Chapter 1238: Group Ignition Blood Art!

Chapter 1238: Group Ignition Blood Art!

Under the dim yellow light of the Darklight Stone, members of three God Race families were silently cultivating.

Liu Yang sat cross-legged beside Qin Lie, occasionally glancing at him with anticipation.

"Group Ignition Blood Art..."

She, Gan Xing, and Nan Qi were similarly astonished by the secret art that could increase the strength of all Blaze Family members.

Under Gan Xing's orders, she protected Qin Lie so she did not hear what Cang Ye had said to Gan Xing and the others.

She had no special understanding of Qin Lie's identity.

She felt that there was a mysterious outer layer on Qin Lie which attracted her.

"Mixed-blood can enter the Chaos Blood Realm, and obtain such a powerful secret bloodline art, this person is very strong," she thought.


CIrcles of dark red flame burned silently with Qin Lie at the center.

In a short few seconds, a bright flame world formed around Qin Lie.

Qin Lie slowly opened his eyes.

There seemed to be streams of blood flashing in his eyes. If one looked closely, they would find it formed mysterious characters of the God Race.

"How is it?" Liu Yang asked curiously.

Qin Lie grinned and said, "Come closer to me, see if your bloodline changes."

He had been trying to learn the tricks of the Group Ignition Blood Art. Because of the leaders of the three families gathering, he had sent the Spirits of Void and Chaos back into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He needed to master the art before using it in battle.

In this period of learning, he slowly familiarized himself with the Group Ignition Blood Art, but he was not sure if it would be effective on his first try.

Due to this, he had Liu Yang enter his Flame World.

"Closer..." Liu Yang's eyes moved. She giggled. "No problem."

She had not been far from Qin Lie to begin with. This time, she moved, and came over seductively.

She sat down almost shoulder to shoulder with Qin Lie.

"Woo..." She mischievously breathed on Qin Lie’s face, fire flashing in her eyes as she said softly, "Is this close enough? If it is not enough ... how about I sit in your lap?"

The majority of the God Race women dared to love and hate. They were usually bold and daring. Liu Yang was the same.

As she learned about Qin Lie, she felt positivity towards him. She usually did not conceal this. Gan Xing, Yang Feng, and Nan Qi all saw this.

Maybe because of this, Yan Feng was at odds with Qin Lie, and then stopped pursuing her.

Gan Xing also knew this and deliberately arranged for her to protect Qin Lie and make chances for the pair.

Liu Yang thought that she had expressed herself clearly and waited for Qin Lie to take the initiative. But Qin Lie... did not seem to understand her intentions.

She was in a hurry and this time... was even more proactive.

"Uh, no need, this distance is enough," Qin Lie said awkwardly.

His mind turned into a mess.

The dark red Flame World waved madly like a red balloon blown by a wild wind.

He had to stop using the Group Ignition Blood Art.

Liu Yang stilled and then turned to look. "What are you hiding from?"

Qin Lie was silent for a moment and rubbed his nose. He said, "I told you before I have close ones that have come here, and that they are Abyss Devils."

"Yes, I know." Liu Yang had an expression of puzzlement. She did not know why he suddenly mentioned this.

"Among them, one is my... fiancee," Qin Lie said.

"Fiancee?" Liu Yang was shocked.

Qin Lie nodded and thought for a moment. He grimaced and said, "That is, I have other women in Spirit Realm..."

Liu Yang looked strangely at him. "Why say this to me?"

When she said this, Qin Lie stilled. "I have a pile of trouble, I don’t think you..."

However, before he could finish, Liu Yang interrupted him and laughed, "Do you think I want to be forever with you?"

Qin Lie was shocked.

"The God Race only looks at the present in our relationships." Liu Yang laughed and said, "Maybe, after this secret realm trip ends, we will not have anything to do with each other. And maybe I will meet someone on one of my next missions. Don’t you know we are relaxed in this area?"

"Oh!" Qin Lie exclaimed.

"So, I do not need to understand your past and your future, I do not care," Liu Yang said easily.

Qin Lie was speechless.

He and the Blaze Family members had not interacted for long, and his understanding of the God Race was clearly not enough.

The memories he obtained from the Soul Beast avatar did not touch on relationships in the God Race.

So he matter-of-factly thought the God Race and the human race were the same.

"Why is it like this?" After a while, he said strangely.

Liu Yang's smile appeared slightly bitter. "We are not like the human race. Our reproductive abilities are too weak, and we cannot easily get pregnant."

Qin Lie was even more surprised.

Liu Yang blushed and said embarrassedly, "In other words, we may have to experience many men in our race before we can become pregnant. We cannot just get pregnant if two people come together. So we need... to constantly try until we succeed."

Qin Lie was dazed. He seemed to understand slightly and said, "How many have you tried?"

"None, yet. I originally wanted to find Yan Feng but I changed my mind and want to try you first." Liu Yang was slightly embarrassed.

Qin Lie hesitated and said, "Can we… try the Group Ignition Blood Art first?"

"Yes." Liu Yang smiled.

The atmosphere turned less awkward.

Qin Lie relaxed greatly facing Liu Yang after understanding the easy attitudes the God Race had towards relationships. He could easily joke with her. "This time, do not sit on my leg. Otherwise, I cannot maintain Flame World. You can try after I master this."

"You pervert! Seeing that you do not have to take responsibility, you are immediately without scruples?" Liu Yang rolled her eyes at him.

Qin Lie chuckled and said, "Pay attention. I will activate the bloodline power now, and release the Group Ignition Blood Art!"

"Alright!" Liu Yang became energized.

The wavering Flame World suddenly stopped moving. Large patches of secret runes appeared on the surface of Flame World.

Those mysterious runes floated on Flame World's surface like red clouds, and contained power that would cause people's bloodline to boil.

Right next to Qin Lie, Liu Yang raised her head and saw those large patches of red mysterious runes. Her long red hair seemed to spark.

The Blaze Family bloodline inside her seemed to be ignited by those mysterious runes and erupted like a volcano.

At the same time, she noticed that as her bloodline changed, the dense flame power in the Flame World was attracted by her and flooded into her body.

In an instant, her eyes turned crimson red like magma.

Wisps of flame immediately covered her crimson red battle armor.

The armor first started to burn and then the flames quickly spread to her entire body.

She felt her blood was burning.

A burst of power belonging to her bloodline and also Flame World spread to her limbs and heart!

"Ignition! True ignition!"

She suddenly saw those blood lines she could not understand in her blood move in patterns she had never seen before.

She suddenly realized that they represented the “ignition” latent ability.

However, she had no understanding of that particular art, and could not activate it with her own bloodline power.

The secret runes floating around Qin Lie's Flame World were attracted to her and manipulated her blood to move according to Qin Lie’s ignition latent ability.

She suddenly understood that Qin Lie was able to obtain the Group Ignition Blood Art in Chaos Blood Realm because Qin Lie possessed Flame World and also the ignition bloodline latent ability.

The Group Ignition Bloodline Art clearly required these two latent abilities as the foundation. Gan Xing, who only possessed Flame World, could not obtain this art.


"Qin Lie is starting!"

At this time, Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and Yan Feng who were in the distance could also feel this while not in the Flame World.

They woke up from their cultivation, and immediately flew towards Qin Lie, their eyes filled with joy.

They could see from a distance that Liu Yang, who was standing beside Qin Lie, had long red hair that was furiously growing.

—That was the clearest sign of ignition!

"It really is possible!"

Even further in the distance, Cang Ye stood up, her eyes full of shock.

She led the Darkness Family members to come closer and wanted to see the secrets of the "Group Ignition Blood Art."

At the same time, Xuan Luo and Hong Kai were also attracted.

Seconds later, members of the three families came to Qin Lie and Liu Yang's side.

Cang Ye, Xuan Luo, and the others looked on silently from outside the Flame World.

Gan Xing and the other martial practitioners with Blaze Family bloodline could no longer control themselves when they saw Liu Yang starting to happily dance.

"Qin Lie! I am coming in!" Wu Sha suddenly shouted.

Just as Qin Lie's gaze moved to her, she cheered and went in like a stream of fire.

She easily passed through Flame World and appeared net to Qin Lie and Liu Yang.

In the next moment, her hair began to burn, drowning her body in flames.

Seconds later, she became the same as Liu Yang, wearing flaming robes as her entire body burned.

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