente, and other high rank Abyss Devils were sitting on a gigantic Darklight Stone, while Ling Yushi and Diga sat at the center.

Ling Xuanxuan, Ling Feng, Gao Yu, and the rest of her group were scattered below the Darklight Stone just like the others.

However, Diga had given them special treatment because they were Ling Yushi’s followers.

They stood very close to the Origin Sea.

Thanks to the gigantic Darklight Stone, Ling Feng only needed to turn his head if he wished to see that boundless sea—the pure black-colored Origin Sea.

For the past two days, they had focused their efforts on sensing the secrets of their bloodlines near the Origin Sea. They had all greatly benefited from it.

They had only been here for several days, but Ling Feng had already ascended from the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm to the late stage.

Ling Xuanxuan, Gao Yu, and everyone else had experienced various benefits as well. They had all improved their minds massively just by cultivating next to the Origin Sea.

“Big Miss really is amazing. I can’t believe we’re actually friendly with these terrifying people,” Ling Feng suddenly exclaimed.

He spoke in the language of the human race.

“Say, do you think that Diga would eat us alive when he realizes that we aren’t actually from Nine Hells Purgatory?” Ling Xuanxuan stuck out her tongue once and asked worriedly.

“Who knows,” Ling Feng responded with a troubled smile.

They were all worried as of late.

Life had been difficult ever since they entered the Origin World. They had to watch every step they took and fear for their own lives.

They were well aware that they were probably the weakest group out of everyone in this Origin Sea.

If Ling Yushi’s soul perception didn’t remain functional despite the Origin Sea’s environment, they would’ve been dead multiple times already. None of them had any doubt about it.

They had been anxious before they came to the Origin Sea. They were prepared to be chased off by the Abyss Devil hunters.

But they didn’t think that Diga of Yellow Springs Purgatory would react the way he did the moment he saw Ling Yushi’s bloodline ability.

After that, Ling Yushi was even granted the highest seat of power and Diga’s respect.

Everything felt as unreal as a dream. It was a feeling of being suspended in the air, not knowing when they would be dropped mercilessly to the ground.

“Please, please don’t realize this, or… we’re all dead,” Ling Xuanxuan prayed inside her head.

Gao Yu and Ling Feng looked up to watch Ling Yushi.

They also felt worried and anxious.

On the Darklight Stone.

Ling Yushi slowly opened her eyes. Her deep purple pupils looked like they were hiding an entire sea of souls.

Many strange patterns started spreading to her surroundings like waves of a soul sea.

An attraction force that felt like a black hole suddenly appeared from deep within her pupils.

“Hmm!” Diga was the first one to wake up and stare at her in shock, “Sister Ling!”

Enos, Vincente, and many more Abyss Devil leaders had gotten up to their feet as well.

Before this, they were trying to perceive the secrets of their bloodline and awaken more powerful bloodline abilities using the Origin Sea.

However, they suddenly felt like their souls were being pulled into Ling Yushi’s pupils.

In fact, they could clear see their souls slipping out of their control and threatening to fly right out of their bodies.

No matter how they tried to reign in their souls with their bloodline powers, they couldn’t sense any visible effects in the slightest. Purple souls of various shades started slipping out of the Abyss Devil leaders’ eyes and foreheads.

The stronger they tried to resist, the bigger the pull was.

The corner of Enos’s eyes and her nose started bleeding purple blood. It added a shade of horror to her normally beautiful appearance.

They weren’t the only ones who were suffering from the phenomenon. The Abyss Devils of almost a hundred on the ground were covering their eyes in fear as well.

They seemed to think that covering their eyes would prevent their souls from leaving their bodies, but their soul flames easily seeped through the gaps between their fingers.

The only ones who weren’t affected by Ling Yushi’s strange power surge were Ling Feng, Ling Yushi, Gao Yu, the Horned Demon clansmen, and Diga.

“Soul Hell!”

Diga couldn’t stop himself from shouting as he stared at Ling Yushi in shock.

The clothes covering Diga’s chest abruptly exploded. Nine tiny holes that looked like meridians could be seen around his chest and abdominal area.

Suddenly, nine tiny wells appeared inside Diga’s body.

“Bloodline ability—Nine Springs!”

The nine wells in Diga’s body sprayed purple blood after that.

The blood transformed into nine purple demonic blades that floated just above his head. They seemed to be preventing his soul from going out of control.

He successfully prevented his soul from being attracted into Soul Hell by force. His soul wasn’t pulled out of his body by the black holes in Ling Yushi’s pupils.

“Sister Ling! Don’t!” He abruptly shouted.

Finally, Ling Yushi returned to herself with a shudder. Earlier, she seemed to be completely unaware of her surroundings even though her eyes were open.

The purple soul sea that had appeared inside her pupils slowly disappeared like it was never there.

Focus finally returned to her eyes.

“Mn, I was studying my bloodline ability through the Origin Sea. I don’t know why I had… suddenly lost control,” she said embarrassedly.

“Take a look around you.” Diga smiled wryly.

Ling Yushi did as he said in puzzlement.

Finally, she realized that the souls of powerful Abyss Devil leaders such as Enos, Vincente and the others had floated out of their bodies.

In fact, the stubborn Enos was bleeding from her eyes and her nose because she tried to stop her soul from leaving her body.

She shifted her gaze downwards.

Similarly, everyone except her group had lost control of their souls and bleeding from all orifices. Everyone’s souls were floating outside their bodies.


Enos, Vincente, and the others successfully withdrew their souls back into their bodies because Ling Yushi had broken out of her strange state.

The moment their souls returned back to their bodies, they began panting and squealing with deathly pale faces like they had just gone through a long nightmare.

“I…” Ling Yushi was stunned beyond words.

Diga withdrew the nine wells around his chest area after he saw that Ling Yushi had withdrawn her Soul Hell.

The nine demonic blades of incredible power also turned back into purple blood and flew back into his chest.

Diga carelessly grabbed a new robe to wrap around his bare chest. He said wryly, “You’ve activated Soul Hell just now, and… it seems like you haven’t mastered it completely. That was why it hadn’t differentiated friend from foe.”

“Sorry,” Ling Yushi said apologetically.

“It’s uh, it’s fine.” Diga laughed dryly before turning to look at Enos and the others. His tone turned indifferent. “You guys alright?”

Everyone shot Ling Yushi a deep glance before shaking their heads. No one said a thing as they sat back on the floor once more.

“What a terrifying woman…” they all thought in her head.

At the beginning, they all felt displeased when they saw that Diga had fancied Ling Yushi so much that he nearly gave up his own position.

Even if Ling Yushi was a denizen of Nine Hells, she should prove that she was better than them first, right?

The reason they all obeyed Diga was because no one was a match for him after he summoned the nine demonic blades.

Diga had personally taught all the Abyss Devils who were dissatisfied with his rule a lesson. That was why they were all acting so meek right now.

But Ling Yushi was different. Her group was incredibly weak, and she hadn’t displayed the true power of Soul Hell to them. Just the “fact” that she came from Nine Hells wasn’t enough to convince them at all.

The only reason they accepted Ling Yushi and her group was because Diga had accepted her. They were all afraid of Diga.

But now that Ling Yushi had accidentally displayed the true power of Soul Hell, they… finally accepted that Ling Yushi was worthy.

“Someone’s approaching us.” On the Darklight Stone, Ling Yushi looked to the distance and said calmly.

For some reason, her soul perception seemed to have grown by leaps and bounds after she executed Soul Hell.

She actually could sense Hao Jie and his Bloodthirst Family members heading her way even though they were still quite far away from her.

“Who is it?” Diga asked carelessly.

“They’re covered in a thick stench of blood. The blood stench is actually much thicker than their soul energies.” Ling Yushi closed her eyes and replied.

“Oh, it must be Hao Jie from the Bloodthirst Family then.” Diga frowned slightly before rubbing his chin. After a moment of thinking, he said, “The Bloodthirst Family is a little troublesome, but… that doesn’t mean they’re hard to deal with. You don’t need to come, Sister Ling. I can take care of them myself.”

“The Bloodthirst Family!” Ling Yushi paled. “I heard that they’re a terrifying bunch.”

She and her group had heard about the Bloodthirst Family from a few lucky survivors. She knew very well how terrifying they were.

Even before she came here, she had set Hao Jie and his Bloodthirst Family as her number one enemy to avoid.

That was why she felt fear and shock when she heard that Hao Jie was coming their way.

“Terrifying? Depends on who he’s compared to, I guess.” Diga chuckled disdainfully. “Don’t bother, Sister Ling, I alone am enough to kill them all!”

After he said this, he summoned some Abyss Devils to his side and left the area calmly.

“Keep mastering your Soul Hell, Sister Ling. You don’t need to be bothered by something this trivial. I’ll bring over Hao Jie’s head for you to take a look later.”

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