Chapter 1239: Nan Qi Lowers His Head!

Chapter 1239: Nan Qi Lowers His Head!

In Flame World, Qin Lie's expression was normal. He only focused on controlling the Group Ignition Blood Art to avoid any accidents.

But Liu Yang and Wu Sha who were next to him were burning.

The people standing outside Flame World focused and found that Liu Yang and Wu Sha's hair were quickly growing like a sea of fire.

They realized that the two women had ignited their bloodlines in Qin Lie's Flame World.

"Sister, I..." Gan Xing laughed dumbly and looked at Cang Ye. He said, "I am going in to try."

Cang Ye had no objections.

Gan Xing did not wait for her to state her opinion. He opened his arms and flew towards Flame World like a bird.

Nan Qi, Levy, and the others all had expressions of eagerness. But when they saw Qin Lie, they hesitated.

"Brother Nan Qi..." one person called.

Under his gaze, Nan Qi shook his head and said, "We will not participate."

Hearing him say this, that person, like Levy, sighed in disappointment.

They all knew that ignition was one of the core bloodline latent abilities of the Blaze Family. They knew that martial practitioners that could use ignition in battle would be tired after the fact, but could obtain huge boost in power for a short time.

The instant increase in power could frequently defeat the opponent quickly.

After the matter, no matter how tired they were, one could recover their power slowly through eating food rich in refined flesh and blood energy.

In a hard battle, a sudden increase in combat power was more important than the long recovery time after the battle.

Therefore, the ignition bloodline latent ability was always favored by the Blaze Family and was thought of as a core ability.

Currently, they were in the Origin World, and could easily understand the mysteries of their own bloodline.

Qin Lie's Flame World could help them understand how to ignite their own bloodline, since they would be able to directly investigate the changes in their blood if Qin Lie ignited it for them.

If they were lucky, there was even a chance that they could obtain this latent ability in the Origin World.

Just like Liu Yang that had awakened a new ability earlier.

From Qin Lie's Flame World, from the changes in Wu Sha and Liu Yang’s appearances, they saw the hope of strengthening their bloodline and awakening strongest latent abilities of their family! 

Alas, due to the rift that existed between their group and Qin Lie, they didn’t dare to walk into Flame World like Liu Yang and Wu Sha. This was a torment for them.

"Wonderful! Wonderful!"

After waking into Flame World, Gan Xing burned his blood even faster. He could clearly see the change in his bloodline and exclaimed unconsciously.

His shouting was dissonant to the ears of Nan Qi, Levy, and the others.

Yan Feng's face trembled unnaturally. He turned his head and forced himself to look away from Qin Lie's Flame World and the three people inside.

Their abnormality attracted Cang Ye's attention. Her puzzled gaze moved around Yan Feng and Nan Qi’s faces. "What are you doing?"

Nan Qi and Yan Feng both had guilty expressions.

"Why do you not enter?" Cang Ye's brow furrowed slightly as she said coldly, "Are you stupid? Do you not know that you can directly see the latent abilities in your bloodline in the Origin World? When Qin Lie uses the Group Ignition Bloodline Art, if your blood is ignited, you can clearly see the characters in your blood and comprehend ignition. Do you not know how rare ignition is!?"

After her scolding, Nan Qi and Yan Feng had even more awkward expressions. They remained silent.

At the side, Xuan Luo smiled coldly and sneered, “It seems like they have seriously offended Qin Lie and do not dare to enter that Flame World."

"Is that it?" Cang Ye snorted.

"Not offended." Nan Qi nodded and said, his head low. "Just argued a few times."

"Argued? For what?" Cang Ye asked.

Nan Qi coughed and then looked at Levy and the others. He said, "They, they wanted some Winged Race females..." he explained simply.

Cang Ye listened coldly, her eyes gradually turning dark and cold. After Nan Qi explained, she said scornfully, "People who easily lose control under pressure will never become true bloodline experts! Those that find excuses for their terrible habits are all useless!"

"Inferior to even a mixed-blood, simply trash. No wonder the Blaze Family declined." Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family fanned the flames.

"I heard that Qin Lie found you?" Cang Ye turned to look at him.

When she said this, Xuan Luo's expression froze and he suddenly stopped talking.

"From your ten man squad, only two are left alive. Is that how great your leadership is? You are worse than the Blaze Family." Cang Ye's eyes were mocking.

Xuan Luo said after a moment of silence, "When you encounter this squad of Abyss Devils, you will realize how much skill surviving required."

Cang Ye’s eyes changed slightly.

She did not mock him again but looked deeply at him. She said gravely, "Are they that terrifying?”

She knew that Xuan Luo did not like to exaggerate. If Xuan Luo dared to say this, it meant that the Abyss Devil group who had taken over the Origin Sea had terrifying power.

In her journey, she had heard from the enemies that died at her hands about the Abyss Devil hunters.

All of them, without exception, were terrified of encountering that group.

Adding in Xuan Luo's attitude, Cang Ye also felt anxious, and asked seriously.

"You saw the group of the Spirit, Bone, and Winged Races?" Xuan Luo suddenly asked.

Cang Ye nodded. "Yes."

"What do you feel about the three factions together? Oh, I forgot to tell you, the leader of the Bone Race is Salleh! Yes, the son of the Bone Race’s patriarch!" Xuan Luo saw the surprise in her eyes and knew she understood. Then he said, "The leader of the Winged Race is Stanca! The mixed-blood of Abyss Devil Race! Salleh, Stanca, and that Spirit Race girl. How do you feel about their strength?"

Cang Ye thought for a while. She said, "If Hao Jie and Ming Xu arrive, we... may be able to match them."

"I thought the same." Xuan Luo nodded and then said, "But in my view, if the present Spirit race, Bone Race, and Winged Race ally together and fight those Abyss Devils… they will lose."

Cang Ye's body shook underneath her armor.

Xuan Luo's expression was dark. His gaze landed back on Flame World, and the people within. He said softly, "If we meet up with Hao Jie and Ming Xu, and if all the members of the Blaze Family can ignite their bloodline, we may be able to fight them."

Cang Ye sank into thought.

After a while, she looked coldly at Nan Qi, Yan Feng and the others. She said, "You hear how terrifying those Abyss Devils are?"

Nan Qi and the others nodded.

"Then why are you still standing here?" Cang Ye shouted coldly.

"What?" Levy was stunned. He had not reacted and did not understand Cang Ye's intention.

"Is your pride more important? Or is it more important to kill the Abyss Devils that have taken over the Origin Sea?" Cang Ye looked coldly at them and said, "Even if you do not care about the collective good, is your pride more important than a chance of obtaining ignition latent ability?"

Nan Qi inhaled and said, "I understand."

He raised his head and motioned for everyone to charge into Qin Lie's Flame World and experience the mysteries of the ignition bloodline.

Yan Feng also seemed to make a decision after a moment.

However, at this time, the Flame World close to them suddenly contracted violently.

Inside Flame World, Qin Lie seemed to hear their conversation. He looked over and said coolly, "I need large amount of bloodline power to maintain Flame World. Right now, I do not have good control of the Group Ignition Bloodline Art. I can only last this long."

As he spoke, Flame World turned into streams of fire that went into his body.

But beside him, Liu Yang, Wu Sha, and Gan Xing were still on fire as though they were still in ignition state. They had not stopped after Flame World's disappearance.

The three of them were still burning with their eyes closed. They were using the Origin World’s environment to observe the mysteries of their bloodline.

Nan Qi and the others who had just made their decision were awkward seeing Qin Lie put away Flame World.

They knew that Qin Lie had done it deliberately.

"Mn, using Flame World takes a great amount of bloodline power, and the Group Ignition Blood Art takes even more. It is normal that he can’t maintain it for long." Cang Ye's tone became calm again. "Nan Qi, didn’t you have a lot of delicacies filled with refined flesh and blood energy. If you need to use someone else's Flame World to comprehend ignition, should you not express your sincerity?" She looked at Nan Qi intently.

Nan Qi realized and laughed. He hurriedly took out a spatial ring from his waist.

"Qin Lie, since you have used too much bloodline power, you need to recover quickly. There are many different kinds of meat in this spatial ring. They will be best suited to recovery of your bloodline power.” After finishing, he threw the spatial ring over..

Before Qin Lie could reach out, Gan Xing, still aflame, caught it. He felt with his soul consciousness and suddenly laughed. "Nan Qi, you finally bear to bleed!"

Then he handed the spatial ring to Qin Lie and said, "Nan Qi's grandfather is the Blaze Family’s most skillful meat handler. The meat he makes is delicious and contains rich fleshly energy. You have eaten it before, you know?"

Qin Lie nodded. Grabbing the spatial ring, he probed within and found an amount of meat that could be compared to a half of a body of a Lord of the Abyss.

He looked at Nan Qi.

"Haha, all the previous incidents... we were in the wrong. Brother Qin, be generous and forgive us." Nan Qi laughed dryly.

Qin Lie made a sound of acknowledgement and looked at Levy and the others.

Levy and the other bent their heads under Nan Qi's angry gaze and criticized themselves.

Qin Lie nodded and then slowly put the spatial ring in his sleeve.

Nan Qi and the others finally relaxed.

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