Chapter 1240: News

Chapter 1240: News

Threads of refined energy flowed in Qin Lie's blood and flesh. The power he had used up to conjure Flame World was quickly replenished.

Feeling the changes in his body, he took out more pieces of meat, tearing them up and shoving them in his mouth.

The food from Nan Qi, as Gan Xing said, was delicious and contained an unusually high amount of energy.

With the Flesh Filling Tombstone dormant, Nan Qi’s spatial ring was very useful.

He kept consuming meat as he pondered about the mysteries of the Group Ignition Blood Art.

Beside him, the flames on Gan Xing, Liu Yang, and Wu Sha had gradually calmed down.

As the ignition that he had activated faded, the three stayed silent and reflected on their recent experience.

Qin Lie knew that if not for his Flame World and the Group Ignition Blood Art, he formed with his bloodline, the trio could not have ignited their blood.

He slowly realized the reason that the martial practitioners with the Blaze Family bloodline could ignite their bloodline was because they were lit up by his inextinguishable flames.

In other words, he was the fire starter for them.

If he activated ignition himself, and had it manifest in the mysterious characters of Flame World, he could help others ignite their blood.

And help them increase their power.

"Ignition, Flame World, acting as a fire starter..." He pondered the mysteries within.

Suddenly, he woke up and looked with shock at Cang Ye.

Cang Ye, who was wearing heavy armor, was silently standing next to him like a ghost.

"Is something the matter?" he asked casually.

Cang Ye nodded slowly and said, "Can the strange beasts you control feel the life and soul fluctuations further away?"

"Yes," Qin Lie said.

"Ming Xu of the Light Family, and Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family will definitely come here," Cang Ye said honestly. "I hope that you will pay close attention to the soul vibrations near the Origin Sea through those beasts and immediately notify me when Hao Jie and Ming Xu come."

Qin Lie said as he tore and ate meat pieces, "They need to rest."

"I understand." Cang Ye nodded. "I just hope you will pay some attention."

"I will," Qin Lie said coolly.

Cang Ye hesitated and then said, "Ming Xu of the Light Family will first think of trying to meet with me even if he is close to the Origin Sea and not act rashly. But Hao Jie... will not listen to anyone. He is too arrogant and may attack the Abyss Devils near the Origin Sea the moment he gets close."

"Then he is seeking his own death," Qin Lie sneered.

He learned about that group Abyss Devil hunting group through the Spirits of Void and Chaos as they chased the escapees.

Salleh and Stanca had both been among them.

Before Indigo came, the Spirit Race clansmen had also been fleeing in panic.

About a hundred high rank Abyss Devils, an enormous Darklight Stone, and the terrifying presence coming from it made him realize the overwhelming strength of his enemies.

Due to this, with Enos able to track him through his bloodline, he could only hide.

He knew even if he allied with the Blaze Family members against those Abyss Abyss Devil hunters, he had no hope of victory.

He also thought that none of the Darkness, Light, and Bloodthirst Families alone could win against those Abyss Devils.

"I heard Xuan Luo speak of the strength of those Abyss Devil hunters, I know they are strong, so I will wait until Hao Jie and Ming Xu arrive before we attack." While Cang Ye's tone was cold when talking to him, her eyes were serious and even slightly pleading.

"I'm afraid that when Hao Jie arrives, he will charge and attack before we know, and the Bloodthirst Family will be defeated along with him. We can’t afford to lose so many fighters, what do you think?

Qin Lie hesitated and then nodded. "I will send two out."

He called the thunder and wood spirits.

Hearing his mental call, the thunder and wood spirits flew out of the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

A black ray of light flashed across his forehead.


At this moment, he felt another soul presence not belonging to them flash past their heads.

"What is it?" Cang Ye asked curiously.

His expression darkened slightly and he said, "Soul presence of a Soul Race clansman!"

"Which direction?" Cang Ye asked.

Qin Lie reached and pointed, without the help of the Spirits of Void and Chaos, and just using his own perception.

He knew who it was.

"I will go see," Cang Ye immediately decided.

Qin Lie shook his head and said, "No need, he is coming here now."

Cang Ye stilled and said, "Him alone?"

Qin Lie nodded.

"I know who it is." Cang Ye frowned slightly and was puzzled. "What is that guy coming for?"

"Who is it?" Qin Lie asked, already knowing the answer.

"I met him, but I don’t know if he’s a friend or foe," Cang Ye said coldly.

"Oh." Qin Lie did not press.

"Gan Xing, Wu Sha, Liu Yang, we have guests coming," Cang Ye suddenly shouted.

The trio who were still reflecting on ignition were awoken by her shout.

The Darkness and Profound Ice Families’ members in the distance frowned and stood up.

They were prepared to fight.

"Do not worry too much, just a member of the Soul Race," Cang Ye said.

"Any Soul Race clansman is a force to be reckoned with." Xuan Luo had a grave expression. "No one knows how many soul slaves a Soul Race clansman has. Also, no one knows if there are soul slaves among us he can control!"

When this was said, even Cang Ye frowned.

She knew that Xuan Luo was correct.

Each Soul Race clansman was never alone, they would always possess numerous soul slaves.

Even if this was one Soul Race clansman, he could use the secret arts of the Soul Race to enslave soul slaves that would listen to him in the Origin World—without anyone knowing.

That Soul Race clansman might be alone, but no one knew if he had any soul slaves among the forces of the Spirit Race, the Bone Race, the Winged Race, or even the Abyss Devil Race collective.

This had occurred in the past.

"Everyone, be careful." Cang Ye's eyes turned grave.

When she said this, no one else felt any more dismissal and put up their guard.

"Soul Race..."

Looking at their grave expressions, Qin Lie's mind moved slightly and he felt a hint of curiosity towards that mysterious Soul Race clansman who had followed him for a long time.

Just one Soul Race clansman was treated so seriously by the young geniuses of the Darkness, Blaze, and Profound Ice Families.

This kind of importance caused Qin Lie to realize that the Soul Race was the most unfathomable and mysterious of the four transcendent races.

They had no tangible body, and were born as a soul. Were the Soul Race clansmen who could possess any physical being so terrifying?

He felt eager.

Time quickly passed. After about five minutes, the Soul Race clansman shrouded in black robes appeared like a ghost.

The Soul Race clansman had most of his face covered, and only his eyes were showing. He seemed to know that everyone was waiting for him.

When he came, he first laughed darkly and then said, "Cang Ye, was I not right in guiding you?"

"Thank you for letting me meet the Blaze Family earlier." Cang Ye nodded in thanks.

At this time, everyone learned that Cang Ye had met this person, and found Gan Xing's group due to him.

"I cannot defeat those Abyss Devil hunters that have taken over the Origin Sea. The Spirit Race cannot either. Only when the five families of the God Race assemble will we have the power to resist." He paused, and then said in his hoarse voice, "I came to tell you some news that I hope you will pay attention to."

"What news?" Cang Ye said.

"The members of the Light and Bloodthirst Families have already arrived to the Origin Sea. Ming Xu of the Light Family has is travelling towards you at my urging. However..."

When the mysterious Soul Race clansman said this, the ghostly fire in his eyes became bright and terrifying as though ghosts were going to erupt out of his eyes.

Cang Ye and the others frowned and instinctively were going to activate their bloodline power.

Qin Lie was also astounded.

At this moment, he felt a wild and savage soul vibration from the head of this Soul Race clansman.

He also thought this person was about to attack.

Yet that mysterious Soul Race clansman quickly adjusted and the ghost fire slowly dimmed.

He calmed and then continued, "However, Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst family did not listen to me, and attacked me!"

His face seemed to convulse underneath his robe. "If I did not leave out of consideration for the situation, at least half of them would be dead!"

Clearly, he and Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family had fought, and he had retreated.

For him, this was a great humiliation so when he mentioned this matter, he seemed to lose control of his emotions.

When Cang Ye was about to ask, he snorted and pointed, telling them the position of the Bloodthirst Family.

Then he said without waiting for Cang Ye to thank him, "Tell that Hao Jie I will settle my debts with him later!"

He howled, seemingly to vent his discontent, and shot away into the distance.

Qin Lie and the others were surprised.

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